Lash, Lash, Lash, Snap, Dangle, Death

The killing of Mongolian Groom, in slow-motion. This, America, is your “Sport of Kings.”

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  1. Thank-you Patrick for posting this. It’s heartbreaking, barbaric brutality, violence and killing.
    Pro-horse racing sites and entities blocked its release and also intentionally edited this out because they don’t want to expose the truth about this vile business.
    All pro-horse wagering accounts on Twitter virtually eliminated this fact instead focusing on the winner while MONGOLIAN GROOM was fighting for his life with his rear ankle dangling.
    Absolutely vile, but it’s equally vile for California politicians to continue to NOT enact SB-469 because the apologist CHRB won’t do what’s right for the racehorses never have and that’s precisely why so many racehorses are dying because they refuse to enact any meaningful changes.
    They can’t because they require daily abusive and inhumane practices to exploit and subjugate for billions in wagering profits.
    They require their dumping zones like claiming and kill auctions while the slaughterhouse floor is inevitable for most.
    Their offshoot industries of hormone broodmares, nursing mares and the resulting hundreds of unwanted goals torn away and killed.
    This business is brutal, tortures, maims and kills.
    It’s horrific, unacceptable and there’s not one justification or rationale to keep this public butcher show open.
    This doesn’t belong in a civilized society.
    Santa Anita, and all of you apologists your time is up.
    This will end it must end.
    All California politicians including Gov. Newsom needs to immediately enact SB-469 now.
    Please everybody call, email, Tweet these politicians and demand that this shuts down so that not one more racehorse will die for this frivolous unnecessary gambling venue.
    I comment on this site for 1 reason: to be a voice for the racehorses NOT for religious or political means. Thank-you.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but is that the bill that gives CHRB authority? Seems rather pointless unless someone else has some power granted by that bill. Whatever happened to the petition drive to ban racing?

      • Hi Alan, We took our initiative language to the state, it qualified and was drafted by the California Legislative Counsel in time to submit to the Secretary of State for the 2020 election. However, it’s not as simple as that. Fiscal analyses estimate the cost to be around $20M, although an expert in statewide initiatives did tell me that it might be done for less. For even $1M, where do we get it? Additionally, polls must be taken to see if there’s a margin of vote ripe to pass it. Each poll costs $100k+ The number of signatures needed for our initiative to get on the ballot is 997,139, because it would be a constitutional amendment.

        A grassroots initiative has not succeeded in twenty years. It doesn’t mean it can’t be done, but it’s got more of a chance with major org backing.

        It was suggested that the wild horse rescues join in the race horse issue, but they are fighting a $35M congressional attack which proposes to round up 150,000 wild horses (by being chased down with helicopters until they succumb)—many of which will go to slaughter, and all of which will endure a brutal existence being held in pens on top of each other & being shipped like cargo. Many will die just from the abuse from helicopter to pen to truck to death. If that plan goes through, wild horses and burros will be pushed to near extinction. All horse lovers, please share this FB post & call your senators:

        A ban is promising for 2022. Continued protests, education pieces, media coverage, outreach to orgs and fundraising will help. Remember that every year, this many deaths & more have been going on since the beginning, just business as usual. But Psychedelicat’s herd’s tragic deaths not have been in vain, because with them the world became aware.


    • Dear Gina, enacting 469 won’t change anything, unfortunately, because the CHRB is given permission—not required—to suspend a license. How much do you trust the CHRB to take permissive language? In legislation, the word “may” is the weakest language used to effect change. In fact, it’s a sham in this case. Other language like “authorize” is just about as bad. The only language that would effect change is “shall.”

      Unfortunately, SB 469 was a publicity stunt. My organization submitted extensive amendments to 469, but we doubt they were even read.

      • René – where is your website? Where is this information?
        This is the first I’ve heard of this. It would be beneficial to post where somebody can go for this information.
        For example, do you have an official group name?
        I’m not waiting until 2022 for this barbaric blood bath to shut down.
        While I don’t doubt what your saying I’m requesting that you provide information to back up what your saying to garner more support.
        Of course I feel bad for the wild horses, but my focus is horse racing only because it takes up any spare time that I have.
        It just seems that the wild horse issue diverts attention away from the horrific plight of racehorses which is what this entire article is about.

  2. Can someone tell me, Who was the tiny man on Mongolian Groom? I would appreciate it , because I cannot bring myself to watch it or look it up. Thank you.

  3. The time has come to shut down horse racing. The only sure bet in horse racing is that more horses will be killed and it is criminal what is happening to these horses! Santa Anita Park is not a park; it’s a slaughterhouse and the public will not stand for this anymore! There are a million ways to gamble; this should not be one of them! We protestors were out there mourning for all the horses killed for greed while the counter-protestors were partying! How cruel & selfish the industry & the attendees are! Kill the industry, not the horses!

    • What a wonderful,insightful post,there are a million other ways to bet. I would love to be able to join in on a protest,unfortunately I am the sole caregiver to an infermed very elderly parent who needs constant attending. It would be such a break for me and a pleasure to protest with you guys.It would be an HONOR.

    • Thank-you Patty for being a voice for the racehorses.
      Peaceful demonstrations are working they always have.
      It takes courage and resolve to demonstrate against such a powerhouse like horse racing.
      All the money and power can’t mask the facts and the truth behind this utterly despicable business.

  4. Where is our humanity? Should we bring back gladiators? Would you like your pets dying for racing. Fuck you gamblers. Try to show a little character instead of looking for money for nothing. A curse on all of you. Wouldn’t give you water in the desert.

  5. One only has to go to sites like the paulock report to see the majority mentality of the pro racing people. They continue to vilify Patrick, this site, and PETA. They continue to make comments such as, “sad day, but athletes die.”. Such callousness. They continue to defend all this, and say that football players have head injuries, horses die in pastures and paddocks, and so on. This is how much the TRUE pro horse racing people really care about the horses. They just shrug their shoulders and chalk it up to they die as part of the game. Sick sick sick

    • It’s so disturbing to peruse the comments by pro-horse racing people on Paulick and Twitter.
      They wasted no time attacking me, verbally assaulting me and cyber bullying me.
      I never did no such thing to them.
      Yet, Twitter looks for any reason to shut down accounts who voice their opinions against horse racing.
      Nevertheless, the truth and the facts are on our side.
      There’s no reasonable compassionate person who can continue to support this brutality and dying.
      Pro-horse racing people constantly screen shot and post a comment by Patrick who explicitly stated his stance: to shut down horse racing.
      They present him as a villain while they continue to maim and kill racehorses.
      Your either for or against horse racing.
      If your for it then you at supporting massive suffering and carnage.
      I’m proud to stand against this barbaric torture and dying that has no place in a civilized society.

  6. I stumbled across the picture of a man looking at Mongolian grooms left hind leg with a look on his face as if he is calculating something. I don’t know if the man is the track vet doing a pre-race examination, but as a parent there is something getting his attention about that left hind leg.I’d like to send it to you Patrick but I’m not sure what your email address is

  7. Bob Baffert could always get a job as a used car salesman,he already looks like one,so do some others.

  8. PATRICK you must go on 60 minutes!!!!!! No fooling around go BIGTIME!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I want to stomp on the throats of these insensitive UGLY LOSERS

  9. I wish I had never fallen in love with the gorgeous Champion Funny Cide. I loved and Respected what he achieved so so much,the fact he was a gelding and an Underdog made me love him even more. My whole life I’ve pro-actively tried my best to work for underdogs,those less fortunate,it’s the very fabric of my being,but in hindsight I wish I had never even seen this BLOODBATH.

    • Bonnie he is well taken care of at Kentucky Horse Park. He was standing in the sunlight and that red coat was radiant. He would not come over closer. I had more luck with my beautiful Cigar. Funny now stands In the best stall formally occupied by Cigar. So no worry for you about him

  10. There’s a ten second video on the PR showing Mongolian Groom trotting on the track, and to my eyes, he looks noticeably off, with a very a very stilted gait in the back. I can’t believe the jockey wouldn’t have felt it, or the trainer wouldn’t have seen it. Those monsters were salivating so badly for their blood money they sent that poor colt out there knowing full well it was only a matter of time before he broke.
    On the Paulick Report apologists are saying how perfect a day it was and how disappointing it was that it had to end like this. Disappointing? Disgusting is more like it. Their statement that Mongolian Groom’s death is a great loss to their community is sickeningly hollow after they forced him to run while obviously unsound and then couldn’t even show him the final mercy of euthanizing him immediately because they were too concerned about hiding another casualty of their death show from public view.
    There are so many media outlets reporting on this colt’s death that I hope it proves to the politicians dragging their feet on shutting down racing that the deaths will not stop, that all the extra dirt, additional veterinarians, fake drug tests, or crocodile tears and hand wringing are not going to change an industry designed to cripple and kill horses by the thousands. #HowManyMoreHaveToDie

  11. I am a supporter and owner of the horse racing industry. I am looking into a deformation suite against your group. Hopefully piercing the group’s cover to go after you personally. Your 40 second clip is a misrepresentation of the industry. Mongolian Groom had life because of horseracing. His care during his life cost tens of thousands of dollars. Horses are not need to be abused . Industries world wide breed animals to be slaughtered we do not. I hope to God I see you in court. Robert c.Say her

    • So this horse somehow owed your industry a debt of gratitude that you allowed him to exist? His care during his life cost ten of thousands of dollars, so his death is somehow justified? What clip would represent your industry more? The discarded body of a racehorse in a landfill? Or the recent photos of an emaciated gray gelding starved to death? Or one of the countless photos of horses’ legs dangling by a thread of skin? Or perhaps the pictures of your henchman jockeys with their arms poised above their heads preparing for the downward swing of an instrument of pain? If your industry has nothing to hide and is proud of the care you give your horses, why are you here uttering threats? And not just against a website but against a specific person. How dare someone reveal the horrors you’ve tried so hard to hide for so many years! How dare someone threaten your blood money and parasitic lifestyle!
      If I were you, I would be more concerned about the court you will face one day, where your money and threats won’t help you.

    • Lol. Too bad for you that truth is an affirmative defense to “deformation”. The Play-Doh defense is probably valid too.

    • Racehorses don’t owe you anything Robert.
      It’s you parasites that enslave them for profit and egos.
      This is not their choice.
      They have no voice or defense to fight you human monsters as you tie them up at the back of their stalls and shove needles into their jugular vein, joints, and wherever else you deem necessary to win.
      Then you deliberately HIDE your doping/vet records from the public who is betting on these horses.
      Oh boy, if there’s going to be a lawsuit it will be against your industry you just wait and see.
      Furthermore, since I’ve consulted an attorney about a multitude of issues against this industry you can’t claim “defamation” because everything on here is the truth backed up by facts.
      A defamation lawsuit is when somebody deliberately lies and deceives people which results in a business losing profits and/or reputation.
      We have your entire vile industry and the vile people in it by the short and curlies when it comes to this.
      In fact, top trainers have threatened lawsuits against me, but they will not intimidate me.
      Get me into a courtroom and we will show picture after picture, fact after fact, of racehorse after racehorse being maimed and killed under their legal care, custody, and control.
      Then we will subpoena their doping records for all to see – FACTS – that’s what we have.
      I’ve never heard from them since and I will continue to call them out for what they are: racehorse killers.
      They intentionally and willfully continue to implement daily abusive business practices that have, in the past, led to racehorses dying and they still continue with these practices knowing that they’ve killed racehorses.
      So that’ proof enough and this entire industry is the same, lip service, public wallpaper and nothing changes.
      Just the fact that they don’t eliminate Lasix shows a business that doesn’t care about the repercussions of this PED.
      So you would best go and continue beating, doping, dumping and snapping the legs-off for your sadistic ends.

      • Bravo spot on gina. But as a side note could you maybe think twice about berating someone about the wild horses, their suffering just as much as the racehorses, just in different ways, we should be standing for all of them.

    • Mr. Sauter, YOU are looking into a “deformation suite” against Horseracing Wrongs? Oh, and you are an “owner of the horseracing industry?” Wow! I never realized you could “own” an industry! Before you file that lawsuit, please go back to school and take some remedial classes in grammar and spelling. Oh, and I hope you have very deep pockets to pay those attorneys for a baseless claim but maybe Mr. Drug O’Needle can kick in a few bucks to help your cause. Some lawsuits are called “frivolous” for a reason. Better brush up on that definition, too, because you are, obviously, just a fool.

      I’m not going to bring God into my post, but “we” are looking forward to seeing you in court, as well. “We” are ready and waiting.

  12. I really wish I had not tuned into that broadcast yesterday,I need to remain strong for my Mom,who needs a lot of medical attention and care. She could sense right away last night that I was very distraught and Depressed,as she is very sensitive,I didn’t want to tell her the truth as she in her fragile state with her heart amongst many other medical problems does not need stress. She needs my undivided attention. Of course she noticed my bloodshot puffy eyes,and knew. I will not tune in EVER again,in fact after that breakdown I Quickly changed the channel,and it will not go on Again. My Family is more Important, soooo much more.

    • Did u see my response to you to make u feel better on funnycide. I can understand the caregiver issue u have
      Been there

  13. Disgusting worthless pos. Do the same to them. No one is going to learn until the same is done to those monsters who NEVER get hurt. Subhumans a plague in this planet

  14. Rebecca I did notice in real time Mongolian Groom seemed having to put an awful lot of effort,and it gave me a quesy feeling. I totally was uncomfortable with the look of it. The reason I was keying on him is because he is who I was cheering for,because of being a gelding and an overachiever.I love it when non-high ticket purchases beat those crazy insanely priced ones. Always the underdog is what I love. And no I bet NOTHING,ZERO on any of it. Plus I like his grandsire Mineshaft.

  15. If you really knew what happens on the backstretch of a racetrack, you may really see how badly each and everyone of us hurt when a horse is injured. Pat yourself on the back!!! Why dont you cover human sports. Hell the world series on live TV stated pitcher had a cortisone shot 3 days before he pitched, but that’s ok right??? Atleast 3 boxers have died this year after fights again its ok.

    • If a human being is stupid enough to consent to having another human being punch him in the head a couple dozen times that is his business. Humans sign contracts and waivers, they enter into these activities fully aware of what they are getting themselves into. Horses are locked in stalls, dragged around by bits and stud chains and whipped to force them to run. See the difference Greg? No? I didn’t think you would. I am so sick of you racing apologists comparing human sports to horse racing. Your attempts at defending the abuse and exploitation of these horses is pathetic and asinine, and I wish people like you would keep off this site instead of coming here to show off how far you can get your head up your ass.

    • Mr. Bland, I know exactly what happens on the backstretch/backside of a track and that is just ONE of the reasons that I despise racing. There are many more that I won’t get into here but suffice it to say that racing is a dirty industry where the horses are used as mere chattel.

      Now, if someone is stupid enough to participate in boxing and get pummeled by their opponent, let the chips fall where they may. That, at least to me, is sheer idiocy. Humans CHOOSE to put their lives on the line….horses do not. I suspect that is hard for someone like you to grasp. Not surprising at all….

  16. Bland- I really know what happens on a backSIDE of a racetrack- that’s why I’m here! The backSTRETCH is where a lot of horrific deaths happen to horses. As far as human deaths in their respective sports, sad for them, but they opted to do it, so it’s on them. As people say, they probably died doing what they loved. Horses don’t get that option. They are forced to do it. And a huge number of them don’t do it very successfully, healthily, or happily, and yet there they are, being forced to do it! Nice try Bland. Won’t work here.

  17. This is going to be a somewhat meandering post, so I apologize, but I’ve been looking at different stories out there regarding the death of Mongolian Groom. The first one that caught my attention was the interview with trainer, who says he’s “so sorry”. Now I thought this was going to be the usual drivel about how he loved the horse, the horse was like family, blah, blah, but no, he basically said he was sorry his horse ruined the day for everyone. This was the very asshole who sent a crippled horse out on the track and they only thing he regrets is ruining the festive mood. I can’t even ………
    Next are the claims that Santa Anita has reduced horse fatalities by 80%. Not that they have eliminated them, not that they will eliminate them, just that the best they can do is possibly not kill quite as many. In what other venue or industry is a mere reduction of deaths deemed not only acceptable but cause for self congratulations? The Paulick Report is stating that ” trainers have a gun to their heads” trying to come up with increased safety protocols. If only that were true. Even the politicians are coming down on them, stating that “it is simply not good enough”. Whether this final death will finally be enough to put the lid on the coffin of horse racing remains to be seen, but Mongolian Groom’s death is not going away, with more and more replays popping up on everything from media outlets to YouTube.
    And in regards to the merciless flogging that Mongolian Groom received right up to the time his leg snapped, there have been numerous comments – including an interview with PETA – to the effect that had the jockey not been whipping him so, um, enthusiastically, he might have been able to slow down and protect himself. Not that I endorse, support, or otherwise believe PETA has the best interests of any animal at heart, but in this case they’re not wrong, calling for a ban on whips at the racetrack. Although none of the racing industry people interviewed believe that had anything to do with it, since whips don’t actually hurt and ” sometimes you need something” when working with horses.
    They had to add in the comments from fans who say that “these horses live better lives than they do”. The ignorance is beyond believable. You people just watched a horse break a leg in front of you but you still think ” they’re loved and well cared for”? I wonder if you would think the same if there was no chance you could make money off of them.
    Well, there’s just a few thoughts. Even the jockeys at the Melbourne Cup were sent text messages and warned beforehand about excessive whipping, with heavy fines and suspensions for any violators. It sounded more that they were worried about negative media coverage rather than the welfare of the horses, but racing in any country is at least consistent about that. Is this finally the beginning of the end of horse racing? I hope so.

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