Another Kill at Del Mar: 3-Year-Old “Collapses and Dies”

Sunday morning, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports, Slewgoodtobetrue “collapsed and died…after a workout” at Del Mar. She was three years old – “collapsed and died.” She is the ninth dead horse “where the turf meets the surf” this year:

Charge a Bunch, killed training Jul 18
Carson Valley, killed training Jul 18
Bowl of Soul, killed training Jul 29
unidentified, died in stall Jul 31-Aug 4
unidentified, died in stall Aug 5-Aug 11
Bri Bri, killed training Aug 12
Ghost Street, killed racing Nov 10
Prayer Warrior, killed racing Nov 10
Slewgoodtobetrue, killed training Nov 17

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  1. Death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death after death…..

  2. Just read that Princess Dorian didn’t survive after last Sunday (Bloody Sunday.)

      • Doesn’t surprise any of us, Bonnie. Those still active in this full-time horror show have been sending up their well wishes and prayers and encouragement and high hopes for a full recovery for this poor horse. I wanted her to pull through, as well, but not because I wished to prevent yet another black eye to racing’s reputation. I wished her a full recovery because that would have meant an end to her long suffering; she would have been one of the few racehorses guaranteed a life AWAY FROM RACING.
        And THAT is the ultimate kindness we can give to our horses.

      • Yes, and owned by a public figure (pro hockey player for the Colorado Avalanche,) so they all jumped on board to try and save her life through extraordinary measures. They didn’t want to have to concede THREE fatalities on one day of racing. Bad PR, don’t you know.

  3. “Horse racing is getting better all the time”. I’m gonna need clarification on that point.

    • Some in the “industry” were trying to use it as see… Mike Joyce,in particular,was trying to use it …like see,he even was posting about the “big” cost…like Mike Joyce ever gave a rat’s ass about anything but having a non job,”job” whatever is easiest for him. I see through you Mr. M Joyce.

  4. Kelly thankyou for responding. After surgery they said she came through well so it gave hope. Another beautiful horse a casualty of this barbaric “sport”

  5. Hello Gov. Newsom and Senator Diane Feinstein – WHERE ARE THE TWO OF YOU???
    Okay I realize that you are battling serious issues such as fires, but that doesn’t excuse you from doing your jobs for California residents who want this killing show SHUT DOWN NOW!
    Senator Feinstein you gave horse racing “one more chance” to see if they could make it through the Breeders Cup weekend – Mongolian Groom paid the price for that “chance.”:
    Now you are confronted with the obvious – horse racing kills racehorses.
    Now the tune has changed from the pro-horse racing chorus it goes something like this: “we admit that we can’t be 100% safe and their will be casualties.”
    Even they admit that racehorses will die and I will NEVER accept this as normal and as part of an unnecessary antiquated gambling venue – NEVER and nor should anybody else who lives in a civilized society.
    That’s like accepting dog fighting knowing that pit bulls die for gambling – it’s not accepted, it’s illegal, and it’s banned and it’s exactly the same as horse racing only the victim is different.

  6. Where the turf meets the surf and the horses meet their Maker. Mention of this death was a tiny footnote on the sports page regarding Del Mar activity.

  7. On the next hrw showing at Del Mar they ought to use Jane’s phrase.
    Its perfect to make a very strong point

    • Agreed, Nancy (and Jane).
      I’ve been fumbling through some catchphrases for them myself. But, sadly, “Where the syringe of massive barbiturate overdose meets the vein of abused, broken-down thoroughbred in the dirt” doesn’t quite have the same, effective ring to it that Jane’s slogan has.

      • All good.
        How about this?
        Del Mar – where the ocean froth meets the bones snapping-off.
        Del Mar – where you can eat some pie and watch racehorses die.
        Del Mar – where you can gamble and sit while dead racehorses are dumped into their pit.
        Del Mar – where the ocean’s mud washes away the racehorses blood.
        Del Mar – where you can sip your drink while the dead racehorses sink.

        Okay I admit some are cheezy, but I tried.
        I can’t help but remember how I was so adamant and somewhat aggressive about immediately curtailing shock wave therapy and rampant drug use when I was an Associate Steward in California at Del Mar.
        Most of the reaction from horse racing people was that I was a “crackpot” and a “whack job” that needed to go.
        A former trainer called Laura De Seroux, trainer of Azeri teamed up with me on several occasions and was a loud advocate for the same thing.
        She fully supported my mission to make microchip implants in racehorses mandatory where all doping/vet records would be recorded on them so a simple scan would pull up all the information required.
        Imagine how helpful this would have been for the Breeders Cup or any race quickly identifying “at risk” racehorses by gaining access to this information within minutes?
        Of course the people who make all the money in horse racing was dead set against this suggestion and came up with every single excuse including that the technology was too expensive {which it wasn’t in light of the billion dollar profits) and it would turn-off potential owners into the business.
        It was too expensive was it?
        Well look at how you are paying now.
        You now have a bunch of physically compromised foals who seem to be weak when born and the situation exacerbates itself as the doping and the daily abusive business practices pile up on the racehorse.
        Almost the entire current horse racing population is one step away from dying while the horse racing business continues to fight changes, is a discombobulated mess of people disagreeing on even the Lasix issue, and it all boils down to who has their fingers in the pie.
        None of them want to pull those fingers out for the sake of the racehorse and that’s why reform isn’t possible.
        Only shutting this down is.

  8. Slewgoodtobetrue was not “killed” she collapsed in the barn, and died. She was loved deeply from the moment she entered this world by her human partners, she played in grassy fields, was feed and kept safe, she had the ability to have had experienced life in a herd. She then went onto California and was loved by her human connections, trainers, owners, grooms. We are all grieving the loss of this beautiful and majestic horse that we had the pleasure of knowing.

    She was born, she was loved and now we grieve her death.

    She was not killed!

    • I believe that you believe what you write, Ms. Smith. Unfortunately, it is not tethered to reality. “She was born, she was loved and now we grieve her death”? You – or someone you know – made her; you exploited her; you are complicit in killing her. And the only thing you grieve is an asset lost.

    • Slewgoodtobetrue was brought into this world for the sole purpose of flipping a buck for horse killers like you Connie.
      If you “loved” her so much than why did you exploit her?
      Now you can argue that you didn’t intentionally kill her, but I would argue otherwise.
      You deliberately doped and masked issues to keep her running and flipping a buck didn’t you?
      So to prove me wrong go ahead and email ALL DOPING, VET, MEDICAL RECORDS AND TREATMENTS that you, the connections AUTHORIZED and forced upon this poor filly so Patrick can release them here.
      These are the FACTS that you and the apologists continue to deny the public because you know damn well that these records clearly show people who don’t “care” or “love” the racehorse.
      These records prove that you treat them like mere gambling chips, commodities, while you dump everything but the kitchen sink into them to flip a buck.
      This is precisely why you INTENTIONALLY hide them – keep them SECRET so that you can come on here and claim that you care.
      The fact that you won’t send them, as I’m sure you won’t, dispels your delusional thoughts that you “cared.”
      You rationalizing this pitiful vile business doesn’t change the fact that Slewgoodtobetrue was exploited and died for this unnecessary gambling venue and for racehorse abusers and killers like you.
      Perhaps some manure therapy and those secret doping records can assist with your delusional rationalizations.

    • Ms. Smith, Slewgoodtobetrue wasn’t kept “safe” by you, or anyone else, so that is a monumental lie. I have been around TBs for well over 50 years and never have I seen a horse, of any age, “collapse and die” after being ridden. Collapsing and dying seems to happen frequently in an industry where horses are mere commodities….meant to be used and disposed of when their productive days are over. It is now time to dispose of racing and allow it to die in the dirt just like Slewgoodtobetrue did.

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