Mongolian Groom Killed at Breeders’ Cup – And Whipped Right to the End

In the 12th and final race of the richest day in horseracing, Mongolian Groom “broke down” and according to the Daily Racing Form’s Jay Privman, is dead. The 4-year-old was being whipped right up to the moment his leg snapped (see below).

Ignore everything else you’ve heard and read about “safety” and horseracing. Here’s all you need to know: If they can’t prevent a kill at this track, on this day – with the whole world watching and vigilance (not to mention handwringing) at an all-time high – they can’t prevent, at least not in any meaningful way, kills period. It’s inherent to what they do. And it must end. Now.

Mongolian Groom being carted away – to his death


  1. Thank you, Patrick. All hell has broken loose as SA, BC, NBC, et al are falling all over themselves to try to excuse and dismiss this easily-predicted catastrophe.
    RIP, Mongolian Groom. You deserved better.

  2. Sad
    I was hoping he couldhave been saved. Also to have gotten entire replay is incredible considering every avenue is being blocked

  3. It Is past time to end this so called “sport”. These people don’t care about the pain and agony these animals are in.Track personnel should not be able to put up screens around downed horses – every person in the stands needs to see this – they need to see videos of the broken legs flopping around as the animals run and try to stay up, they need to know that these animals are being drugged to run on damaged limbs, that their lungs are damaged, etc. The public needs to see what really goes on perhaps a few of them would stop going. This has gone on for decades – way too long. The comments the people around the trainers, breeders make are just insane about the care these animals receive – these horses, run with fractures, bad feet, damaged lungs to name a few things. It doesn’t really matter if they win or not they will all end up before their time in the same place – suffering and dead. It is all about the money not the animal. How can you be entertained when an living creature is suffering for your ten minute pleasure?

    • And his last few moments on earth were pain and agony,just heartbreaking,being whipped by a tiny little man. Even as he’s dying they still keep causing him pain. He couldn’t even know the kindness of compassion. I’m speaking right now to all you scum out there who are trying to keep this torture show going, you are SCUMBAG losers of the highest order,how can you live with yourselves, look in the Mirror and don’t turn away,you ugly heartless MONSTERS.

      • Bonnie,
        Well stated. But they are such scum that they don’t even care, and your words mean nothing to them.
        An exposure of the facts is what counts.
        For this, much gratitude is owed to Patrick Battuello and others.

      • This blood sport will die a painful death for the world to see. We will whip them and beat them into oblivion.

  4. Pathetic! How about the horses constantly being lead around with gum chains, lip chains, tongues being tied down (thats why the tongues are flopping around). They twist those chains, piece of metal chain in their mouth to “control them.”

    How about the little commercial on retired thoroughbreds? I have thoroughbreds right off the track that I have rehabbed from sore muscles, feet abscess staying up all night with them while in pain soaking feet, etc. How about all the volunteer groups like Canter that try to find them homes from the track when the trainers don’t want them anymore. How about all the ones that end up in the killpens? I have rescued high end race horses from there. This advertisement was thanking trainers for donating and they had half a million in donations and bbn looks like they have 5 horses. I rescue them and pay out of my own pocket for transport, vet Bill’s, feed etc. As many other private people. All smoke and mirrors and they could not even get through this weekend without a death. Santa Anita and all involved are so arrogant and selfish. By the way, did any of these people offer respite for the horses that needed to be evacuated from the fires? No, it’s all about them and their glory.

  5. I have a new motto….EUTHANIZE HORSERACING! I actually stole it from a guy named Jerry who posted a comment on another site. I have no idea who he is but I love the guy. The Horseracing freak show must be euthanized!

  6. Thank-you Patrick for posting the bare truth for all to see.
    This has been blocked by Twitter and all sites.
    This clearly shows that Mongolian Groom DID NOT clip heels as the pro-horse racing people immediately claimed to divert from the truth.
    Even if he had this horrific business is solely responsible for his death.
    This clip clearly shows a racehorse in extreme distress being beaten while he was trying to slow down and protect himself.
    This is a horrific display of brutality, violence, abuse and suffering of a non-consenting voiceless defenceless being.
    This is heartbreaking and it needs to end now – I implore Gov Newson to shit this down.
    Every single California politician needs to step up and shit it down.

  7. Heart wrenching – you are finally at peace Mongolian Groom no more abuse and whipping for human entertainment


  8. God willing this horse did not die in vain. Maybe his death will finally cause our governments to really take a look at the realities of racing. So many pro racing fans have been ranting on and on about REFORMS and improved safety measures. Well, there is really nothing else that Santa Anita could have done to make this weekend any safer, and yet here we are, a horrific death. As the pro racing people will often say, “breakdowns will happen, it will never be at 0 deaths, it’s just part of the game.” ( I even noticed comments like this today on twitter AFTER Mongolian Groom’s death) Well the reforms and safety measures DID NOT work. This is why racing needs to end. As they say, deaths will continue to be part of this “sport”.
    I hope there were some amazing protestors at the track today. I hope, if there were, that it made people pause and think for even a minute before they went in to the track. And then, when they saw this god awful injury in front of them, that it sobered them up, and hopefully quite a few left no longer being racing fans. I’m sure the majority were just there for the fancy hats and cocktails, and the party atmosphere, and weren’t real, true racing fans, but one can hope that seeing the harsh reality of racing will make them never want to come back to party and whoop it up again.

  9. Patrick, you know if California goes down…the rest will fall like a house of cards,and then these Ugly people will have to go out and get a Real job,hopefully never to be allowed anywhere near animals. Believe me I see these people it will be hard for them to get Anything. And no I’m not speaking about the stablehands. Those poor souls even get screwed by the trainers who could well afford to pay them living wages. These grotesque people who peddle this shit are soulless sociopaths. Dear god they are Ugly. Good riddance horse killing.

  10. I’m so upset and FUMING and irate I’m never going to be able to sleep tonight. This is a hell of time for my fiancé to be away…..I really need him right now. My face is going to look all poofy tomorrow from all the crying I’ve done over that Adorable gelding. It’s all really too much. I HATE horseracing people.

  11. OMFG-This kind of horror happens in virtually every single “race”. No animal deserves to be whipped to its very end. To its literal BREAKING point and for what? And now what? What are they, the “owners” of this beautiful animal’s body going to do with it? Grind it up for an after-party, loser party? Don’t f’ng kid yourself people!! There is all kinds of illegal animal meat that is processed along with legal animal meat in the United States all of the time. How about a little caviar scooped up with a piece of a million-dollar dead horse hoove this evening? Does that satisfy your palate?

  12. This is horrible. I no longer am a horse racing fan. There must be changes made. God bless this innocent animal. Rules must be changed 4 jockeys as well.

  13. Heartless bastards. unfortunate indeed for the
    Poor horse. Like they give a crap about the horse. Turn up the heat and end this torment of these poor creatures .

  14. How dare these scumbag humans who are involved in ANYWAY with this Killing of Innocents …..wish it was You apologists and not the horses. I wish a tiny little man was whipping all of you,while riding your fat asses,see how you like it. You are all,all of you pathetic and heartless. Here’s a hint get a life and pick on your own kind,instead of defenseless animals. You are all amoral animal abusers…..period .

  15. Horse racing industry doesn’t give a shit about the horses. They are all greedy individuals who would race their granny if they thought they could make some money. The industry is cruel & corrupt. Horses are beaten, doped & eventually killed. Why not just race the jockeys. Any that are last or injured can be shot. You can alway get another one.

    • So true, they breed and breed and nearly 1/2 of horses born for racing end up on the slaughter Truck, so many right out of Kentucky. One hauler and auction owner owes nearly 200,000 in fines to USDA, NO one make him pay up, yet he keeps buying new trucks.. Good ole Leroy…

  16. So I just read an article that 5 days before the race the trainer of Mongolian groom was upset with the exercise rider, claiming the rider caused a slow time at 5 furlongs of 1.02 due to an issue with the saddle. The trainer wanted 1.00 as Mongolian just won at Santa Anita at the end of the Sept.
    The article also states Mongolian was overly raced and an overachiever as he made over 400k while be purchased at 2 for just 12k.

    Mongolian Groom was clearly injured going into the Breeders Cup as his prep work/time confirmed. This horse ran his heart out 11 times this year yet he was rewarded by being put down. Im a fan of Cam Newton and he’s been out with a nagging foot injury and now seeing a specialist. However, everyone in horse racing gives two shits about a beautiful horse(s), horses that fought through wars with us and are incredibly loving, smart creatures.

    HORSERACING must end.

  17. What I find absolutely despicable is that Kathy Guillermo of PETA actually retweeted to thousands of PETA followers the BETTING INFORMATION for the Breeders Cup!! She was actually promoting the betting information and odds for horse racing on her Twitter account – no kidding. Kathy your a despicable parasite like all horse racing parasites. How dare you claim to love horses you are the same as the racehorse killers. How much did they pay you to do this? PETA has lost all credibility for me. HRW is the only group taking a strong stance to shut this down. We are fighting a powerful rich business with grassroots activism and a small budget , but think about the racehorses the poor racehorses getting abused daily by these human monsters. How many more must die? Gov. Newsom needs to override the CHRB of apologists and immediately enact SN- 469.

    • This horse didn’t die in vain. The world was watching this time. ” safety protocols in place”. That’s all I heard all week…..they’re full of shit. Horse racing kills horses period.

  18. A SOCIETY IS JUDGED BY HOW IT TREATS ANIMALS. You Apologists, YUCKING it up…..go to Hell and get your comeuppance,you lousy Stinking LOSERS.

  19. n addition, if you noticed the 6 year old mare that won, she was fully developed. Horses knees don’t close and bones are not fully developed until around 5. A thoroughbred is considered 1 year old as of January 1 whether they are born in February (would be almost a year old or June (which would be only 7 months old). They start the training at 1.5 years which some are about 1 year old, the Derby is for 3 year olds, which by this time, they have been training and competing in other big races to qualify. Which means at 2 they are competing heavily. It is amazing that they trainers are so arrogant they they do not even consider making changes to appease the opposition, to at least take some heat off of the industry. They have gotten away with it too long.

    O’Neil rallying people together with Tacos and drinks to “Support Horse Racing.” Job Security. The people he has out there are the ones that live in deplorable conditions taking care of the horses on the track. He has some dress up as jockey’s so it looks credible for his support.

    How about Baffert comparing Basketball players or sportsplayers to these horses, stating the sports industry allows for rest for the humans, but horses have to be put down, just part of the sport. If it was a family member, how would you feel Bob? You have made millions off people hoping for the next “Superstar.”

    Also, are you going to tell me, you have two horses within three years that win the TRIPLE CROWN?? None since the 70’s “Affirmed?” Tell me its not political. California Chrome’s owner was ostracized for speaking the truth.

  20. I truly believe that Thoroughbreds aren’t genetically prepared to run like this. And, why are they whipped? What other athlete is treated this way? This needs to end yesterday.

  21. I hope the people that were so excited that apparently their horse won get to see this. And I hope it causes them pause and that they join the cause to end this brutality😥😭😡🤬

  22. Bob Baffert explicitly stated that everything at Santa Anita was safe and fine – this bastard and all the apologists will go to no lengths to continue to kill racehorses.
    They are pathetic and the comments on Twitter clearly show a bunch of deliberately delusional sadistic racehorse abusers who continue to support inhumane business practices that often lead to racehorses dying.
    They use any excuse any diversion from the facts to the point of ridiculous. This business over the years continued to permit liberal doping whipping shock wave therapy while fighting to keep doping/vet records secret.
    Head vet at Santa Anita Dionne seemed to imply post-death of Mongolian Groom that because the D.A’s investigation has not disclosed to her their findings it has made her amiss as to why racehorses are dying. Unfuckingbeleivable but I suppose you’ll say anything when your getting paid.
    Horse racing KILLS racehorses.
    End of story – BAN horse racing.

    • Bob Baffert, he only says SA is safe to protect or try to keep racing alive and going. Karma will bite them all just cant be soon enough.

  23. I have a request from one of you ugly scumbags who work in this torture chamber….how do you live with yourselves,do you feel good about yourself?,what do you see when you look at your face in the mirror? Someone,anyone from your side,please give me ,all of us an answer…we’re waiting.

    • Bonnie, they don’t care and maybe they are incapable of caring. These people have to be “wired” differently because that is the only way they could possibly continue to abuse, maim, and kill without remorse.

  24. Thank you to Horseracing Wrongs for opening my eyes to this blood sport. Mongolian Groom’s death hurts my heart. We will fight for you sweet boy. your death will not be in vain and you will never be forgotten! There is a special place in hell for these greed-riddled monsters. #ShutItDown

  25. What a terrible tragedy and end for a magnificent athlete! So much for safety features, they do not exist, at least on this track!

  26. I agree with all the comments! He deserved better! Owners throw them away because it would take money and time to keep them and maybe find them a home! I have taken from the track and turned out to be good riding horses.

  27. ESPN is running a story on Mongolian Groom’s death. Hopefully the media will continue to keep these senseless deaths in the spotlight. #HowManyMoreHaveToDie

  28. Where would the tens of thousands of horses on the track end up if not for horse racing? They’re far better taken care of and live much safer and happier lives on the track than what the alternative is. Ending horse racing would be tantamount to murdering tens of thousand of animals.

    • Where are they going now Jim? I’m so sick of this stupid question from racing apologists. Rescues are full and begging for money, a group of people on Twitter are begging people to help retire and rehome “in danger” horses that no one in the industry is looking out for, trainers and owners are dumping horses for 200 or best offer on rejoining sites, thoroughbreds in droves are being shipped, under the radar, across the border (because every damn track has a known meat man), or some, like Burton Sipp, are blatantly dumping them in kill auctions because he knows no one will do anything to him, and YOU’R dumb ass is asking what happens when racing shuts down?! Are you for real?! What an addled mind you have!!

    • There are only tens of thousands of Thoroughbreds on the track because the racing industry breeds them in high volume – not for the love of these horses, but for the chance to get a horse that will make them the money they want. And they have to produce them at such a high volume because they destroy so many of them before they even make it to a race. As for your arguements: Far happier? Being isolated and confined for 23 hours a day? Being subjected to tongue ties, drugs, stud chains, and being literally beaten during every single race? Safer? Forced to run at breakneck speed on still developing joints and muscles? Suffering from severed spines, broken shoulders and necks, splintered legs, skull fractures, pulmonary hemorrhages, ulcers, colic, and laminitis? This is the equine paradise you’re defending. And it has been documented and validated that tens of thousands of Thoroughbreds are being murdered in slaughterhouses when their “safer happier” lives are over. I don’t know if you truly believe this tired rhetoric or you are just parroting what the racing apologists have been trying to use for years, but I honestly don’t care. Anyone who defends an industry that exploits and KILLS living sentient beings is nothing but an animal abuser who just doesn’t have the balls to commit the deed themselves.

    • A better question, Jim Collier, is where do the tens of horses on the track end up BECAUSE OF RACING !!?
      You know over breeding is because of racing. You also know racing uses the horse for a few yrs., about 1/4 to 1/3 of their life expectancy, and after that there is no plan for them. Do you know where the majority end up??

    • Mr. Collier, it is irritating, at least to me, to even respond to your ridiculous question. However, there may be some new readers on this blog who legitimately would like to have your question answered by someone who has been “rescuing” TB’s for years. I will answer your question with a question. What happens to them now? It is estimated that 10,000 to 12,000 TB’s now go to slaughter every year. I personally think the number is higher because many go direct to kill, i.e. they go underground and eliminate the auction route.Therefore, approximately 50% of the foal crop will EVENTUALLY end up on the slaughterhouse floor. Any person, with minimal intelligence, should be able to grasp that statistic. QHs go to slaughter in the greatest numbers because there are simply more of them. They are followed by the TB.

      Whenever people, such as yourself, ask the same idiotic question, I always suggest they go back to school and take a class called Business 101….Supply and Demand. If racing would shut down tomorrow, some horses would end up on the slaughterhouse floor but that is EXACTLY what happens to them now! However, over a few years, breeding would descrease and fewer TBs would be produced because there would be less of a demand. I can’t make my explanation any simpler but the racing apologists just don’t seem to get it. Frankly, I don’t think they want to get it! Now, we all should know that racing will never shut all their tracks in one day. It will be done gradually over time. Therefore, all the “loving” people in racing will have plenty of TIME to find their unproductive horses a wonderful home. When placing horses, time is a great asset as those of us with experience know.

      Since, according to you, horses at the track have safer/happier lives, wouldn’t their “loving” owners bend over backward to find them a good home if racing ended? Are TB racehorses “murdered ” when there is no place for them to race? Perhaps their “safe/happy” lives only occur when they are generating revenue for their owners. I do believe that horses at the bigger tracks are well taken care of in regards to their basic care….quality feed, clean water, clean stalls, daily grooming, etc….but I have years of experience at a low level track and the atrocities I saw would fill the Empire State Building.

      Now, I have a question for you. Should we support puppy mills because of what will happen to all the abused dogs if the mills are obliterated? Who cares if dogs are warehoused in tiny cages all of their lives? Right? Who cares if they aren’t properly cared for? At least they have a sub-par life! If puppy mills went bye bye, some dogs would die but others would be taken in by rescues and their lives would ultimately be 100% better. That concept seems incredibly simple to me but, for some reason, the racing supporters struggle with it.

      Finally, if racing ended, some horses would be euthanized….peacefully and humanely. I see nothing wrong with that. It is far better than snapping a leg off and dying in the dirt or ending up on the slaughterhouse floor.

    • Ask yourself this Jim:
      Since pro-horse racing individuals repeatedly claim and emphasize that they “love” “care” “treat them royally” and of course the proverbial “love them like family.”
      Well then why in the HELL do they dump them when they are maimed, no longer able to flip a buck, and become a financial liability?
      In other words, why in the HELL do they need to find a home in the first place?
      You would think that somebody who loves their “family member” wouldn’t dump them knowing that they are going to end up in a life of abuse, deprivation, kill auctions, and subsequently the slaughterhouse floor.
      Here’s another thing that you should do Jim:
      Go to Keeneland, Fasig-Tipton, Ocala Breeders sales (who have made a combined 100 million just on 1 sale) and make a 1% sales contribution mandatory not optional.
      These sales companies have made BILLIONS in profit over the years and give little to nothing back.
      I approached them years ago and they refused to make the 1% contribution mandatory instead opting for a optional contribution because they were afraid it would decrease their profits – hardly people who care about the thousands of racehorses who have made them billionaires.
      Then go to the multi-billion dollar wagering companies such as foreign-owned TVG, Xpress Bet, Bet America, the HBPA etc etc. and make a 1% contribution mandatory – they will slam the door in your face.
      Again, this industry passes the buck – that’s all they know, that’s all they do and it’s incumbent upon your industry who intentionally turns racehorses into profit slaves to take care of them.
      We know that, on average, they are taken care of for 3 years and then are dumped either into the claiming ranks or into other high risk situations such as Dr Drip the epitome and common situation.
      Day after day, as I write this, racehorses are being dumped by your industry and by people who are deliberately delusional who claim to “love” them.
      Well if this is love then I wouldn’t want to see their hate, but then again I’ve seen that too.
      So get to work Jim and let us know how it goes.

  29. If Tens of Thousands of horses were not bred for racing, there would not be tens of thousands ending up in kill pens, slaughter houses, rescues, backyards, etc. I speak from experience. There are thousands of thoroughbreds bred every year hoping for the “special one.” There would not be the problem if there was not overbreeding and such a desire for status.

    • You are so right a very small percentage escape slaughter or other horrors. They are pack animals and need social contact amongst each other so so much. So really from the beginning they are being enslaved and denying their loving nature of being in a pack. The problem of slaughter and not being able to find them good homes (safe landings) would not exist if not for breeding. Keeping them in solitary confinement for these Majestic creatures is not fair to them. It’s no kind of life.

  30. What safeguards when you are beating a horse to win. This never should have happened and should be considered animal cruelty. That horse did not deserve this and charges should be brought against all involved

  31. This is blatent abuse to horses. This hell needs to stop. Tbe beatings with whips is ABUSE ! THEY FEEL A FLY AND A WHIP IS PAIN I FLICTION. STOP BEATING THE HORSES! Signed Horse Owner.

  32. My vet said this whip is painful This hell needs to stop. Just hit a whip on your arm and you would know what they feel ! THEY FEEL A FLY AND A WHIP IS PAIN INFLICTION. STOP BEATING THE HORSES!
    Signed :Horse Owner.

  33. I don’t believe the commentators nor anyone at this race or any other give a damn about the horse…Its so pathetic when an injury this horrific they make they force the horse to walk away.

  34. AWFUL suffering to further human greed. NY should take the lead & ban horse racing. Ignore the lobbyists and the claim of job losses-no excuses! That’s why we have Burmese pythons destroying the wildlife in the Everglades & why the sale & importation of “exotic” animals is still allowed. Wait until the politicians see the job loss when the tourists stop visiting Florida as the pythons expand their habitat. The exploitation of animals in all forms needs to end.

  35. I don’t care how many don’t like it. I don’t care how much money is involved. This is not medevil times. This is abuse and we are better than that. Stop racing horses !!!

  36. An estimated 75,000 thousand people bet on Santa anita yesterday, after what was supposed to be the fatal blow to the industry on saturday. I can tell you put a lot of work into this and it’s the only thing that matters to you. But you will never stop horse racing. Handle at the breeders cup was higher this year then last. You guys might as well off yourselves because your life goals of derailing the horse racing industry are a pipedream. No point in chasing an impossible dream. This is my first time on the site. I like how you tout the closing of hundreds of Bush tracks I’ve never heard of in the past 20 years as evidence of horse racing going down. You also forgot to mention that in addition to presque isle downs, which you emphasize is a “racino” for some reason even though it just means they like to cater to all gamblers, theres been more new racetracks built in north America. Most recently they’ve built century and Arizona downs.

    • It’s rather sad to see small, pathetic people desperately clinging to their cruel conventions as the winds of change – and moral progress – blow harder and harder and harder. For clarity, however, I will address one of your “points”: Presque Isle is the only new track (still operating) to open in the U.S. since 2000 – Century is in Canada; Arizona Downs is the reboot of Yavapai Downs, which does not appear on my shuttered list. As for Presque being a racino, had you done any research before coming on here and spewing inanity, you’d have found that without the corporate welfare flowing in from the slots, PI would never have been able to open and would not now be able to survive. And yes, it is corporate welfare.

      • Presque isle also had pathetic handles this year- most days not even getting into the 500,000 range. On some stakes days they made 900,000 to 1 mil, but when one balances that with the cost of purses, workers, and all the other costs they have, they barely broke even.

      • Actually, Presque isle probably didn’t even break even. In fact, after costs, they probably lost money. This is the reason that most Racinos would rather get rid of racing – they are sucking a lot of the money from bottom line, and are very labor intensive. Racing is an evil necessity in many states in order for casinos to keep certain gambling licenses.

    • “We might as well off ourselves because our life goals of derailing the horse racing industry are a pipe dream”. Leo, I can tell from your writing that you are simply a ignorant waste of time who doesn’t have any real idea what the hell he’s talking about, but feels compelled to come here and spout off the shit he’s read on sites like the Paulick Report. You enjoy a barbaric past time that exploits living sentient beings. You don’t care that these horses are subjected to physical and psychological abuse on a daily basis, and that they are killed on racetracks by the thousands. It doesn’t even register on your moral compass that they are DYING for your pathetic form of entertainment. People like you who get gratification from this misery are simply animal abusers who don’t have the balls to commit the deed themselves. I’m glad that the racing industry has dead weight like you on their side.

  37. The owner & trainer wouldn’t want this to happen. Unfortunately horses die every day, Santa Anita has it’s problem (s) this year, for whatever reason. We have a few racehorses and they are well taken care of all the time. Anyone is welcome to see the backside at our track and visit. People should not be criticizing horse racing if you’re not in the business. Truly, many of those who vent are not cognisant of other horse sports. Think about the cruel people who let their horses go to slaughter, most of them are not involved with racing.

    • Margaret, there are now multiple videos of Mongolian Groom, on social media, where it is very evident that he was cripply and off, taken days before his ill-fated race. For the life of me, I will never understand why NO ONE who took, saw, or discussed these videos didn’t bring it to the vets or public’s attention PRIOR to that damn race, but for whatever reasons, they were kept hidden. Any half assed trainer worth the paper his license is written on could and should have been able to tell this horse is lame. So WHY didn’t they scratch him? They “didn’t want this to happen”? From here it looks like they absolutely and purposely wanted just this to happen!

    • You realize many of us have spent significant time on the backstretch? Go tell someone who doesn’t know better.

    • So we’re supposed to accept racehorse after racehorse dying because we’re not in the business.
      What planet are you on lady?
      I’m not involved with dog fighting and I want it to shut down.
      Horse racing is no different than the pit bull in their death ring only the victim is different.
      If you cared and loved the racehorses so much than you would all be advocating for this to shut down.
      Instead, you spend your time and energy going after people who want to protect the racehorses and the only way to do that is to shut this down.
      Your time is up.
      It’s long overdue to dismantle and shut down horse racing, as well as, stop stealing casino profits that should be going to community needs not you racehorse abusers!
      MONGOLIAN GROOM you will not die in vain.
      I’m so upset you died, but you brought worldwide attention to this horrific business that needs to end.

  38. “Don’t criticize if you are not in the business”?! Well that sure cuts out a lot of societal issues. No wonder racing has a perception problem.

  39. PETA posted one of the most accurate non-racing videos of MONGOLIAN GROOM snapping-off his rear ankle.
    It’s on YouTube.
    The angles and the video clearly shows this poor horse getting beaten and the horror in his eyes much more than any pro-horse racing video.
    Twitter posters, who are actually horse racing supporters, posted 3 videos of Mongolian Groom walking down the path leading onto the racetrack days leading up to the BC.
    The other 2 videos show him jogging and in his last work.
    He was favoring his left hind ankle badly and it’s obvious to any horse person that he was not well on that rear ankle so where were all these vets?
    True to industry form they have gone silent on this one even when questioned.
    So he was sold in the 2-year-old-in training sale for $12,000 so there must of been something on the x-rays.
    They didn’t start him until 3 years old and that’s probably not due to altruistic measures.
    So I went back and watched his breeze and it was obvious to me that he had issues with that rear ankle as a baby and they were probably well aware of that.
    When you go back and examine what’s behind these breakdowns, more often than not, it’s a pre-existing condition that has been repeatedly covered-up, deliberately masked with dope, and they send their racehorses out to risk their lives every single time.
    They then have the audacity to claim that they “love” them and that they are so upset that they died.
    These pro-horse racing people are monsters.
    A full neutral investigation conducted by the California D.A.’s office should gain access to ALL doping/vet records and they should be released to the public in December with the rest of them.
    I bet they will prove that both the owners and the trainers were well aware of his issues and made a choice to risk it just one more time.
    I’ve reviewed the owners “Mongolian Stable” records and there’s something very fishy about these people.

  40. Horse Racing is a cruel, sick sport that for some deranged reason people love…I don’t think people really understand the mistreatment, the torture and the pain these beautiful creatures are put through..The owners, riders, stable people are all in it for the almighty win and the huge profits they make..NO FEELINGS OR CARE FOR WHAT THESE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES ARE BEING PUT THROUGH..IT IS SO SICK. Then when they are injured or can’t make the money anymore….OUT THEY GO TO THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE OR THEY MURDER THEM THEMSELVES. I think we should treat the humans like THEY TREAT THE HORSES..CRUEL AND EVIL…GOING TO HELL…ALL OF YOU….

  41. What do you make of this article?

    Seems like it was well known there was an issue. I heard that Mongolian Groom did not pass the pre-race vet check but the steward still allowed him to run (“higher ups” wouldn’t allow the horse to be pulled from the race) and let the owner decide. Is this being investigated?

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