Racing Executive Admits Multiple Thousands of Thoroughbreds Slaughtered Annually

In a recent USA Today article on horse slaughter, this: “…an estimated 7,500 thoroughbreds a year are slaughtered for human consumption, according to Alex Waldrop, president of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association.”

Yes, that’s right, one of the most prominent, powerful people in racing concedes that multiple thousands of “equine athletes” are brutally and violently bled-out and butchered each year. (Waldrop’s number, 7,500, shocking as it is, is almost surely understated: One industry-linked vet puts it at 10,000-12,000; an apologist writer says it’s even more.) This, alone, should be enough for all Americans of good conscience to support the abolition of this vile industry.

A reminder – photos from the slaughter pipeline (courtesy of Animals’ Angels):

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  1. Anything that does the SLAUGHTER of Multiple Thousands of Innocent Horses…MUST be OVER. These beautiful majestic babies did not ask to be born to end up like this. This is beyond torture You UGLY scumbags who are perpetuating this Atrocity,will be judged someday,you f’n scumsuck.

    • Omg mothers and babies! How sick are we? Everything is about the mighty buck and the hell with everything else. No humanity, care or concern for anyone but ourselves. I am horrified.

      • TOUCHE’ Rita – they breed them to use as “money machines”, when only a TINY % of them ever pay for their feed & of what THEY BREED ABOUT 85% OF THOSE END UP AT SLAUGHTER- the jockey clubs grossly uncounted animals & the numbers they ADMIT TO YOU KNOW ARE NOTHING BUT LIES, THEY LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE, THEY SHOULD ALL BE POLITICIANS & work for the establishment they are so good at lying & the same people have been on the boards of every thoroughbred organization for the last 75 years, you can’t pull them out of their power positions with a tractor , they admit to 20,000 thoroughbreds being born every year & then 10,000 of those end up in mexico or canada at a GRUESOME SLAUGHTERHOUSE & SUFFER THROUGH THE MOST HORRIFYING THINGS YOU HAVE PROBABLY NEVER SEEN – BUT IT IS OBSCENE what they do to these animals on the way to slaughter, it is HORRIFYING. So forget every number you hear from them & multiply it by at least 3 or more. THEY BREED TO BET, THEY BREED TO DRUG, THEY BREED TO BEAT, THEY BREED TO ABUSE, THEY BREED TO STARVE, THEY BREED TO SLAUGHTER.

  2. “But, but, but…not true! We treat our horses like royalty! We LOVE our thoroughbred athletes! Just come tour the backside of our track, and see how we cater to them. Wait, stop! Don’t look that way: look over here. See the pretty pony getting another bath? See? They love baths! Just ignore the meat wagon pulling up over there. All you need to see is right HERE.”

  3. Y’all are doing a great job! I agree that the only solution is no horse racing or zero drugs. Since there is no way to test designer drugs, the horses will always be drugged. I don’t want to interfere with your work, but I would like to stay in touch, looking for ways to promote your agenda… Sherry DeBoer

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  4. How can ANYONE look at those precious souls….. and say this is ok. All of you involved in this trainers,owners, etc. you all have blood and the sin of murder . You have NO CONSCIENCE HOW do you live with yourselves? Go ahead you shit for faces, explain it away,we’re waiting to hear your excuses. …we’re waiting …….

    • Yes, Bonnie, notice how they go deaf when asked how they rationalize these thousands sent to slaughter? Or, “It wasn’t me! My horses are sold to responsible, reputable buyers who provide them a good home.”

  5. This is the vile truth behind the thousands of racehorses required to fill races for these vile people.
    It’s bad enough that this goes on, but in the light of billions of dollars of sales and wagering profits this is an abomination of this killing business.
    It’s nothing but a blood bath.
    How dare our politicians continue to support this with millions of precious taxpayers money?
    How dare they divert even one cent from casino profits from our communities to support this?
    They have blocked my Twitter accounts repeatedly, they get my IP address and they block me and my freedom of speech even though I don’t even come close to bullying horse racing people the way they bully me.
    You can do all you want to me, but I pledge to continue to be a voice for the racehorses because you pro-horse racing people are all about brutality and to claim that you love these horses qualifies you as deliberately delusional and mentally deranged.

  6. Loser horseracing is considered a “niche” sport. NOBODY will give a F’n rat’s ass,it’s such a pathetic lick ass nothing,that it doesn’t even register. I can tell you this today’s young people think you ugly old ass losers are NOTHING,NADA, you don’t even register to these kids,and oh yeah,they find what your doing to these poor horses as fucking SICK. Today’s young people are health conscious and AWARE,they don’t want your corny BULLSHIT.

  7. I, for one, would not be at all surprised if the number of thoroughbreds sent to slaughter from the US is far higher than the estimated 12,000 per year, having read previous articles on this topic of race horses and slaughter.
    The thing that really gets to me is the surreal high society and glamour image that is associated with owning and running a race horse, or, attending the big races. People looking like fools all dolled up in their fancy hats and dresses, their elegant suits and attire, to bet on and watch what is no more than a torture-factory event, where suffering and frightened, exhausted and bewildered animals are released from 23 hours a day solitary confinement, are tongue tied, perhaps drugged, wearing painful bits and whipped as they are driven to run as fast as their underdeveloped bodies can take them.

    • Absolutely Anne – an antiquated business model that resembles the Romanesque Gladiator type animal killing sprees taking place in an arena while the “elite” looks on.
      The arena the “ring” is where the brutality, killing, and spectacle takes place.
      It’s nothing but a blood bath and horse racing has done a good job at conditioning the public to accept it under the guise of “fancy hats” and a “sport” banner.
      Behind it all is a non-consenting, voiceless, defenseless sensitive living and breathing being tortured and killed while they deliberately hide their doping/vet records that would clearly show a bunch of abusers.

  8. If horses must be slaughtered, then I agree with Temple Grandin that it be done in a US slauhterhouse where at least there will US oversight, laws & humane controls. I have seen the horrendous videos of racehorses that just “don’t run fast enough” to win their owners enough money be collected by auctioneers that sell the horses to out-of-US slaughterhouses where the horses are fed into slaughter shootes meant for cattle that terrify and incompletely stun the horses so that they are still conscious when they are slaughtered and bled out.
    I understand that horsemeat is desired by non-US populations, but that shouldn’t mean that US horses should be subjected to the terror & abuse in non-US slaughter houses. I hate horse slaughter totally, but I am realistic enough to believe that if is going to occur than it should be done on US properties, subject to US inspections & controls.

    • OK,here’s SOMETHING to think about if your ok with Slaughter,think of the horse meat these idiots are eating…these horses have been DOPED UP their whole lives,therefore the idiots are consuming drugs/hormones!!!!!!!! THINK about that.

      • Carcinogenic drugs remain in the muscle meat. People are feeding this to their families. Horses are not raised to be a meal. This is not ok.

    • Horses are slaughtered only because we allow it. Slaughter should not be “fixed” and made more pleasant, because that is impossible. If anything is to be fixed, it should be racing. IF it cannot be done away with,….make it so track owners and racehorse owners pay a fee each year that goes to race horse retirement. Contracts should say when a horse is done racing, or not good enough to race, owner must rehome or send to a retirement farm where he will pay a monthly fee. This will put a pretty good end in those wanting to get into the racehorse business.

    • Part one-rid the USA of slaughter
      Part two-put the SAFE ACT firmly in place.

      That is the order it is meant to be in. McConnell blocked it last time, don’t let that happen again!

    • I really don’t understand “if horses must be slaughtered”. That’s not a necessary activity. Admittedly, I am vegetarian in part because of animal slaughter but horse slaughter is particularly heinous. These are animals that are bred to be used for human entertainment and then thrown away to a gruesome terrifying end. This is completely analogous to getting a puppy, training it, then, after it has grown to trust and depend on you, slaughtering it because it’s no longer cute, and then getting another to do the same thing over. The thought that a horse would somehow be better off being slaughtered in the US rather than in Canada is absurd, the terror is the same. One needs to be particularly evil to get to know a living being on a personal level then slaughtering it for food. You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.

    • everything they go through in Canada or Mexico slaughterhouses they went through in US slaughter houses. Nothing was humane about it! They suffered just as they do now. Slaughter of horses doesn’t need to be done. the meat is a delicacy in other countries. Countries that can butcher their on horses instead of horses from US. No, then no one would make money. No One. So they Over breed and sell at auctions where the KB’s collect there money. Horses are not livestock. Never raised for food. Slaughter of horses needs to stop. Its now 2020 and we as humans are as barbaric as the caveman. You would think “we” as a race would be kinder and more humane to All Animals, instead “we” are much much worse then anything Ever Created.

  9. Every human who has a heart must cry out against this horrible business! Terror and torture against sensible healthy animals. How we dare to do so! We are not accepting murderers! This dirty business is crime! Stop these people! They are sick in their heads.
    Thank you for your social media work – showing these ugly peoples crimes!

  10. Used and abused then slaughtered
    Humans are the cruelest of species
    Non humans aren’t capable of such cruelty
    I’m ashamed to be a human 🥺😰💔😡
    Greed is never ending

  11. The photographers especially “if you could only see how they’re treated on the backstretch “ give me a f’n break you pure evil enablers. You are a big part of the pure evil along with owners,trainers,etc. Go get a real job. Quit ABUSING horses,because your “rationale “ is a major CAUSE of this corny,loser BULLSHIT continuing. Is that too “deep” for you phony scumbags to understand? ANSWER me you sub-human parasitic leeches. And you all claim your “animal lovers” save your lying b.s.

  12. I admit I’m fired up today ,because I don’t want to see not even one more horse …..killed,maimed.slaughtered,breakdowns,murdered for insurance money,or worse because they have no more to give,you’ve sucked the last bit of life they had in them. You assholes,racing people are the worst of the worst,there is absolutely nothing lower than you leeches,your making money off of the INNOCENT LIVES…HORSES. None of you “racing people” are innocent. You don’t even care when a horse breaks down right in front you …keep taking those pictures,you sacks of shit. God forbid you don’t take your pictures…PATHETIC.

  13. These pictures are heartbreaking. You can see the bewilderment in these horses’ eyes, like they are asking “What did we do to deserve this?”

    You did nothing to deserve this, little angels.

  14. I’m sure you’re on this, Patrick, but if not, there is an absolute bloodbath going on at Del Mar right now. Sickening, but oh-so-predictable for the “safest horse track in the nation.”

  15. Gods going to get u all for this……Are u serious people u are killing these beautiful creatures that work so hard for u….STOP THESE INHUMAN KILLINGS AND BEG GOD FOR HE’S FORGIVENESS..THESE ARE HE’S BEAUTIFUL CREATURES NOT YOUR’S!!!!!!!!!!

  16. PURE EVIL…..I have been fighting for over a year..writing letters, emailing senators, congressmen, the President of the United States..NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS…IT JUST GETS WORSE….I am sick to my stomach over it. It is all about GREED and the I DON’T CARE ATTITUDE….IT IS HORRIBLE , CRUEL AND THESE POOR INNOCENT WILD HORSES, RACE HORSES AND ETC. GO TO SLAUGHTER FOR THE ALMIGHTY EVIL DOLLAR….I PRAY GOD WILL PUNISH ALL OF THEM FOR THE EVIL THEY DO….

  17. OMG! this is dreadful, these people are the scum of the earth, need to be put down, they are the reason I am a member of Animal Rebellion, please, everyone who is appalled by this consider joining Animal Rebellion

  18. I hope everyone commenting here is donating to this cause. I hope everyone contacts their congressmen/senators – even if a vote isn’t up.

    Just heartbreaking.

  19. Recent undercover footage in Australia exposes a parallel situation here. Please see AUSTRALIAN Broadcasting Corporation…. the ABC 7.30 report. The biggest (of MANY) problems is the deliberate OVERbreeding of horses with the deliberate “wastage” of young horses deemed unsuitable, broken down racers AND spent champions. The horse, harness and greyhound racing industries are ALL …. INHERENTLY cruel, by design. 💰 🤑🤮 They need to be BANNED outright.

  20. That is horrifying! I thought horse slaughter had been outlawed in America but people are sending horses to Canada and China to be slaughtered. America doesn’t eat horse meat, they are raised to be a companion, help the military, help farmers and police organizations. Heartless people!

  21. This makes me feel totally heartbroken and incredibly angry, so many of the human race are absolutely evil!

  22. Your Slaughtering Business is Grotesque and Vulgar. Your hearts are hollow and black as hell. Horse’s lives are most worthy, They deserve to be spared. What shall become of all you murdering creeps and Cretins upon that time that’s almost upon us when almost overnight it’ll be compulsory to never eat meat Again..moral compass and all that .

  23. you can EASILY TRIPLE what they admit to – SICKENING LIARS LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE, you know they are lying about these numbers, in one state alone, I watch HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of OTTR’s & HUNDREDS of unregistered thoroughbreds ( bred to race but didn’t make the track) go through the slaughter pipeline AT A GLANCE.

  24. This is bloody disgraceful you who are responsible for this should be bloody dealt with you should be ashamed of yourselves but I know this is falling on deaf ears 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

  25. Stop this horrible act of slaughtering horses. They look Abused and treated badly. Let them roam the many acres of America. My heart aches for them. We don’t eat horses they are an American icon. Let them alone. You have raced them to death,let them live their days in peace. Stop killing them.

  26. Isn’t it bad enough the horses are frightened & scard why treat them so horribly. It’s one thing to slaughter them but it’s another to mistreat them that is clearly abuse.why govts allow that kind of treatment I can’t understand. All slaughter animals are abused & the abuse must stop. Horses have beautiful souls, they are strong & majestic yet delacite & easily harmed. So I ask those in charge to@ the very least treat them with respect & stop with the attitude that ” we’ll loose some so we have to cram more in” imagine if it were your beloved pet would you treat it that way?

  27. Whom ever kills them will shurely rott in hell.
    The owners who send them, will never go to heaven, because you have sent them to death when they have made you a wealthy person sham, shame shame on you .evil souls.

  28. Let the rescues manage the (selected) slaughter of those horses that are truly not salvageable. It would be done humanely, they could be at least partially self sufficient on sale of hide and hair instead of depending on donations, which is not sustainable. This issue is much more than just “end this” , “end that”.

    • Both you and your idea are vile. Still, I take solace in the knowledge that sad, small people (yes, I looked you up) like you are slowly but inexorably fading away.

    • FJ- l know if rescues that do humanely euthanize when a horse is too broken to live comfortably. I also know rescues that euthanize when they feel they can’t flip a horse fast enough to make a quick sale. So maybe you should take your suggestion to the rescues? And why do WE need to solve the problem realistically? Many of us on here have already rescued and rehomed dozens of TBs and STBs that we didn’t make a dime off of during their careers. So why should it be on us to fix racing’s problem of cast offs? If they are loved like family- wouldn’t the connections make sure their horses land in a good spot?

    • “Let the rescues manage the (selected) slaughter of those horses that are truly not salvageable”? – rescue organizations ARE euthanizing injured racehorses…something their racing connections SHOULD have done.

      While this unnecessary gambling industry remains in existence, its “beloved athletes” should be cared for, treated by and provided forever homes by those who used them – imagine the financial impact the public could make, helping our wild horse population, for instance, if the multi-billion dollar racing industry would just be responsible for every horse it bred, used, injured and discarded…and not expect the public to do it.


    • Of course, let the “rescues” do the dirty work for the dirty corrupt business of racing that takes no responsibility and is never held accountable for the killing and maiming of its athletes. You must be connected to racing. Your attitude of “let someone else” deal with the problems you create is pervasive throughout the industry from the claiming game on down to the slaughterhouse floor.

      As for HUMANE SLAUGHTER, suffice to say it is an oxymoron

    • what about the chickens,pigs, cows, ducks, deer, turkey? does this just go for the thoroughbred horses? & yes I am part thoroughbred, so I can ask this of you. who here is one of those “crazy” vegans, besides me? who knows slaughtering ANY animal is GROTESQUE & WRONG? , how do you choose just thoroughbred horses & not choose chickens, maybe you never had a very intelligent chicken as a pet ( i have, she followed me everywhere i went, Ms.Chicken, she truly loved me as I loved her), maybe you never befriended a cow or a pig, NON of them want to die for YOUR simply sickening 5-minute craving/appetite? maybe this if you have the courage to watch it in its ENTIRETY, YOU MIGHT WAKE UP FULLY instead of waking up partway. I DARE EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO EATS MEAT ( meat includes chicken & fish ) all are SMART & SENTIENT BEINGS, I dare you TO WATCH THIS WITHOUT LOOKING AWAY. IT MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better in every way, as it did mine 15 years ago. NO ANIMAL SHOULD BE BRED TO DIE, EVERY ONE OF US DESERVES LOVE, RESPECT, KINDNESS & COMPASSION, YOU ARE NON OF THOSE THINGS IF YOUR EATING MEAT- you’re nothing but A HYPOCRITE no thoroughbred should be bred to die & no chicken or fish or cow should be bred to die, the stupidest thing i am asked almost EVERY TIME by a meat eater is WHAT DO WE DO WITH ALL THOSE ANIMALS IF WE DONT EAT THEM? DUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH DON’T BREED THEM TO EAT. the strongest, most powerful animals in the world, including our thoroughbreds all LIVE ON GRASS, SO NO ONE CAN USE THE hypocrites oath of “I need meat protein” grass, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, nuts, beans have ALL THE PROTEIN IN THE WORLD TO NOT ONLY SUSTAIN YOUR LIFE but you will be a much healthier person, horses, horses don’t just get sick, it doesn’t happen, cows don’t just get sick, it doesn’t happen, human intervention makes them sick regularly, leave a cow a pig a horse in a field with grass & freshwater & you will never have a sick animal, ride them, love them, they will never get sick, EVER. & all they eat is GRASS. Now instead of ATTACKING the “crazy” VEGAN, Because I TRULY LOVE animals, try to use your time here more constructively, as I have dared you all to watch this 1 hour & 10 minute BEST DOCUMENTARY IN YOUR LIFE. & DO NOT LOOK AWAY- if their innocent bodies can endure what YOU do to them, you can watch a few short clips of what a slaughterhouse animal endures, without looking away. be brave. be a TRUE & REAL animal LOVER. as you listen to one of the greatest MEN in our country or the world. as Gary Yourofsky – presents the FACTS to you
      as it is not only our beloved thoroughbreds that need saving

  29. Those horse slaughter house videos are horrendous and the horse slaughtering needs to be stopped and the fucking assholes should be sending the horses to retirement places or be making sure those horses all get better homes. And the people need to stop over breeding the horses. Thats fucking disgusting


  30. Horrific cattle and sheep don’t suffer like this.
    Get the corrupt cartels, jockeys, money mongers busted by the FBI

  31. This makes me utterly sick fucking sick they don’t deserve this life no horse or animal does but come on your ignorant horses do not deserve this treatment why don’t we start slaughtering families who get these beautiful animals and then send them here to hell???? Sounds like a plan I’m a huge horse lover and your all fucked in the head they need to make this shit illegal

  32. This is a total disgrace it makes me angry beyond belief that we have no conscience as a human race is described when people kill everything that’s beautiful these horses has made people millions of dollars and that’s the worst betrayal of all you throw them away like garbage no one eats them I don’t eat them and I sure will not feed them to my animals shame on the industry

  33. This is way beyond humane treatment of these wonderful animals…this must be banned 👺

  34. ending horse racing will not stop the slaughter of horses, but as our world builds and builds we are running out of land for horses to run…it will never end unless we can make horse meat illegal to eat in Mexico and other countries.

  35. I guess the only good enough for them to make them that money and once they can make that money anymore because of illness they have to slaughter them the hell with this business it don’t make any sense it hurts me to my soul to see that pistol does of life even then I voluble to some people that can be by you but to someone else in a spiritualthe lot of these animals can be still use for people with emotional abuse to be emotional support of animal has been known that animals are very smart and Bailey a challenge and specially horses I had many of them and I know how smart they are but they don’t not supposed to be killed for no reason whatsoever

  36. and they are supplying foreign taste for horse meat! It has to stop!! but how to stop this vile and violent industry? that is the question.

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