Belmont Strikes Again – 39th Kill This Year

4-year-old Dino Three O Nine at Belmont yesterday morning: “sustained injury to RF leg while training…prognosis necessitated euthanasia” (Gaming Commission). Belmont Park, one of the foremost racetracks in the country, stands at 39 dead horses on the year – dead horses, mind you, for gambling, for entertainment. How, America, is this even remotely okay in the 21st Century?

The Belmont Carnage:

Doyouknowsomething, Jan 8, stall – “sustained left elbow injury in stall”
Speke, Jan 19, training – “suffered a fracture to his right shoulder”
Catpsalm, Jan 29, stall – “protozoal myeloencephalitis”
Miss Marion, Feb 3, training – “fractured cannon bone…euthanized on track”
Chronos, Feb 3, training (euthanized Feb 4) – “fractured right front leg”
For Pops, Feb 26, training – “collapsed and died” (four years old)
Queen Bode, Mar 3, training – “euthanized at hospital”
Mighty Zealous, Mar 10, stall – “severe respiratory distress…euthanized”
Miss Marilyn, Mar 23, training – “leg injury…euthanasia on the track”
Miss Mimosa, Mar 28, training – “cardiovascular collapse” (three years old)
Pretty Enuff, Apr 1, training – “suffered a leg fracture…euthanized”
Luz Mimi, Apr 4, training – “suffered a leg fracture…euthanized”
La Manche, Apr 11, training – “suffered a fracture…and was euthanized”
Noble Cause, May 11, racing – “injuries necessitating euthanasia”
Anne’s Song, May 24, racing – “ambulanced off, euthanized due to poor prognosis”
Successful Mission, Jun 9, training – “sustained fractures while breezing”
Inflection, Jun 9, racing – “euthanized due to poor prognosis”
Ro Bear, Jun 16, stall – “died in the barn from an apparent impaction colic”
With Caution, Jun 28, training – “P1 fracture…died complications from anesthesia”
Fancy Persuasion, Jun 30, racing – “went down dead on the track” (two years old)
yet-to-be-named, Jul 11, training – “fractured sesamoids…euthanized”
La Fuerza, Jul 27, training – “fractured humeral, ambulanced to barn, euthanized”
Royal Inheritance, Sep 6, training – “collapsed and died” (five years old)
Passporttovictory, Sep 6, racing – “bad steps”
Mo Moxie, Sep 7, training – “sustained a fracture and was euthanized on track”
Deft, Sep 12, racing – “broke front leg and was euthanized on the track”
Rhode Island, Sep 14, racing – “was vanned off…subsequently euthanized”
Coffee Crush, Sep 19, training – “cardiovascular collapse” (four years old)
Have Another, Sep 20, stall – “severe laminitis”
Meet Me in L A, Sep 21, racing – “went wrong…euthanized”
E Z for You to Say, Oct 10, stall – “severe laminitis [both front] feet” (two years old)
Mo Fun, Oct 14, training – “suffered a cardiovascular collapse” (three years old)
Kid Robin Hood, Nov 2, training – “sustained a fracture at the 5/16 pole”
Darken a Day, Nov 10, training – “sustained injury to leg requiring euthanasia on track”
Long Haul Bay, Nov 21, stall – “severe colic”
Goneonamission, Nov 24, stall – “found deceased with apparent head injury”
Sweet Timing, Nov 29, stall – “pelvic injury…fever and pleuropneumonia”
Gio Game, Dec 6, training – “cardiovascular collapse” (four years old)
Dino Three O Nine, Dec 8, training – “sustained injury…necessitated euthanasia”

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  1. For the horseracing industry people to cause the death of these racehorses is NOT OKAY IN ANY CENTURY!!!!!!!!

    Enforce the laws against CRUELTY AND TORTURE of racehorses now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What in the hell is the matter with all of these people involved in this barbaric sport. Killed the horse while training – Jesus H Christ – what kind of training do you idiots actually do – you are just a bunch of losers. This racing industry needs to be stopped and stopped now. You have destroyed so many horses lives that it is totally unbelievable. What a bunch of losers all of you are!!!! Shameful to say the least!!!

  3. I just want to give the SUPPORTERS in California A HUGE shoutout. I said all along…I felt California was the place for progress,which is such a blessing. Thank you Heather and ALL of you wonderful warriors,God Bless.

  4. Animals have right. Whoever hurts these horses have to pay a heavy fine and go to jail. When are humans going to learn to respect animals. They have feelings too. STOP USING ANIMALS FOR PERSONAL GAIN! Top this practice . If you have to race go do the running yourselves!!!!

  5. People really don’t care. I have boycotted this industry for over 30 years and of those who still gamble justify it by believing there is an actual market around the world the world for horse meat so it doesn’t matter. Cows, chickens, even dogs get slaughtered….it’s all food to someone…. It’s always the same arguement and it’s very disheartening.

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