A Kill at Aqueduct; Another Death at Belmont

In the 9th at Aqueduct yesterday, Candy Smile was “vanned off.” Today we learn (Gaming Commission) that the 3-year-old colt is in fact dead – “injury to left front.”

This morning, Long Haul Bay was euthanized at Belmont “due to severe colic.” Long Haul Bay was five and coming off a training session just 18 days ago.

Two more dead horses for the “demonstrably safer” New York Racing Association.


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  1. VILE.
    LONG HAUL BAY yet another victim of killer “Trainer” Linda Rice.
    One could argue that Long Haul Bay raced with Chad Brown as a 2 year old up until October 15, 2019.
    There was a change of hands after that race and his last race was on October 15, 2010.
    There seems to have been a private sale because there’s no record of claiming.
    Again, the secret doping/vet records hides their dirty little secrets.
    Colic is an extremely excruciating condition that causes immense suffering.
    Linda Rice has a long herstory of racehorses dying either from colic or snapping their bones-off on the track.
    Another parasite who continues to suck the life right out of them.
    Gov. Cuomo, New York residents it’s long overdue to take their funding away, stop giving it to these horrible monsters that call themselves “trainers” and “horseman,” because they are anything but
    They are racehorse killers and they don’t deserve the millions in casino profits that is being handed to them year after year.
    It’s shameful that this is done at the expense of the racehorses and it’s getting worse every year.

  2. A question for you racing apologists; How the hell many more have to die before you say enough is enough? I wish you fat ass apologists had your legs snap off…rather than the innocent horses. You people are the vile ones.

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