10-Year-Old Killed in 59th Race

The outcome for Wicklow Brave at the Far Hills Steeplechase race in New Jersey yesterday: “dueled on the outside to the far turn, drew clear, fell at last hurdle and was euthanized” (Equibase). Done. Dead. Wicklow Brave was ten years old, over six years in servitude, 59 times under the whip. Profoundly sad, decidedly wicked.


  1. Barbaric steeplechase. When we all want to enlighten people about horseracing please include this barbaric form of abuse. The horses have to run miles with someone on their back getting hit with the whip. And jump over these hurdles of varying sizes. If the poor horse misses going over the fence it does not have a good ending most times. By the time finish line arrives they are exhausted. BARBARIC

    • He was the favorite..almost finished with the race…fell taken back to barn and euthanized with a right broken shoulder

  2. Being made to get up, load into a van, ride back to the barn, unload, and then be euthanized all with a broken shoulder is barbaric, and whether they knew the extent of the injury or not, the amount of pain that horse was in would have been obvious. I’m positive the only reason that racetracks are vanning so many horses off the track instead of euthanizing them right there is because they’re trying to hide the actual number of deaths from the public. All their attempts to whitewash their disgusting industry only reveal how cruel and heartless they truly are.

    • DEAR GOD CAN we please shut this pure evil torture show for amoral sicko’s DOWN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. All horse auctions must stop as well, it needs to be put in law that it would be illegal to auction off any animal. That would be a big step in stopping these animals going Slaughter all around the world.

  4. Horse racing is bad enough….But, the Steeple chase is barbaric, as far as I’m concerned. Surprising that we don’t lose more….Total disgrace.

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