“Suffered a Fatal Injury and Fell” at Charles Town; “Hit Head, Deceased” at Golden Gate

The 8th at Charles Town last night, as relayed by Equibase: “Blushing Owen…dropped back leaving the turn, showed no further response to urging, suffered a fatal injury and fell at the sixteenth pole and was euthanized on the track.”

“showed no further response to urging” (to whipping, that is)
“suffered a fatal injury and fell”
“euthanized on the track”

Blushing Owen was three years old; ’twas his 13th time under the whip.

In the most recent Stewards Minutes from Golden Gate, it was revealed that 4-year-old Dramatic Ride was scratched prior to a race November 2. The reason: “Hit Head in Barn Area – Deceased.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. One wonders how long it takes their brains to twist the language into the sugar coated descriptions such as “showed no response to urging”.
    You BET —- They DIE 🚫🏇🚫

  2. Oh dear god, Joy…I looked up Blushing Owen,he was a Chestnut by Limehouse. Joy, you know how I love those Chestnuts, I love and mourn for ALL of them,they are all angels,everyone of them. The poor baby was trying to save himself and he just keeps getting whipped,like Mongolian Groom. People who still want this carnage to continue are not right in the head,they’re missing a sensitivity “chip”.

  3. SICKENING 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  4. Whipped while in crisis so very sad! I don’t think whipping a horse makes them go faster, it’s just harmful to the horse. Maybe all horses should do what Man0’War always did, bite back!

      • Nancy, Thank you for bringing up one of my all time Favorites..John Henry !! A lot of my “peeps” think I have a personality like him lol I can’t say I disagree . What a wonderful little dude he was,and like me he didn’t suffer fools. Funny Cide has a prickly personality like John Henry and me too. 😂

  5. Bonnie. You are ok in my book. You obviously love horses (chestnuts)and speak your mind in defense of our mission.

  6. The racing industry can’t make it through a day without killing a horse – and people are still defending this shit? These jockeys are so addicted to beating horses that it’s all they know how to do no matter what response they’re getting from the horse. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together would be able to figure out that if you’re beating the shit out of a horse and he’s still slowing down then there’s a damn good reason, but all these twisted little dregs do is just keep clubbing the horse and expecting him to give what he doesn’t have. These jockeys have literally been given a license to abuse horses, and they obviously enjoy it.
    And another horse deceased from a head injury? Maybe if you assholes would stop dragging these horses around with cables in their mouths and chains around their noses they wouldn’t flip themselves over in an attempt to escape the constant pain. Oh, wait, that would require you to actually give two shits about them. Never mind.

    • Thank you, again, Rebecca. And speaking of sadistic little jockeys and so-called “regulators”: The CHRB needs to be informed that we’re all painfully aware of Abel Cedillo’s abuse of Mongolian Groom in the Bleeders’ Cup (and prior, apparently.)
      Not that they are going to do anything about it, discipline-wise, but they should know that the whole world saw MG’s leg snap the second

      • Oops, don’t know what just happened there.
        Anyway, the second Cedillo’s whip struck his flank with an overhand lashing.

  7. Blushing Owen’s jockey continued to beat him after he pulled up. Horses stop running for a reason. Damn jockey should never be able to ride another horse. All this one was thinking of was his own paycheck..

  8. Again — SHUT DOWN this vile, shameful, unconscionable, cruel Racket of a business — SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING — NOW!

  9. Mongolian Groom and Blushing Owen – both killed racing. Is one of these geldings more deserving of life than the other? – Is one more worthy of acknowledgement of his life and death than the other? Depends on who you ask…

    Not to us. Look at Horseracing Wrongs’ blog/FB page. Look at my FB page. Look at the FB pages of those who care about the HORSES used by racing. Millionaire or lowly claimer, every racehorse who dies training or racing (that we know about) will be acknowledged by HW. They ALL matter to us – they ALL deserve to have the public know they once shared this earth with us.

    Now look at the FB pages of racing fans, employees, apologists…Mongolian Groom is “mourned” on many. Will you find Blushing Owen on those same pages? Wicked Proud? Full Access? B B Molly? Rock You? Fashion Shot? Zippit Yankee? Dispel? Brave Spirited? Go Big or Go Home? Street General? Tell It Ina Melody? Or any of the other thousands killed in use by this industry? Unless the horse was killed under the searing spotlight of a national stage, you WILL NOT. Mongolian Groom is either more deserving of acknowledgement in the minds of “RACING” than the others we report OR because his death made national news, they are forced to do damage control – to publicly “mourn” his death and claim he was important.

    And if we could ask the geldings?…you know the answer to that.

    • Thank-you Joy – they all count.
      Joy, I’ve seen the deep horrors of this business, as you’ve had, but there’s nothing that struck my heart cords more than the horrific cruelty, abuse, and inhumane treatment of multiple-stakes winner Dr Drip.
      I can’t even begin to fathom the pain and suffering that this champion went through.
      I will never, for the rest of my life, get those pictures out of my head showing maggots eating him alive and you can actually hear them eating his skeletal body away on the video with sound.
      The little flesh he had left was full of saddle sores, bones protruding and saddle marks!
      I just about fainted when I saw the saddle marks indicating that he had been very recently ridden in this state.
      For the love of life, how can human beings be so cruel?
      Every single time, as I’m doing now, I start to sob when I recall this case and where were all of the apologists, where are they ever when these racehorses are dumped into neglectful situations and kill auctions?
      Nowhere to be found because these lunatics are too busy attacking people like us, and actually defending this horrific business knowing full well that this is what happens to racehorses when they are done crippling them, when they can no longer flip a buck.
      Every single one of them knows damn well that the racehorse they are dumping is going into a life of hell.
      This all going on while they boast about their billion-dollar sales and wagering profits.
      These people have no heart, they only have empty words, lack of action, and they are deliberately delusional racehorse abusers or enablers of the abuse.
      These pro-horse racing lunatics actually believe their empty words and there’s no excuse for this – none.
      I pledge to you Dr Dre that we will shut this down.
      It will start in California and we will make sure that racehorses like you don’t suffer or die for this vile business, this unnecessary gambling venue that is defended by deliberately, delusional lunatics.
      You apologists – your day of reckoning is coming, and the racehorses will rain down hell on every one of you as they are doing now, as they are crying out through their broken bones, and bodies.
      How in the hell can anybody defend this widespread legitimized suffering and carnage?
      It’s time for horse racing to shut down and it can’t come soon enough for the racehorses.

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