Filly Killed at Santa Anita Today – End This Madness

In the 3rd at Santa Anita today, Bye Bye Beautiful, says the (Equibase) chartwriter, “took a bad step and suffered a catastrophic injury to the right front passing the half mile pole.” Dead. That’s 41 victims at Santa Anita this year – and at least (I don’t have all the FOIA documents yet) 91 at all California tracks. 91 dead horses – for $2 bets. Again, we need one courageous California legislator to begin the process.

Santa Anita’s dead, 2019

Tank Team, killed racing at Santa Anita Jan 4, 2019
Unusual Angel, killed racing at Santa Anita Jan 4, 2019
Secret Street, killed training at Santa Anita Jan 8, 2019
Derby Treasure, killed racing at Santa Anita Jan 11, 2019
Henry, dead at Santa Anita January 14, 2019
Noise Mandate, killed racing at Santa Anita Jan 18, 2019
Amboseli, killed racing at Santa Anita Jan 20, 2019
Like Really Smart, killed racing at Santa Anita Jan 21, 2019
Last Promise Kept, killed racing at Santa Anita Jan 21, 2019
Ponchito, dead at Santa Anita January 22, 2019
Dancing Harbor, killed training at Santa Anita Jan 23, 2019
Spitfire, killed training at Santa Anita Jan 25, 2019
Mongolian Hunter, dead at Santa Anita January 28, 2019
Kid Cantina, killed racing at Santa Anita Feb 2, 2019
Comegowithme, killed racing at Santa Anita Feb 3, 2019
Jager Time, killed training at Santa Anita Feb 17, 2019
Unusual Rider, killed training at Santa Anita Feb 18, 2019
Hot American, killed racing at Santa Anita Feb 22, 2019
Battle of Midway, killed training at Santa Anita Feb 23, 2019
Just Forget It, killed training at Santa Anita Feb 23, 2019
Charmer John, killed training at Santa Anita Feb 24, 2019
Eskenforadrink, killed racing at Santa Anita Mar 2, 2019
Cooney, dead at Santa Anita March 4, 2019
Lets Light the Way, killed training at Santa Anita Mar 5, 2019
Princess Lili B, killed training at Santa Anita Mar 14, 2019
Arms Runner, killed racing at Santa Anita Mar 31, 2019
Rolling Shadow, dead at Santa Anita April 4, 2019
Commander Coil, killed training at Santa Anita May 17, 2019
Spectacular Music, killed racing at Santa Anita May 19, 2019
Kochees, killed racing at Santa Anita May 25, 2019
Current Times, dead at Santa Anita May 27, 2019
Derby River, killed training at Santa Anita June 5, 2019
Formal Dude, killed racing at Santa Anita June 8, 2019
Truffalino, killed racing at Santa Anita June 9, 2019
American Currency, killed training at Santa Anita June 22, 2019
Zeke, killed training at Santa Anita September 16, 2019
Emtech, killed racing at Santa Anita September 28, 2019
Ky. Colonel, killed training at Santa Anita October 5, 2019
Satchel Paige, killed racing at Santa Anita October 19, 2019
G Q Covergirl, killed training at Santa Anita October 25, 2019
Bye Bye Beautiful, killed racing at Santa Anita October 27, 2019

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      • Thank you, Patrick.

        Also, I read online that there will be a mandatory necropsy of Bye Bye Beautiful performed at the University Of California- Davis School Of Veterinary Medicine.
        Will you be sharing any necropsies done on some of these racehorses that have been injured/killed/euthanized recently? I know they are gruesome but at the same time the necropsies certainly drive the point home that these horses are overworked at a very young age and suffer excruciating pain. I think the legislators would not be able to ignore it so easily if they could see the gruesome consequences of horseracing.
        Thank you, Patrick, so much for your time and effort.

    • Have they performed one of these before? I don’t remember ever hearing about this.

  1. Yes. I saw that. Whenever i watch a claiming race or a 2 year old race I know there are fools that will take a chance on their beautiful horses lives. Are they under the influence of some kind of drug? Speed freaks don’t think. When your child horse is depending on you, why do you choose to gamble with his or her life. There is something wrong with someone like that. For this reason I don’t trust men for the most part. But there are women in this business that are just as bad. Today Eric Kruljac was a fool and horse murderer and Santa Anita was complicit. But thats not all. Race 2 had a horse pulled up that DNF: Harpers Gallop. What is Santa Anita going to say? Dionne Benson you are the worst. Period.

  2. Thank you for your continued hard work Patrick. I got my father, a 40 year bettor, to end his hobby as he doesn’t want blood money anymore. He wasn’t aware of the severe cruelty. I got to speak at an open house this sat. Right across from an OTB. I will stop in and see if they will walk away like I did just this year. Funny I stopped in last June and the mgr asked if I saw the gruesome HBO segment this past May. I watched it and came across Patrick for the first time. Maywood closed and maybe Arlington and Hawthorne will be next. Thanks again Patrick

  3. I realize that the racing industry has ready-made cue card statements for every horse death that occurs (full investigation, blah, blah, welfare of our horses, blah,blah, safety is priority, blah, blah) but at what point does John Q Public realize that these deaths are not going away, or even decreasing? Quite literally EVERY DAY there is another death on American tracks, but it seems like unless you slap people in the face to wake them up, they just don’t care, or at least don’t care enough to do anything about it. How many horses have to die? Why is there even an acceptable number? These are living sentient beings suffering and dying out there – one death is one too many.
    Get off your moral ass, America! You’ve accepted this disgusting antiquated slaughter show for far too long, either through ignorance or apathy, but the truth is right in front of you now, and you have no more excuses!

    • I worry so much,Rebecca…that the people of the USA are becoming desensitized with this carnage the way they seem to have become apathetic about all the MASS shootings in this country. People in this country, out of laziness,fear of politicians,bullies like Trump,for whatever reason,they don’t do a damn thing..PATHETIC.

      • I appreciate your support, but I’ll be honest, I’m tired of the constant criticism of President Trump. The way people continually backlash him is no different than the way the racing apologists repeat the same rhetoric they’ve heard from the racing industry. Stop listening to the mainstream media and really investigate for yourself. If my pro-Trump views get me blocked from this site, so be it.

      • Megan,trump has an Abismal record on Animal Rights and Protections…look it up and also on the environment which impacts all living sentient beings

        • Bonnie, you are spot on about Donald Trump and his very well known and outspoken stance against basic science which includes the science of climate change. Of course, based on common logic that includes both human and animal health and well-being; it also includes both wild and domestic species of animals which obviously includes horses. He denied animal protection by refusing to acknowledge that abusing horses is a real thing. Tennessee Walking Horses used for the “Big Lick” will continue to be tortured under the current administration. I had signed a petition against soring horses for the Big Lick but, thanks, but no thanks, thanks to Donald Trump, the United States Department of Agriculture will not even be allowed to consider pursuing animal abuse cases which of course includes horses of all breeds and all “disciplines” including horses such as BYE BYE BEAUTIFUL being forced to carry weight and run at top speed while not being fully grown or developed to stand up under such horrendous conditions. It is blatant abuse to ride young horses as though they were fully matured. The Stronach Group is just one of many “corporate greed machines” that thrive on chewing up and spitting out the voiceless and defenseless. The Stronach Group states that they are confident in their protocols to keep horses safe. Does anyone honestly believe that Donald Trump is going to ever acknowledge a horse like BYE BYE BEAUTIFUL needs to be protected from the greedy corporations that create their revenue from abusing horses and making phony statements that they care about keeping horses safe?

  4. ‘BYE BYE BEAUTIFUL’, your name says it well, your tragic death will not be in vain or forgotten. Enjoy your wings and run free sweetheart and fly as high as you want. May our tears and broken hearts heal knowing your beautiful spirit and soul is at peace now. This horseracing carnage needs to stop now, period !!!

    • Marjorie, I can not begin to tell you how often a wave of sadness overcomes me,and wherever I am I just start crying. We need more sensitivity and kindness!!!! Just so you know,I really do find a measure of comfort in your prayers for these gentle animals. You ARE appreciated by me.

  5. How old was this beautiful equine? I can’t stop the tears…what can I do??

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  6. The only way Meaningful change happens is thru across the board legislation (uniform) Nothing will ever happen to save these animals,without laws,that’s just a fact. Therefore working with legislators who are open to your ideas,is a must for results for these innocents, who do not deserve this heartbreaking,depressing evil,they are literally born to be killed.

    • The alternate would be breeding horses to go direct to slaughter versus a career as a race horse followed by retirement or new life as pet for many.

      • In the Pyrenean Mountains of France, they do breed draft horses for slaughter. They let the mares and stallions roam and graze on open range or pasture; then the young horses are rounded up and shipped to slaughter. It would not be profitable to breed million-dollar Thoroughbreds only to send them to slaughter without exploiting them to death on a race track first.

      • Eric, the racing industry would rather profit from the use of their labors/bodies by racing them FIRST – THEN sending them to slaughter – just as they do now. They squeeze every dime from them in life and in death.

        Let us know how many retirement homes you’ve got available – at the ready to provide safe, forever homes for all of the horses racing bred and used – and then no longer wanted. We’ve got lists of unwanted racehorses needing homes – as do the over-filled and under-funded racehorse rescue organizations that constantly beg the general public for funds.

        But since this post is about Bye Bye Beautiful, killed at only two-years-old for betting entertainment, TY, Patrick, for acknowledging her.


    Does anything else need to be said? Rip to all the horses, we continue to fight for all of you. Defending this citing jobs and economic impact is horseshit, people will go work elsewhere like any other american that has lost thier job, and the economic impact people will still gamble, and theres plenty of pleasure horses and others that still need fed and taken care of. This industry is full of excuse, and portray the facade of everything horse racing is not.

    After reading the statement put out by Santa Anita and the Breeders Cup it made me sick to my stomach.
    The same old line, same old rhetoric, same old bullshit over and over again.
    All pro-horse racing individuals and/or entities you are morally bankrupt.
    Go beat. dope, maim and kill up one of your human family members but leave the fucking voiceless, defenseless racehorses alone!
    Stop killing and facilitating the massive suffering and carnage of racehorses.
    Don’t give me that bullshit that you care or that you don’t want them to die.
    Anything you say, even after the first racehorse dropped dead, is nothing but empty words, lip service and public wallpaper.
    Racehorses have been dying for years for you parasites and this must be shut down.
    If you don’t want them maimed or killed than SHUT IT DOWN NOW.
    Bye Bye Beautiful, so sorry for you, but please rain down terror on these morally deprived sadistic mentally challenged pro-horse racing people so that we will soon say BYE BYE HORSE RACING.

  9. This is outrageous! Whatever they do to these poor horses is so wrong. They are not machines. Stop treating like it. Probably pumped with steroids

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