Two More Killed at Turf Paradise

From recently released Steward’s Reports out of Turf Paradise:

Nov 3, race 4 – Dw Carolina Flash “pulled up, lame left front, exam found fractured sesamoid bone, euthanized.”

Nov 10, race 4 – Eva’s Classy Baby “pulled up, lame right front, radiographs show carpus fracture, euthanized.”

Both were three years old. This is horseracing.

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  1. If it were not for this blog, I would not hear about, know about or read about these horses being injured and killed. It is so sad to know that there are those people who will continue this abuse and exploitation of horses, especially young horses that are not fully matured.

    • Same here, Wanda. And what does that say about Arizona’s so-called regulators that Patrick didn’t even get official acknowledgment of these poor horses’ deaths for upwards of two weeks after they occurred?

      Hey, Racing Creeps: it’s almost 2020. Why don’t you stagger and stumble your way into Last Century (pretty sure this one’s waaaaay out of reach for y’all.)

    • Another Dear Sweet Soul who did absolutely Nothing wrong. These people are soulless monsters. This must be outlawed…full stop.

  2. Boy am I out of the loop, I thought Turf Paradise (Phoenix) folded a long time ago. Maybe the owners and trainers etc. should receive the same treatment as the beautiful horses??

    • We all WISH they’d been shuttered a long time ago. Instead, AZ racing officials acknowledged an 83% increase in horse fatalities in one year, nearly all at Turf Paradeath. So, rather than actually stopping the activity that was killing horses, they instead formed a…(drumroll, please) Safety Commission! And then they enacted Safety Standards, and Safety Protocols, and Safety Reforms, and so much gosh-darned -safe safety that no racehorse ever died there again. Hurray! The End.

    • It is a dump. There is a lake in the middle which undoubtedly houses a scorpion family and heaven knows what else lurks beneath the surface.

  3. God I hate that saying “This is horse racing” – I guess I mean why does it have to be “horse racing” – oh that would be because of the ignorant, useless bastards involved in it, this is a daily “Kill zone” report and it is just so incredibly horrible that so many god damn humans as so insanely cruel to these gorgeous horses. I can not believe how young these poor animals are started and how just no care is given to them – race them no matter what the conditions of the body – just do it for the god damn dollars – it is always about the greed and never about the animal. I hope to hell all involved in this horrible sport end up having as short of a life as they have given these sweet animals. Shame on all of you involved in his horse racing.

  4. All the protocols the racing industry is always going on about, a new this, a safer that, and horses are still dying every day from the same devastating injuries they did ten, twenty, even thirty years ago. Nothing they have done or will do will change this antiquated horror story, and those people who participate in it and defend it absolutely disgust me.

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