Filly “Euthanized on the Track” at Parx

In the 6th race at Parx yesterday afternoon, La Bella Pina, says Equibase, “suffered a catastrophic injury and was euthanized on the track.” She was four years old; this was her 22nd time under the whip. And the killing continues, unabated.

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  1. SHAME on Parx for even allowing races or training,with the shape that track has been in the past few days. The guys on tvg couldn’t believe,the other day, they were even attempting to run. They need to be CHARGED with her murder. Unconscionable NO WORDS for it,pure evil.

  2. We don’t have anything to worry about for the Breeders Cup – they’re going to add to the surface depth and that will fix everything.

  3. These beautiful innocent ANGELS do not deserve ANY of this bullshit!!!!! There’s no way to make racing safe. FULL STOP…PERIOD this is antiquated torture. Everybody call/write your representatives,this must come to an end. ZERO Tolerance.

  4. Three horses I was very fond of, 2 raced out of Parx,the other out of the NY circuit,all 3 were pretty darn successful until…all 3 started always catching sloppy off tracks. Suddenly they all came down with career ending injuries,coincidence?,I think not!! that damn slop ruins them. Why do you think Jimmy Jerkins scratched his most promising 2yr.old colt by Hard Spun,out of the Hopeful I believe it was. He said “I don’t want him running on that”,to that effect. I don’t blame Mr. Jerkins,I feel the same way. Same thing running them on that frozen,icy,snowy tundra of the infamous Aqueduct. They should NEVER be running in those conditions!!

  5. Patrick,could you find the footage of the most horrific 3 horse wipeout at the big A, it was fillies and mares,claiming low level (of course) I’m pretty sure it was 2015,or possibly 16,off chance 14. The mare who catastrophic was on the rail they were all tightly bunched, they flew around like bowling pins. The mare who went down causing it had been a voided claim in her previous race (VET) Michelle Nevin was the trainer. If people see that… might change some hearts. How was that mare by Awesome Again,I believe,allowed to race so soon after VET voided claim?!

  6. 12/27/15 Blooper….was the mare’s name!!! Happened at Aqueduct. I did my “detective” duty to look up the date,thank God I have such a terrific memory!!!! Please post the video of that,so people can see the ABSOLUTE HORROR, 3 horses died that day, because of 1 catastrophicly breaking down.

    • Bonnie if it helps it was the opener that day and Blooper had a cardiac issue. Ortiz brother ended up in the hospital. That is all I could find on this for you.

  7. Bonnie – if you google “worst Charles Town wreck”, there is a video, from 2012, on YouTube, of a horse breaking down at Charles Town where all but 1 horse fell over her in the race. That 1 horse is the only horse that finished the race with a rider on her. Sadly, in the race just before this one, another horse had broken down in the same spot, but they opted to race on anyhow. And then this happened. They finally cancelled the rest of the card after this – but probably not because of the welfare of horses, but more likely because the majority of their jockey colony was involved in this massive accident. I had been at Charles Town watching the races the night before. Thank God I wasn’t there the night these horrific deaths occurred, but maybe it would have turned me against racing much sooner, before I subjected my own horses to it.

    • Thank you both- Peggy and Nancy!! OMG… all I can say. By the way Blooper’s sire was Offlee Wild, not Awesome Again. I think at the time,they thought Blooper had her shoulders break! A very pretty filly by Closing Argument was right behind her,couldn’t avoid,lost her life too. Just 💔💔💔 Beyond Word’s…thank you Nancy,much appreciated

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