Three More “Bad Step” Kills at Mountaineer

I have been able to confirm the following deaths at Mountaineer Racetrack:

Pastorelli in the 7th race July 9. He was four years old and under the whip for the 10th time. Rose’s Asset in the 4th race August 25. She was six years old and under the whip for the 35th time. Flying Around in the 9th race December 2. He was six years old and under the whip for the 53rd time.

It’s worth noting that according to my source, all three were euthanized where they lay – on the track, that is. Yet according to the Equibase notes, each was “vanned off” after taking a “bad step” – no mention of death. They lie and deceive because dead horses – now more than ever – are bad for business.

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  1. I stopped watching horse racing after the last Kentucky Derby. After the results of the race were challenged by another rider (who was the least likely to have been able to win) it was grossly obvious that horse racing is the most corrupt sport there is. The odds makers stood to lose big and the race outcome was altered to prevent that. Add on top of that the constant news of horses being beat to death time after time. If people stopped watching, betting and otherwise supporting horse racing, the sport would be forced to change.

    • I don’t think it is capable of changing Margaret. It is pure evil at it’s core. Animals must not be USED for stupid morons,who have nothing better to do, to place bets. Keep INNOCENT ANIMALS out of it.

    • Ummm…there are no oddsmakers, that’s not how pari-mutuel wagering works. It’s completely irrelevant who is interfered with, the interfering horse is always placed behind the horse that was interfered with.

  2. I DO NOT want any of these TRAGIC fallen ANGELS deaths to be in vain,whether it’s by catastrophic break downs or Slaughter !!!!!!!!!! Their LIVES were meaningful and precious!!!!!! Let’s do it (shut it the F down) for ALL of them!!

  3. We should all know to expect such secrecy and denial from this track and its so-called regulators in West Virginia. After all, that’s where another soulless racing creep made national news recently by dumping a dead racehorse in the garbage pile of their public landfill. The entire industry is crumbling away, so they offer up that brilliant salvation? Clearly, we’re not dealing with the best and the brightest in WV.

  4. For an industry that continually boasts about how proud they are of their relationship with their horses, they sure do an awful lot of covering up, especially lately. I don’t know why they think that not acknowledging a horse’s death somehow means it didn’t happen (although these horses mean nothing to them so I suppose as far as they’re concerned it’s nothing to get upset about – it’s just a matter of hiding it long enough that it doesn’t become public knowledge). It’s completely disgusting that these parasites can take the life of a gentle sentient being and yet have the audacity to have a persecution complex when confronted.

    • It’s Time for this Throw-up inducing Torture spectacle to Die it’s natural death. It can’t come soon enough for these Majestic Animals.

  5. Regarding the mare Rose’s Asset who was injured racing at Mountaineer and confirmed euthanized – she was listed for sale for racing trainer Jeff Radosevich after her last race for him at Thistledown on July 30, 2019. The ad began as follows (verbatim);

    “**broodmare prospect**
    JC registered ‘Rose’s Assets’ [sic], 6yr old 16h mare
    (Lump/scar on left front, suspected screw in cannon bone, no available jog video because she jogged off)”

    Photos included this beautiful gray mare and the horse profile from Equibase showing her name, Radosevich as trainer, etc.

    So Rose’s Asset – for sale as a **BROODMARE PROSPECT** – is THEN raced at Mountaineer for owner/trainer Gerald Erfle on August 25. The chart states “took a bad step falling in midstretch was vanned off after the race”…from a racing FAN regarding Rose’s Asset’s last race, this; “She went down. Couldn’t get up.”

    THIS is horseracing.

  6. “THIS is racing”. Indeed it is, Joy, in all it’s ugliness.
    “Offering” these broken horses as “broodmare prospects” is part and parcel of this brutal business. Subjecting these poor mares to carrying a foal for 11 months on painful limbs just extends their suffering. And if they do birth a foal or two, then what for the mares?!!
    However, the chances of them being purchased for five or six hundred dollars as broodmares are slim. They are doomed, either way, and they have barely reached maturity.
    The deaths on the tracks are what we see but the undercurrent of suffering is immense and rarely comes to light.

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