“Stopped in Distress…Euthanized”

Doc’s Rocket in the 6th at Delta last night, as relayed by Equibase: “forced the early pace outside, stopped entering the turn in distress was pulled up and euthanized.”

“…stopped entering the turn in distress was pulled up and euthanized.”

Just another cheap – she was “For Sale” at a pittance ($4,000) prior to dying – throwaway, an ever-so-easily-replaced cog in the grinder. It is vile. It is disgusting. It is morally indefensible. It is horseracing.

Doc’s Rocket “pulling up,” mortally injured – and yet, “congratulations” to the “winner”

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  1. The carnage is pathetic. California pro racing groups ste saying “the time is now to fight for racing!”

    News alert for those fools, the time has passed a year ago and they still continue now with their arrogance in no changes, not listening, no regulations, hiding abuse and deaths, overbreeding and underbreeding for “the right one” and all the ones who do live being rescued, slaughtered and passed around. I rescue from the track and know and see all of this from a 3 year old who I sit up with for several nights healing from abscess and ulcers, body soreness, overcoming medications and injuries still in the body. These horses are machines and have no idea what love, a treat, affection and being part of a turned out herd entails. People who were on the fence have turned, they can be their own demise because they do n ok t want to acknowledge or change their old ways.

  2. If all the “sports” enthusiasts who attend these barbaric events want the thrill and no charge to enter can I suggest re-enactments of the Roman gladiatorial fights.
    If you all turn up and fight each other to the death, the last man standing wins and goes on to the next meet.
    The horses could stand and enjoy the fun and then munch on the grass. After a season with thousands of grubby unsavoury dead the punters just might catch on and stay home.

    • I CANNOT Watch Any of Them. You know these pro-racing assholes need to get a life,and grow the hell up. I’d like to put all of them in an arena,and have them be tortured…the way THEY do the horses.

  3. As others have said, and I continue to say:
    Can’t watch it.
    Won’t watch it.
    I’ve seen literally hundreds of these, and I’ve heard they’re becoming more ghastly, gruesome and gut-wrenching in the past few years since I’ve sworn off even glancing at track video.
    Understand they need to be shown for those who are still undecided — though how do we not question the humanity of those fence-dwellers? — but, an adamant NO, for me.

  4. Joy, I just discovered something…Chestnut gelding Fillet of Sole,a 350,000 yearling purchase 2015,was in a 4,000 claiming race at Penn National the other night, this is a horse who competed in the WITHERS,for God’s sake. These Assholes writing these pieces on trying to keep this DEATH show going on,will truly f’n ROT……………….

  5. Why does the racing industry even bother to name these horses? Why don’t they just assign them numbers, since that’s all they are to them anyway? It’s heartbreaking to think about this poor mare who lived and died without being loved or even acknowledged by the industry that destroyed her. I wonder if her death made any of them “uncomfortable”?
    And now there’s an article on the Paulick Report (which I didn’t click on, I just saw the title) about the ” mistake” made with Mongolian Groom. They call a life of torture and abuse and the subsequent breakdown of a horse so obviously in pain “a mistake”. Wow. These human parasites are beyond vile.

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