“Pulled Up in Distress, Euthanized”

Cajun Star’s “result” in the 4th at Delta Downs last evening: “stalked the early pace from the outside, rushed up through the second turn, gained a clear margin at the eighth pole, was pulled up at the sixteenths pole in distress and was euthanized” (Equibase). Cajun Star was six years old and under the whip for the 34th time.


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  1. There’s the whip again! If the trainers and jockeys would try to really find out how their horses are feeling and if they are tramatized, maybe a lot more horses would survive on the race track! Afterall, it is the horse doing all the work for their greedy owners!

  2. One of the things that makes me the Sickest was the yucking it up of these shallow,do nothing SCUMBAG losers who are in this fucking pure evil torture of innocent animals. Repoele…..whatever the hell his name is, I sure as hell don’t give a rat’s ass,with the over the top yucking it up…while Mongolian Groom is fighting for his life,in excruciating pain. Fucking Everyone in this suck ass “sport” is the worst of the worst that mankind has to offer. These scumbags are lazy pure evil. Fucking admit it you apologists these scumbags do not WORK. Torturing animals IS NOT WORK. IT’s EVIL,plain and simple.

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