Another California Kill: Knight’s Dream at Fresno

According to Equibase, Knight’s Dream was “vanned off” in the 9th at Fresno October 6. We now know (Stewards Minutes) he is dead – euthanized for an undisclosed injury. Knight’s Dream was five; this was his 20th time under the whip.

Dead horses every day – this is “The Sport of Kings.”

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  1. The Insanity has to stop. In this day and age for this type of abuse of animals is barbaric. They say these horses are “bred to run.” Even though they are bred for this purpose, look at how many are “too slow”, “don’t have the drive”, “have injuries”, or just don’t want to be a racehorse. I am speaking from experience, taking horses from the track to a normal farm life, it is amazing how they have no idea what affection is, turnout, peaceful atmosphere, going out of a stall, an apple or cookie and also positive training methods which are low key. Some I have had to sit up all night from an abscess or other injury, caring and soaking feet which they are in pain. Thoroughbreds are really beautiful horses, level headed (despite people saying they are crazy), and enjoy eventually having the companionship and bond with a human and having a normal life riding on trails and a discipline. It has been amazing for me to experience the difference that these horses teach me even after training, showing and owning horses for years. The track horses are like a machine when they first come and turn out to be the most awesome, affectionate horses that go the extra mile (no pun intended lol)!

  2. I just recieved an email yesteday morning from something called Keeneland Cares in response to my complaint about a horse that fell on Thursday. They corrected me saying that it was not Daring but Bella Noire that fell and that it was a “non event”. Just yesterday in the 2nd race a very nice filly ran 1 furlong and stopped. No mention was made by the announcer or the race track as to why. And the shills from the racetracks who usually say something on Twitter made no mention of either incident. I’d like to know what happened to each horse and whether the horses received comprehensive veterinary care. Also, Air Strike fell last week with jockey Florent Geroux and he was lucky to live through this. I want to know if Air Strike has been sent to Rood and Riddle for a complete medical and orthopedic evaluation. Yesterday the horse that stopped was C S Royce.

  3. Keenland Cares – about their blood money and nothing else. They wouldn’t even care about public opinion if it didn’t have a negative effect on their revenue. So now a horse’s accident is a “non-event”? How many non-events have been euthanized in the last week? Not reporting the injuries and deaths of these horses and pretending like they aren’t happening won’t change your shit reputation, Keenland. Like I said, burying your head in the sand won’t stop someone from shooting you in the ass.

  4. Good thing Gov. Newsom signed off on the measure to close deadly tracks and protect racehorses’ lives!
    Now we all can watch the uber-corrupt CHRB as they wink, nudge, and sit idly by — while STILL not shutting down any tracks — as the anti-sport claims hundreds more equine lives in California.

  5. Please God make this stop! May the abusers and the people in the slaughter houses be dealt with a very strong hand.

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