Van Carrying Dead Horse Passes By as “Winner” Readies for Photo Op

Top Hat Darlin in the 5th at Charles Town last night: “chased the pace inside, showed no response leaving the turn, collapsed post race and was euthanized on the track” (Equibase). Dead. Top Hat Darlin was three; ’twas her third time under the whip.

In the race replay (here – hit “Replays,” 15th, race 5, pick up around 3:20 mark), the van carrying the dead Top Hat Darlin off the track can be seen passing by as the “winner” readies for the photo op. You can’t make this stuff up.

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  1. And yet Donna Brothers would say nothing to see here, like the f’n dumbass photographers and OTHERS. VILE…..beyond words.

  2. When I saw the replay of this race last night, it showed the horse lying on the track with people surrounding her as the winning horse trots by on the way to the winners circle. It was like the cameraman was fascinated by what he saw, then the camera quickly spins away when he realized he was showing too much. But when the head on replay was on – the track announcer cheerfully announced “good news – she’s up on her feet and walking into the ambulance to receive further veterinary care!” and to update on the jockey’s condition. I’m wondering how the hell she was able to get up, and that the announcer is lying when the chart says she was euthanized on track, and was lying in the dirt. And if somehow she did get up, was she made to get up and walk with a broken extremity?! Or while she was slowly bleeding out with a severe hemorrhage?! Because ”collapsed” is an unusual and vague cause of death for a presumably healthy 3 yo.

    • The announcer was probably told to do damage control. Make it sound like there was some kind of hope.

  3. They have no shame. No conscience. No humanity. Industry is vile and that is all they show! Shut it down!

  4. Guys,not to change the subject…but,I have caught this damn cold that’s going around here on the East Coast…feeling good though,thanks to Jack and coke,with an ice cold one thrown in,for good measure…might not be over the cold yet,or breath out of my nose,but I’m feelin’ good. 🤣 thought we could use some levity.

  5. “Racing is getting better all the time”, huh? Yeah, better at killing horses day in and day out. And they’re still trying to hide and gloss over the deaths, still defending their continual abuse and subjugation and still trying to grasping anything to prolong their horror show- like changing the surface of the tracks. I still don’t understand why horse racing is still operating. What will it take?

    • Rebecca have you noticed the past 3,4,5yrs. Or so all you’re seeing even with the wealthy owners, it’s nothing but all these long list partnerships. That tells me things are not that good,it’s totally a DYING industry. Can’t come soon enough,for the precious innocents.

  6. Just another “normal” day at these god damn kill tracks. Imagine heading for your big win photo and passing this poor little filly lying dead on the track. OMG this is just so tragic and everyday there is another horrible story to follow the one from the day before. When the hell will these race tracks ever ever be shut down – stop this horrible slaughter of these poor souls.

  7. Top Hat Darlin was owned by Top Hat Thoroughbreds. The dark bay filly was “introduced” by THT as a 2-year-old, up for sale in pieces – anyone could own 5% of her for just over 2K. It’s called fractional ownership.

    From the ad, this; “You don’t have to be a King to invest in the Sport of Kings. Investments to fit any budget. No Bills, No ongoing Expenses (ever). Call us…we’ll let you know how you will make more money and have more fun…Who knows you might find yourself in the winner’s circle.” They need to continue, “or the horse you own a piece of dead on the track”.

    Owning a portion. Making more money. Does that sound like the love one has for their child to you?

    Top Hat Darlin…RIP, little one. You mattered to us.

  8. What I have noticed though…the big name owners ,who in the past,never shared ownership,now so many of them have some long list partnerships,where in the past I was used to only seeing them and only them as ownership. Animals used in any type of entertainment needs to be OUTLAWED…period,end of story

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