Thank You, Peter Frampton

Yesterday, rock legend Peter Frampton tweeted the following:

The petition he refers to is ours and can be found here. Please sign, if you haven’t already, and then pass along a heartfelt thanks to Mr. Frampton.

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  1. Thank you Patrick for getting this petition going! I already signed and am spreading it far and wide!

  2. Thank you, Mr. Frampton; you’re in good company.
    It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any celebs at all who will dare show themselves for the upcoming Triple Crown season. My guess is, only a couple of D-listers/minor sports figures. The others understand (or should) that it’s tantamount to career suicide.

    • Kelly, I haven’t heard anything about Bo Derek (supposed) animal lover? Crickets……..disappointing

  3. Sorry, Repole Mike. I can’t stand you, celebrating over the top,while a horse lay dying…you UGLY little man. You KNEW Mongolian Groom broke down,don’t even try to deny it.

  4. Oh my God 🤣 What a piece of shit that article in the racing biz is. A total piece of GARBGE,suck up to scumbag nyra and well,need I say more,what a f’n hell hole loser nyra is. All of ny tracks are scumsuck Deathtraps. I’ll laugh so damn hard when those evil people affiliated with that circuit lose their jobs.I actually believe nyra is EVEN worse,safety wise than CA….I really mean that.I don’t trust nyra as far as I could throw them. Look how sleazy they all look.

  5. THANKS MUCH for relaying Petition to SHUT DOWN Horse-Racing — keep up your great works for Music AND for the Horses — you’re the best.

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