Keeneland Strikes Again; 5th Kill in 13 Days

Call to Victory, three, is dead after “[going] wrong” in the 6th at Keeneland this afternoon. She is the 5th kill in 13 days at this famed track – the lie of “commitment to safety and integrity” laid bare, again. (Note: The five kills are racing only; with training to racing kills almost 1:1, it’s highly likely that Keeneland’s actual toll is higher still.)

Stella d’Oro, killed October 4
Fast Dreamer, killed October 4
Triggerman, killed October 9
Integral, killed October 16
Call to Victory, killed October 20


  1. The 5th kill in 13 days – is no one asking any questions over this horrendous act of cruelty. Shut down all of your f*cking race tracks – you are all murderers and the horses mean nothing to you at all – only the common greed is what this whole mess is about – shame on all of you bastards involved in this horrible act of animal abuse.

  2. Just to be clear, that is four racehorses killed in thirteen days and five racehorses killed in seventeen days counting October 4th and October 20th.

    This is so disturbing and depressing that any horses have to die because of being raced!

    • Wanda, the Keeneland fall meet has no racing on Monday and Tuesday – hence, up to the 5th racehorse death, there had been only 13 days of racing.

      • Thank you Joy and Patrick for the clarification. I realized I had better check Keeneland’s racing calendar so I did that online.

        I also double checked the Breeders Cup races online and confirmed that the races with the richest purses will be held at the most well-known as being the deadliest of all race tracks Santa Anita. I am hoping that there are a lot of people able to peacefully protest with signs at Santa Anita on November 1st and 2nd and I hope their horseracing kills signs will be a deterrent to some people who might be thinking cluelessly that it would be fun to bet on the Breeders Cup races. It takes what it takes to educate people that are not die-hard horse killers!

  3. To be clear, we are up to 5 horse deaths due to injuries, in less than two weeks. If this were a human sport, would you still allow so much needless death to continue? Or is this ok with you?

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