An “Athlete” Killed; Celebration, Rest of Entertainment Continue

3-year-old Iamthebest at Mahoning yesterday: “…stalked the pace along the inside into the turn, suffered a catastrophic injury, pulled up and was euthanized” (Equibase). Dead. After, yet another example of how “The Sport of Kings” resembles no other sport on the planet: This was the 7th race; after cleaning up the mess out on the dirt – removing a dead horse, that is – the 8th and final race of the day went off without hitch or delay. And that, folks, is how this vile industry “cares” about its “athletes.”

Iamthebest “pulling up” with a fatal injury – and the “Winner’s Circle” goes on…

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  1. Absolutely vile.
    The vile members of this business celebrates in the winners circle while a racehorse is dying and being killed, they also celebrate alongside cheater, doper, maimer and killer Doug O’Neill, and here’s another tidbit of information: evidently upper level members of the horse racing industry, especially at Santa Anita, are actually happy that there are massive wildfires in California right now – why?
    The fires are detracting from the racehorses dying in California so they can have their coveted Breeders Cup, which will net them billions in wagering profits.
    This is what I heard, and I believe it because I wouldn’t put it past these sub-human parasites to celebrate human lives and property being destroyed so they can continue their killing spree for $2 bets.
    This also keeps the politicians like Gov. Newsom busy and media outslets so that they don’t focus on racehorses dying.
    So sorry for yet another bunch of voiceless victims for this despicable business and any one of you who supports it makes you despicable people.
    You are all either killers or enablers of the killing.
    Go out and get yourself another job that doesn’t prey on non-consenting racehorses.
    Go out and take your sadistic deliberate abusive business practices out on one of your human family members and see if they like it.
    You know damn well that they would fight back – something that the racehorse’s can’t do.
    Your day of reckoning is coming soon especially when California votes your vile business right out of the state and they we can start the process of dismantling this horrific legitimized racehorse cruelty and killing.

    • Gina, there’s a long time saying…”As California goes…so goes the nation” California has been an innovater,and ahead of the times on Many Issues. But, as I’ve said,many times, you have to have elected legislators who will LISTEN and be willing to take pro-active measures,and of course sympathetic to your CAUSE!!

  2. I wish these comments could be read by the participants, (jockeys, trainers, owners and stable staff, track staff and related employees and finally the veterinarians who are supposed to prevent animal suffering. I would want to tell them that they are the scum of the earth, completely unfazed by the huge number of these beautiful animals dying in the most tragic and painful circumstances and simply jumping on the next poor creature as if it were a high performance motor car rather than a warm blooded, living creature with compassion and love and feelings. You are all vermin, vile bloodsucking parasites living off of and using these magnificent animals to destruction without so much as a care. Well that may be your way, but I would hazard a guess that many of you are religious and believe in a God. If you are Catholic you will believe in eternal damnation for your wickedness and all the pain and torment Hell has to offer you.
    I hope you are right and your God reflects on your evil life and commits you to an eternity of pain and suffering as experienced by these poor poor horses.

    • Yes Ray, I’m Catholic and I do hold onto that belief,a higher power than my pay grade,as they say.Things I have no control over,I leave to my beliefs,will be taken into account. Saint Francis, patron saint of animals has always been my favorite saint.

      • Ray, I do believe that a lot more pro racing people follow this site then we will probably ever know. Occasionally they come on here and try to support this hell for horses, but they don’t get far, because even many pro racing people are getting to the point where this industry is difficult to defend.
        Paulick report has now had at least 2 articles mentioning Patrick and his strong, irrefutable work in the last few weeks. Often you will see people commenting on there and mentioning this site.
        Pro racing people will continue to make futile attempts, such as taco parties, demonstrators, and IAmHorseRacing posts, to try to garner support for their cause, but even they can’t dispute that horses are continuing to snap legs off, drop dead from cardiac events at 2 and 3 years old, and ending up in kill pens when the horses can no longer make money, while the racing industry watches it happen and does nothing to change it.
        And I would be the first person to admit – when I initially found this site, I was one of them. I was pro racing. My last active race horse had just been retired and rehomed. Patrick’s site opened my eyes, and I became one that could no longer defend it. Of course, finding out that a sweet gelding that I hadn’t even wanted to race in the first place, but had been sold out from under me to race, had stood overnight with 2 badly broken legs from racing, before he was euthanized, cemented my feelings.
        We just need to be the stronger, louder, and more proactive voices for these poor animals and one day, soon, I think, we will being to see the end.

  3. All horses have the right to live in peace and not be tortured at the hands of these EVIL MONSTERS. FOR PROFIT. Let’s make this happen. Judith Buckner

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