At Least Two Kills on Breeders’ Cup Day

On a day when the U.S. racing industry celebrated no deaths at the Breeders’ Cup – name one other sport where the athletes surviving the contest is cause for celebration – at least two horses were killed on American tracks yesterday.

In the 4th at Delta Downs, Wicked Proud, says Equibase, “was pulled up soon after the start and euthanized.” He was five years old; this was his 28th time under the whip.

Earlier, up the road from Santa Anita, Wilhelmina’s Girl “broke down” in the 2nd at Golden Gate, and, I have confirmed, was euthanized. To add insult to kill, Wilhelmina’s Girl was “For Sale” – for a measly $4,000 – immediately prior to dying. Simple chattel, to be used and eventually trashed, in one form or another – this is horseracing.

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  1. Horseracing Wrongs THE KILLING, AS IT HAPPENS – YES horse racing IS “killing”, as these horses are so filled up with dope ( either “legal” or illegal drugs, these horses will burst their hearts in order to please their “families”, who couldn’t care less about them. every horse at every track in the nation goes pastward with 2-6 different drugs iin their systems, they train on drugs & race on more drugs, this is RISKING THE LIVES OF EVERY HORSE & JOCKEY IN THE RACE & DO YOU THINK THE TRAINERS OR OWNERS CARE? THINK AGAIN – AS these gallant animals on drugs can not feel the injuries that they have, so will push themselves harder and farther then they normally would if they had ZERO DRUGS in their systems. PETA NEEDS TO STEP UP & STOP THE DRUGS IN RACING – THEY CAN DO IT – BUT THEY ARE CHOOSING TO GO AFTER THE WHIPS INSTEAD – I CAN’T UNDERSTAND THIS, THE WHIPS MEAN NOTHING COMPARED TO THE COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF DRUGS BEING USED ON THESE ANIMALS, THE DRUGS ARE REASON FOR THE BREAKDOWNS, NOT THE WHIPS – PETA NEEDS TO BE COMPELLED TO GO AFTER THE DRUGS AND MAKE EVERY TRACK IN THE NATION ADHERE TO A ZERO DRUG POLICY NOW.

  2. Lexi, for the life of me,I don’t know how these trainers and owners live with themselves. They’ll be sorry someday…when they are judged by a higher Authority.


      • DRUGS DRUGS ADMINISTERED INTO THE HORSES BODIES… They are human-less things its all about them at the end of the day NOT ABOUT THE WELFARE AND LOVE FOR HORSES !! VANITY AND EGO = ITS ALL ABOUT THESE HUMAN THINGS !!! I heard an interview by one of the human-less thing of a jockey on the radio.. = celebrating celebrating… (if the legs are snapping off they can administer drugs through the legs starting with the hoofs of the horses..) and through the nose of the horse too) PETA IT IS NOT THE WHIPS COME PETA — STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND LISTEN TO OTHERS THAT KNOW ABOUT ANIMALS AS WELL.. STOP WITH THE WHIPS PETA AND GET TO THE HARD CORE OF IT…

    • I have horses and I live with myself because I take care of them. I sleep well at night because my horses have their needs met. If one of my horses are sick or hurt I don’t sleep well until he’s been taken care of and recovered. It’s really simple. Taking care of the horses costs WAY more money than you ever win. So you can’t really say it’s done for greed. You can’t say it’s done for ego either as a trainer or owner is very happy if they win 20% of the time. So 80% of the time you are spending a lot more money than you are making. It must be for the love of horses.

      • You say you have horses. I assume you mean race horses. What happens to your horses when their racing careers are done? Are they retired to lush green paddocks on your farm? Or are they auctioned off by the pound. This is the fate of ten to twenty thousand racehorses every year. Many are sent to Mexico which uses the most horrific means imaginable to slaughter them. Do you refer to your horses as its? That trainer who was interviewed after he killed a horse at Santa Anita referred to the animal as an it. That indicates to me that he didn’t give a damn about the animal. You might care about your horses, but that can not be said of all people involved in the racing industry. I have met trainers and owners that don’t care any more for the animals in their care than they do for a bale of straw.

      • The cold fact of the matter is that you are putting these horses you claim to care about in a deadly game of Russian Roulette every time they step on that track. Is that what you mean by “for the love of the horses”? Being involved in an industry that causes catastrophic injuries to mere babies? Allowing someone to literally beat your horse across the finish line? Trading your horses off to whatever lowlife can meet your cheap claiming price when they aren’t making enough money for you? Look at the splintered legs of those horses, and tell me its all about love. Explain how people who love their horses can starve them to death, dump them back in their stalls after a full speed collision where they die in agony from internal injuries, leave them standing for days with broken bones until the meat man comes around to collect them. Tell me how people who love their horses can send them to die by being stabbed in the neck and then hoisted and bled out while still alive. Love? You love them to DEATH. I’m glad you can sleep well at night knowing your horses are isolated and confined in a 12 x 12 box for 23 hours a day, that you meet their needs while causing irreparable joint damage to their undeveloped bodies. That you love them so much that you would risk them shattering their bones or collapsing from being forced to run at breakneck speed by a maniacal little animal abuser given a license to beat a horse until he welts. You racing industry people think if you just toss the word “love” around enough that it makes every other horror you inflict on these horses invisible, that somehow a horse ripping his tail off in the starting gate or having both forelegs snapped off and hanging by threads of skin or starving to death or being dumped in a landfill after suffering a catastrophic injury will be insignificant because you “loved” them. Happy winning 20% of the time? And what does a trainer have to do to his horses to get that 20%? Inject them full of drugs that cause ulcers or colic, or will even burst their heart? Freeze their legs and destroy their nerves so they can step out on that track at least one more time in the hopes of bringing back a paycheck before they shatter? How many horses are destroyed during training before they even get to a race to make that trainer a happy 20%?
        Go back to the Paulick Report where the apologists and supporters will appreciated your kind of love.

      • There you go again spewing the same old apologist line “ not all people are mean” which is the same as saying “we’re not all bad apples” – yes you are. You are all rotten to the core to forcibly subject a horse to the daily abusive business practices required by every single one of you demented supporters of this torture! MONGOLIAN GROOM just snapped his rear leg-off you stupid ignorant piece of crap while people were celebrating, yes celebrating, in the winners circle. Do yourself a favour apologist Amy and go to your nearest mental hospital perhaps they can give you help for your delusional thoughts.

      • SHUT DOWN HORSE TRACKS ….. WHO CARES ABOUT EGO… THIS TACK SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN AND THE HORSES TAKEN AWAY AND THESE HEARTLESS OWNERS SHOULD BE IN JAIL WHERE THEY BELONG………. (SELLING HORSES AT THE AUCTION MOST LIKELY FOR MEAT) SHUT DOWN HORSE TRACKS.. DOG TRACKS ARE FINALLY FAILING EVERY DAY AND BEING SHUT DOWN EVERY DAY… and the dogs are find a real new beginning of life!! DO THE SAME WITH HORSE TRACKS…. GET RID OF THEM!!! so the vanity and ego and money will be WORTHLESS.. it is worthless !!! plus drugs drugs drugs… the drug can be administered through and up the nose of the horse AND administered by the hoof of the horses !!! I myself know about horses tracks as well as the dog tracks !!!!

      • Gee Amy, I noticed that you did not respond to any of the questions I asked you. I know all horse people are not mean. I no longer have horses, but I once had two. I petted them and groomed them every day and took care of all their needs. One thing I did not do is race them. My first horse was mature when I got him. The second was four and he had just been put under saddle, unlike racehorses that are put under saddle and raced before they are three.. He had not even been bitted yet. The most physically stressful thing they did any day was a hand gallop in the dressage ring or a leisurely trail ride. One horse clipped his front heel when over-reaching at a trot. That was the only injury suffered by either of them while under my care. They never felt the whip except as a touch cue. They were never struck with one. After each outing they were carefully brushed down and put up or turned out. On a hot day, they were bathed. If it was too hot, they were not exercised at all. Can you say that about your horses? My horses were turned out once a day, weather permitting, for a romp in the paddock with their friends. Can you say the same? When it came time to find new homes for them, the future owner prospects came highly recommended and were well-vetted by me. I still wept for days. Can you say the same? I am now retired and soon hope to volunteer at a large animal sanctuary. This particular facility does go to auction and does buy ex racehorses from the kill pen. They actually bought one stallion that was so crippled, they knew he would have to be euthanized. At least he was not loaded onto a livestock truck and shipped to a slaughterhouse hundreds of miles away. They also purchased a mare and her foal that were so skinny, you could hang your hat on their hips. Even the kill buyers didn’t want them because they were nothing but skin and bones. I will be hugging horses soon. As often as I can. At a place that is far better than the places from where these horses came.

      • Amy, winning is not the only way people in the racing business make money. Second and third place get a share of the purse. Owners, trainers, and jockeys all place wagers, through straw men when necessary. This can lead to races being fixed. Successful stallions command big stud fees, producing more horses, some of which simply are not good enough. As there are not enough homes for them, they are sent to slaughter. What happens to one of your horses is they are simply too slow?

  3. I am disgusted with the horseracing industry. It has proven to be a killing ground for horses who die for the greed of their owners. It is what it is. End it now.

  4. This is unacceptable . Horse racing should be banned . There are too many deaths to the poor innocent horses . Very upset that people still consider this entertainment . 💔😢😡

  5. Now, even many horse racing “fans” report that they no longer enjoy watching races as they once did. Many of those who are youthful and media-savvy report they’re not so much cheering on their favorite horses as they’re covering their eyes, holding their breath, and praying for the absence of another “accident.”
    Hardly seems like a way to enjoy one’s leisurely weekend time.

  6. This repulsive killing business must end.
    Free the racehorses from the equipment that binds them, from their prison stalls, and from the human monsters who beat, dope, and kill them.
    Horse racing will not last, it will end – no doubt about it.

    • Drug testing is done before and after the races. If all the horses were drugged, no one would make any money. Drugs that are performance enhancing aren’t allowed. It’s not reasonable to think that the horses are actually full dope!

      • Amy:
        You seem to be only the latest in a string of racing advocates to show up here (of all places) and attempt to convert those of us with an actual conscience to your horror-show side. Hey, that’s your right. But your side will continue to lose this battle, and ultimately, the war.
        Just like the dog-fighters did.
        Just like the circuses did.
        Just like the marine parks did.
        Just like the greyhound racers did.
        Please continue to love and care for your thoroughbreds, even after your anti-sport is shut down. I know I do the same for mine.

      • Lasix isnt proformance enhancing? Then why is it banned by every other sporting event in the nation? Bute wont help a sore tired horse get to the post? Drug testing is done by urine after them being given a potent diuretic hense “piss like a racehorse” the therapeutics are judged by thresholds, what happened when hair testing was tried to be implemented? Steriods were suppose to banned in 2008 BANNED until the masochistic story came about, kinda blew the lid on that one, and still steriods and testosterone are being used as a therapeutic. How often are drugs used instead of rest to keep a sore,tired,injured horse going EVERYDAY coronado heights and ill have another are pretty good examples of that. If racing wasnt profitable people wouldnt do it, its how they make their living do you even relize the amount of money even at the low level racinos? Oh and by the way not every horses is drug tested either, and ill take that a step further here in pa some years ago they werent even testing for every substance everyday because the dept of ag didnt have the money to do it. You people must think we are clueless

      • Amy, I don’t know what track you’re at- but I can tell you the ones I was at didn’t have testing before races. And mine were given a myriad of legal drugs before the races, including lasix. Then my trainer started giving them all thyroid meds, which he said the vet endorsed, even though none had thyroid issues. Then the Bute and Clem started every day. And then the joint injections every race. And lo and behold – only 2 horses out of about 25 ever tested over. So it is certainly not a foolproof system. And I can tell you that ALL of it was unnecessary.

      • And Billy – you are so right about the lasix. I know during the breeders cup races yesterday, they would announce that many of the European horses were first time lasix users. If they didn’t bleed racing in Europe, why would they all of a sudden bleed here? Why would they all of a sudden need lasix?
        This is all ridiculous.

      • Amy, your naivete is mind boggling…..and if you are in the racing industry, well your attitude is bordering on criminal. Not every horse on every track is tested. And drugs like Lasix and Bute are regularly used during training etc etc etc., not including vet “approved” thyroid meds for no good medical reason in young still maturing horses, as well as regular repeat joint injections.. And if you are rich enough, there are other compounds available that are not tested for. Have you looked at the autopsy photos of the euthanized horses? They are online. You really should. These mares, geldings, and colts have joints, bone, and muscles that are completely demolished….like a bomb was set off.

        Then go on the thoroughbred rescue sites and look at the number of horses being offered around the country when they are still alive and walking after being raced. When I look, I see 60 to 80% that are not sound. They all have injuries that will not allow them to be ridden at all 3 gaits. And if they are “trail sound”, they likely are a neurotic mess. So if they are not in a financially sound rescue, where do the other unrescued unsound horses go? To the slaughterhouse, that’s where. Videos also available for you too look at.

        The current racing industry is as corrupt as they come. I don’t know if it was always this bad, but there is no excuse in the 21st century for what goes on at the tracks. Until the race industry changes its usual rules and regulations, this travesty will continue.

      • I’m not trying to convert anyone. I just stumbled across this post and wanted to add some facts. It’s called out of competition testing. It happens randomly and also before a lot of stakes races.

        A lot of my retired horses are in my backyard. It’s not “lush” right now but they have their allotted number of acres per horse. I ride them in shows or just for fun.

        I have only had one horse claimed and I bought her back.

        I thought maybe some of you would be interested in some positive facts to go along with your doom and gloom facts.

        Bad things do happen a small percentage of the time and we grieve but I have seen just as many deaths in my years with lesson horses and show horses. I think you will all agree that it’s heartbreaking to lose an animal. But that doesn’t stop us from having them.

        • Amy , are you aware of ANY FACTS in a business you apparently partake in? so for you a “small percentage” of horses that are KILLED on americas racetracks is to the tune of about TWO-HUNDRED PR WEEK? if you are calling that a “small percentage” you are obviously clue-LESS to ANY FACTS or figures in a business that you are protecting, there is NOTHING “good” about horse racing- NOTHING. the more you speak the more you show your ignorance, NO a TINY percentage of horses are ACTUALLY DRUG TESTED, a TEENIE TINY %, & most overages & illegal substances are hidden from the public, like Justify, top DOPER bafferts horse, that couldn’t walk after the derby, he still won the triple crown, he was DEAD LAME the morning after the derby, how do you think he won the triple crown? DRUGS, hidden from the public, THAT’S HOW. that is a FACT- I bet you look up to that doping pig? a LARGE % of horses are MURDERED,DOPED & then get to spend their last days being ABUSED IN A KILL PEN, THEN A LONG RIDE OUT OF THE COUNTRY TO A SLAUGHTERHOUSE, THOSE ARE THE OVERWHELMING LARGE PERCENTAGES OF x- RACEHORSES & YEARLINGS & TWO-YEAR-OLD THOROUGHBREDS, QUARTER HORSES, STANDARDBREDS, ARABIANS THT NEVER EVEN SET FOOT ON A RACETRACK BUT WHERE BRED TO RACE- THEY DIE ALONE, ABUSED & GROTESQUELY & inhumanely SLAUGHTERED. Now once again, would you like to point out some more “bright” spots of this dope “sport”? maybe that it is completely protected from the highest up to the lowest insiders, where drug overages & horses that snapped their legs off & they try to get up & catch up with their buddies with their legs dangling off with only the skin holding their leg on as it flops in the wind are all routinely swept under the rug as if it didnt happen or they never exsisted? proof once again that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.

      • AMY , you are living in LA LA LAND – you have NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND YOU if you actually have racehorses, you are BLIND TO WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND YOU- YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY A GREEN HORN. NO every horse is NOT DRUG TESTED, where did you come up with this NON-FACT? – how much bute & Lasix do your horses get to race? what other medications does you vet give you so they can “breath better”? no really the “legal” meds? when is the last time you were in the spit box? where do you “train”, give us some ideas where these “good poor people are that aren’t making money off of this”? are you KIDDING ME , YOU ARE SO GREEN YOU ARE DRIPPING GREEN GOO OF IGNORANCE with what is going on in your own barn & iin your neighbors barn, for petes sake a horse STARVED TO DEATH IN A STALL AT GOLDEN GATE? & YOU know so much about what is going on in your own barn? what a JOKE, its people like that give racing a bad name because your ignorance is BLISS, instead of spreading FACTS like those of us IN THE KNOW are doing, you step up & spew this TOTAL NONSENSICAL UN-REALITY of the race track.

      • Amy, they can only test for drugs that they know people are using. Testing can’t keep up with trainer creativity (or stupidity).

      • Lexi,

        Just because YOU say something doesn’t mean it’s real. My horses and I live in real life. Thank goodness we have each other whether it be for racing or for pleasure. I hope you have something in your life just as great!

        • me & how many other people are all saying the same thing Amy? are you not listening or you just prefer to continually turn the other cheek? & YES I save OTTR’s from the kill pens, they are ALL WONDERFUL, SENTIENT, THINKING, SMART, PRECOCIOUS, GENTLE, SALVAGEABLE BEING’S, THEY ALL HAVE EXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION, THEY WOULD ALL WALK THROUGH FIRE FOR ME IF I ASKED THEM TO, they have been through the worst “fire” for people they liked, because those miscreants asked them to burst their hearts for them, so they did, so imagine when they are well loved & they love in return, imagine what one of these animals will do for you, i KNOW, I deal with many of them every day of my life. they are thoroughbreds. What is garbage to the people that these horses did so much for, are TREASURES to others!

      • Lexi,

        Well that’s something we can agree on. Thoroughbreds are treasures!!

        Have a great night and good luck with your horses!


      • Amy your comments are delusional at best. First of all they test for specific drugs only so many drugs are not tested for as evidenced by such drugs as EPO, various impotence drugs, frog juice, cobra juice etc. Nobody in civilized society could ever think that people who claim to love their racehorses would actually inject with poison – anything to win at any cost and boy those costs are DEADLY for racehorses. You are a human parasitic low life blood sucking leech Amy. Go stick your head in some manure where it belongs. Your pathetic!

  7. This is beyond the pale. So many horses dying; no sport using humans would allow that to happen. But now that is “just” a horse, killing it when it is hurt is just par for the course? High time this “sport” should be banned.

  8. Just an OBSERVATION I truly believe the people fighting to keep this MORAL DEPRAVITY to continue,I’m Convinced it’s because they know they are losers and would be incapable of getting a real job or don’t have a social life or friends without horse abuse. Sad

  9. The sh*t has to stop. NO animal is here on this earth to entertain man. I can’t stand this sport.

  10. Oh dear God end this slaughter and abuse of these poor animals. I am just sickened.

  11. Oh my GOD 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Mongolian Groom His leg is Dangling. No dear God No I’m gonna Throw Up

      • Alan, how can you be shocked? This is horse racing – a barbaric, brutal sadistic abusive business that maims and kills racehorses every single day. The NBC reporters referred to the”spat” of deaths. Shame on them. We have a major newspaper journalists outright lying because they know damn well that this is not a rash of deaths. This happens everyday on tracks all over America! Horse racing maims and kills racehorses every single day! Mongolian Groom sorry for you, but you highlighted what this business is all about.

  12. MONGOLIAN GROOM just BROKE DOWN in the Breeders Cup race. Vanned-off. Looks like he snapped off his rear leg. Track vet refused to disclose the serious said they would update. Disgusting display of abuse and MURDERING racehorses. Shit it down!

  13. MONGOLIAN GROOM loaded onto the van with rear leg dangling while connections of winner cheering in the winners circle! What a bunch of pathetic life sucking parasites! No feelings for a racehorse who is probably being given the pink solution as I write this. This has got to be the most repulsive killing show on this planet and it needs to shut down. You apologists are demented pathetic human monsters – every single one of you!

    • There are NO reforms that will stop 1. The daily abusive business practices 2. Maiming 3. Dumping and 4 KILLING RACEHORSES.
      This is massive suffering and carnage on non-consenting defenceless brings and this has got to be shut down.

      • They have been milking how wonderful this is. How they are so concerned on health and extra vets flew in for added protection

    • Another horse with a catastrophic agonizing injury and instead of euthanizing him immediately to end his pain, those racing assholes forced him into a van for a ride away from the public’s view. This is love? Caring more about your tattered shit covered image and your blood money than about the living sentient creature you just destroyed? If the racing industry is so proud of the relationships they have with their horses then why are they yanking video footage of this from every media outlet they can get their hands on and shutting down comments about it? Yet the real villians in this horror show are the politicians who have the power but not the balls to shut it down, and the animal welfare groups like PETA and HSUS that would rather accept the blood money from this legalized exploitation racket than take a stand against the very things they claim to be against.
      Hell is too good for you soulless monsters.

  14. Just got in from blanketing my OTTB, and as soon as I finish getting SICK, I AM GOING TO WAR on Santa Anita, the Breeders’ Cup (or Bleeders’ Cup, as it will forever be known), and the entire brutal, bloody, abusive, cruel, and evil horse racing industry. I feel positive that all of you are on my side, and I now KNOW that we will win this.
    Bye-bye, Bloodsport.

    • No one is updating and they are not showing replays
      People commenting on Horseracing nation are not being very high on horsercing right now.

      • everyone should put mass phone calls into the stewards at Santa Anita tomorrow & ask them why are the horses allowed to race on so many drugs? why don’t they have a ZERO tolerance drug rule to PROTECT THE HORSES & THE JOCKEYS? WHY don’t they update the HORSES conditions after we see the animals fall down & see their legs dangling? why is this kept so secret from the public? & the Santa Anita stewards NEED to be BOMBARDED with ” why did they HIDE THEN DISMISS THE ENTIRE Justify ( triple crown winner)-baffert CASE IN A “CLOSED DOOR MEETING” after the triple crown winners POSITIVE DRUG TEST WAS FOUND WEEKS BEFORE THE KY DERBY? Billy Reed: Justify report puts horse racing in ‘serious’ trouble
        all you have to do is call the main number for ANY racetrack in the country & say to the operator “may I please speak with the stewards” & they patch you right through to those 3 CORRUPT miscreants

  15. I just managed to watch today’s Breeder’s Cup, but am dismayed to learn that the Mongolian horse was injured in the Classic. I can’t find any update on this horse. For many years, I have loved thoroughbred racing. It is difficult to return to this “love,” given what is happening to these magnificent animals.

    • I am working on this as I write. Will report as soon as I hear. As for your love of racing, I say, respectfully, it’s time you reconsider. All the evidence you could possibly need exists on these pages. Please, please, no more.

  16. Twitter accounts posted the breakdown of MONGOLIAN GROOM but ALL were quickly deleted. In true industry form, they have intentionally scrubbed the clip showing this poor racehorse snapping off , what appears to be his hind ankle. We need to post this breakdown in this site to counter this vile and horrific business that continues to deliberately hide the truth behind horse racing. Horse racing MAIMS and KILLS racehorses every single day. It’s a brutal sadistic horrifying life for the non-consenting and voiceless racehorses.

    • Gina according to paulick report horse has been radiographed. Fractures in lower portion ofcannon bone and upper portion of pastern
      They are consulting connections. This was short time ago
      Maybe there is hope. I do not know asmuch as you about horse injuries. They are saying he may have clipped heels with someone

      • This is so awful,Nancy I can’t stop crying. I feel more for animals than I do people. I am going to pray everyday that nothing but sorrow comes to these “people” who scum suck off of this murdering. Don’t EVER doubt the power of prayers. I’m Catholic and I do believe in hell.

      • I have no idea what happened, but with these injuries, in any other race, the horse would have been euthanized. Once again their selfish ends keeps him alive and suffering so it doesn’t mar their coveted Breeders Cup! Furthermore, of course they are controlling the message by saying he clipped heels while they delete the clip so that nobody can confirm it. So typical of horse racing. Also, clipping heels sounds so much better doesn’t it? Their powerful highly paid public relations bullshit! Video clips were posted on Twitter of the breakdown and were deleted within minutes. They even have Twitter blocking Free Speech. Even if he did clip heels this brutal business is solely responsible for this and doesn’t mitigate the damages in any way, shape or form. Nevertheless, he didn’t clip heels from what I saw Mongolian Groom shattered his bones and this business needs to be shut down in California for starters.

  17. Bonnie. Maybe there is hope because they did not euthanize him right away
    That is what I am hoping they can fix him
    And your prayers will help

    • Nancy, with all due respect, coming from an atheist and I always will be. Please take your “prayers” and anyways this is ridiculous really. It’s like children are getting gunned down and all you people say is “prayers”’You have a right to your religion or thoughts just as I have a right to mine, but to toss in religion when my main focus is racehorses dying I find repulsive. I don’t care if I get blocked from this site because I’m so sick of the religiosity on it and nothing will change my atheist stance.

      • I was responding to Bonnie’s 10:32 message directed at me. I never discuss religion or politics as it is personal to ones own perspective. Certainly not on a site where the goal lies with horse facts. And I have the utmost respect for your willingness to defend this cause which i have said to you many times before

    • Nancy, thank you so much for being there for me,I love all of you!!!! And as God is my witness good WILL prevail over these losers in life the sinners who are fighting to keep the KILLING going on. Shame on them,hope they don’t mind the heat… hell.

  18. Drugs aren’t the problem…the horses would not have such injuries if they were able to completely mature before training under saddle. Their bones and joints are not fully developed until the age of 5 years. Race horses are already competing on the tracks by the age of 2yrs. In the Quarter Horse industry, animals are not even permitted to be in the show ring in under saddle events until the age of 5. This is why Quarter Horses are able to perform in show competitions well into their 30’s, and live into their 40’s!

    • cindy for 1 your WRONG & for 2 you are WRONG, WHAT PLANT ARE YOU ON? are you NUTS? they have 2 year old futurities every day at EVERY QUARTER HORSE SHOW IN EVERY STATE IN THE NATION, OMG people this misinformed should keep their mouths shut instead of spewing such UTTER NONSENSE, I mean IDK what plant you are from but you must go to some WHACKED out horse shows and they have NOTHING to do with the AQHA, THATS a FACT, please don’t preach about how great the quarter horse industry is ( but not ONE THING you said about them not allowing horses until age 5 to enter a show ring is BIZARRE at best ), but think what ever misinformation you like living in LA LA LAND, but your “beloved” quarter horse INDUSTRY is ACTUALLY the #1 SUPPLIER TO THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE INDUSTRY, & when quarter horses ( TWO YEARS OLDS ) RACE AT FIFTY-FIVE MPH – compared to a thoroughbreds 38 MPH, quarter horses are known to REGULARLY SNAP 2 LEGS OFF AT A TIME, THEIR CATASTROPHIC INJURIES ARE far more grotesque THEN ANY THOROUGHBRED INJURY, & are you aware of the “sport horse” industries that are the most DRUG LADEN? YUP you got it cindy, the horse show HUNTERS & the WESTERN PLEASURE divisions at horsie shows, THEY are by far the most doped horses ON THE PLANET, & these show horses top off at about 7 MPH & LIVE ON MORE DOPE THEN ANY RACEHORSE, so PLEASE when you say it is “not the drugs” you sound like an imbecile. in EVERY HORSE “SPORT” IT IS THE DRUGS THAT HURT THE HORSES, NOT the fact that they run young, concussion builds bone in young horses & if young horses are trained “PROPERLY” , they are NO MORE likely to injure themselves then older horses ( FACT). so unless you educated in training the multitudes of horses in many different arenas it is far better to stay quiet than speak of things you are COMPLETELY ignorant about, what you said about “its not the drugs” is an outrageous statement. if you don’t think 2-6 different kinds of BODILY NUMBING SUBSTANCES ARE NOT A PROBLEM, YOU ARE mind boggling MISINFORMED.

      • Lexi, you make yourself sound like a misinformed fool by saying that running horses young is not a problem. It is a huge reason many of the racehorses break down. Have you not read anything on this site about the extremely young horses riddled with and crippled by arthritis, joint deterioration, scarring caused by pounding on immature structures? FACT.

        • hardly my dear, you must be speed or selective reading & missed an entire sentence where I said, “WHEN TRAINED PROPERLY” , YES bad trainers contribute to the demise of young horses & old at the same alarming rate ,but “WHEN TRAINED PROPERLY”, & making sure a young horse’s knees are closed ( which 95% of people don’t do, they just set them on the rail & run them full blast every workout & drill drill drill drill young show horses), which all contribute to their destruction, ( the knee is their growth plate), once closed , they can be competed in any horse sport SAFELY AT THEIR LEVEL, again, WHEN TRAINED PROPERLY. yearlings, even sucklings have to run just as fast as older horses to keep up with a herd of horses in nature, running, jumping, playing rough & fast is inherently inborn into every horse, they are extremely duarable & strong,tuff animals ( you would never know by the statistics which are ALL DRUG INDUCED STATISTICS), So yes I have my facts straight besides over 45 years of research, I practiced what I preach by breaking,training , riding thousands of sport horses ( with ZERO DRUGS ) in almost every discipline at the world-class levels with hay, food, water, respect & love, This CAN be safely done, IF the drugs where eliminated from all horse sports, the DRUGS ALONE, NO MATTER THE AGE of the horse are what allows them to compete far beyond what their bodies would normally tell them to STOP, I’M HURTING, this natural self preservation meter is taken away from them ( as it would be for us competing on performance-enhancing & masking drugs ( NOT allowed in human sports). & yes the majority of 2 yr olds it is criminal what is done to them, but read again ” if trained properly”, this is a total & completely do-able thing, that is why the drugs are such an outrage to me, they are unnecessary, & it is DRUGS ALONE causing these 200 catastrophes pr week in racing alone, if we where counting the cast-offs in the entire sport horse industry the statistics would be far more overwhelming . But these terrible statistics would be cut at least by 80% or more if the horses could feel their bodies pains & react to that by pulling themselves up. or refusing to perform. Animals are ‘property”, they have no rights, so they are considered as a piece of luggage is.

  19. As Lexi points out at the end, “Animals are ‘property”. Property is the exact term the law uses. The equivalent of land and tractors. This makes penalties for animal abuse not apply to horses. Imagine getting penalized for abusing your land. Or your tractors. A good change in the law is to be had here.

    • SHARING IS CARING*************If EVERYONE that commented on this page would PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE SHARE SHARE THIS LINK ON EVERY PAGE AVAILABLE TO THEM ***********SPREAD THE WORD AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, WITH the outstanding people at the helm of this blog/site who work relentlessly to bring out the statistics for every racetrack in the country, if we ALL HELP THEM BY SHARING THIS LINK & EVERY LINK THEY PUBLISH, but this link is really great one to share as it has so many people that are passionate & well informed about what is being done to these magnificent creatures , people tend to follow the flow, so if every one of us posts this link with some words of their own or copy & paste some words from the article & put it on your facebook, twitter pages, & EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLET YOU CAN PASTE IT ON, then more people will job onto the boat & the cause will gain momentum, it MUST get to ASPCA, PETA , HSUS…. & every other animal “advocate” site ( & I use that term loosely) as we know many of these large groups are paid off, but WE ALL CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH THIS LINK, so EVERYONE THAT SEES IT, CONTINUES TO COMMENT & MAYBE THEY ALSO WILL SHARE, SO, EVEN MORE, SEE IT – WE CAN GET THIS BARBARIC “sport” shut down , just like Kelly Griffin said, soooo many have already been shut down & horse racing is NEXT, with horseracing wrongs on the horses side & all of the people that commented here, it can be done, just hit the SHARE, don’t just comment, but get HW voice out there loud & clear & let your voice be heard. here is the post I am spreading to about 30 or more pages tonight, I am making it fit on your twitter comments & I will be adding a picture on the twitter comments too – FEEL FREE TO COPY & PASTE THIS COMMENT & it will fit on twitter & then when you post on other sites, like FB or ? add what you want, the link in the comment is to this page —— Horseracing Wrongs-the only organization in the U.S that compiles Facts=how many racehorses die weekly & HW works diligently to put an end to this gambling industry were cruelty, corruption & doping innocent animals puts every horse & jockey at risk daily

      • I am not your ‘dear’, nor did I miss your words. Growth plates do not close PRIOR to musculoskeletal maturity. There is no “proper ” way to train a baby without overstressing underdeveloped joints.

        • hay GAD, just to let you know, novice “horse people” are very annoying to me – as you are once again 100% INCORRECT- an appropriate amount of concussion (riding) BUILDS STRONG BONE, TENDONS & LIGAMENTS in a young horse, you actually do a horse a terrible disservice allowing them to sit around for 5 years as they turn into brainless marshmello pasture puffs of flab along with a weak tendon & bone structure ( same as a child, you treat them THE SAME AS YOU WOULD TREAT A CHILD, with tender loving care & a certain amount of chores, duties & exercise for them to be able to be better than their peers or at least keep up with them, you dont lock a child in a room until it is 5 yrs old do you?, well maybe you do)!, you MAKE them INFERIOR & WEAK when you do this(but i see you are one of those flamers that think a horse shouldn’t be touched until it is five yrs old ( hence your dilusions that your beloved horse KILLING quarter horse association doesnt hold competitons for horses under 5 yrs old ( YOU ARE NOT LIVING ON THIS PLANET, if that is actually what you think), but it has nothing to do with reality, so your credibility is ZERO because you live in la la land & your success record I am sure speaks volumes of your abilities with horses. & NO it is NOT 2 yr old racing that kills them, actually many more older horses break down then do 2 yr olds. it IS THE DRUGS THAT KILLS THEM. if you can’t understand how or why, go ask your beloved quarter horse association MURDERERS.

      • Lexi, you make far too many presumptive ad hominem attacks in order to defend your position of using horses too young. According to your logic there must be a lot of flabby marshmallow puff mustangs running around because nobody did them the service of riding them at 2 years old, right? My original statement stands. The pounding of too-young horses is as much a problem as the drugs, and neither is defensible.

        • gad, you are such a selective reader, of course “pounding” young horses is wrong, riding yearlings & riding 2 yr olds AT THEIR LEVEL of development there is NOTHING wrong with & since you have obviously missed all my posts in the last 3 years, racing NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN you freaking dink, but not because the 2 years olds you flaming 5 yr old freaktard, but because of THE DRUGS GOING INTO THEM ALL, try being informed instead of just being opinionated,( like your utter NON_SENSE that “the AQHA doesn’t show 2 yr olds,they don’t allow horses in the show arena until they are 5 yrs old”) OMG ha ha ha ha ha ha ha your talking about the AQHA- the biggest horse killers & dopers on the planet & THAT is who you defended with that non-sense you spewed which is actually only in your fantasies- THAT is how this retarded conversation started, simply because I felt the need to correct you on your delusions. But now I am done responding to your selective reading “skills”, go train your 5yr old spoiled rotten sugar lumps & be happy living in your la la land where no .one should touch a horse until it is FIVE. Geesh crazy people are everywhere.

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