2-Year-Old Killed at Los Alamitos – 17th Dead Horse There This Year

In the 3rd at Los Alamitos Sunday, 2-year-old Forgot the Rose, says the chartwriter, was “injured, vanned off.” Knowing that at this particular track that combination – “injured, vanned off” – is typically fatal, I reached out to the CHRB and, indeed, Forgot the Rose was euthanized. She is the 17th dead horse at Los Alamitos this year.

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  1. I shared this on Facebook in the hopes that more people will get the message that horseracing is a cruel money hungry industry that needs to be stopped and held accountable for the sadistic treatment of horses.

  2. Thank you for your good work!Thank you for reporting these obscene events, killing horses, needlessly.  Keep up the good work…ban horse races. Bernie Clyne from New York.

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