3-Year-Old Killed at Santa Anita Today – 39th Dead Horse in 2019

Satchel Paige, three, is dead after “suffering a catastrophic injury” in the 5th at Santa Anita today. The headline: They can’t stop the killing. Full stop.

Santa Anita’s 39 dead racehorses thus far this year:

Tank Team, killed racing at Santa Anita Jan 4, 2019
Unusual Angel, killed racing at Santa Anita Jan 4, 2019
Secret Street, killed training at Santa Anita Jan 8, 2019
Derby Treasure, killed racing at Santa Anita Jan 11, 2019
Henry, dead at Santa Anita January 14, 2019
Noise Mandate, killed racing at Santa Anita Jan 18, 2019
Amboseli, killed racing at Santa Anita Jan 20, 2019
Like Really Smart, killed racing at Santa Anita Jan 21, 2019
Last Promise Kept, killed racing at Santa Anita Jan 21, 2019
Ponchito, dead at Santa Anita January 22, 2019
Dancing Harbor, killed training at Santa Anita Jan 23, 2019
Spitfire, killed training at Santa Anita Jan 25, 2019
Mongolian Hunter, dead at Santa Anita January 28, 2019
Kid Cantina, killed racing at Santa Anita Feb 2, 2019
Comegowithme, killed racing at Santa Anita Feb 3, 2019
Jager Time, killed training at Santa Anita Feb 17, 2019
Unusual Rider, killed training at Santa Anita Feb 18, 2019
Hot American, killed racing at Santa Anita Feb 22, 2019
Battle of Midway, killed training at Santa Anita Feb 23, 2019
Just Forget It, killed training at Santa Anita Feb 23, 2019
Charmer John, killed training at Santa Anita Feb 24, 2019
Eskenforadrink, killed racing at Santa Anita Mar 2, 2019
Cooney, dead at Santa Anita March 4, 2019
Lets Light the Way, killed training at Santa Anita Mar 5, 2019
Princess Lili B, killed training at Santa Anita Mar 14, 2019
Arms Runner, killed racing at Santa Anita Mar 31, 2019
Rolling Shadow, dead at Santa Anita April 4, 2019
Commander Coil, killed training at Santa Anita May 17, 2019
Spectacular Music, killed racing at Santa Anita May 19, 2019
Kochees, killed racing at Santa Anita May 25, 2019
Current Times, dead at Santa Anita May 27, 2019
Derby River, killed training at Santa Anita June 5, 2019
Formal Dude, killed racing at Santa Anita June 8, 2019
Truffalino, killed racing at Santa Anita June 9, 2019
American Currency, killed training at Santa Anita June 22, 2019
Zeke, killed training at Santa Anita September 16, 2019
Emtech, killed racing at Santa Anita September 28, 2019
Ky. Colonel, killed training at Santa Anita October 5, 2019
Satchel Paige, killed racing at Santa Anita October 19, 2019

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  1. END THIS BLOOD SPORT….promote Jockeys running around the track not horses@ Dumb asses! YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!

    • Thank you Janet,you gave me my good laugh of the night,but I actually think that’s a good idea (making the jockeys run around in a circle) humans have to QUIT using animals as props and “entertainment “…FULL STOP!!!!!!

  2. This is insane and beyond belief – what is this, one death every few days? And they don’t think they have a problem???
    Horse racing IS the problem. ENOUGH already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. WTF!!!!!!!! SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN and PROSECUTE THE TRAINERS AND OWNERS! They’re all in on it, trust me. These horses are pushed to the brink of death, then some ‘to death’. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!!
    Where are the criminal charges??? The lawsuits??? WTF!!!!!!!!!

  4. Unbelievable. Absolutely sickening. Thank you for bringing this disgusting sport to our attention. I hope we can one day shut it down for good.

  5. Horses keep dying, and the racing industry has no explanation, no remorse, and no intention of stopping. Their vague statements about safety and the welfare of their equine athletes, replaying like a broken record, are nothing more than background noise to the death machine populated,endorsed and supported by humans who have no soul. There is no clearer representation of the racing industry’s regard for the horses they destroy than the beautiful young mare laying discarded in a landfill, the evidence of her slavery still wrapped around her legs.

  6. Good grief! The owners pay big bucks for their horses, and, let them run a Santa Anita? I prefer they stop racing them. The owners and the bettors get or lose money; and, the horses die. I felt the same sadness when Trump allowed cattle owners and oil companies to kill the wild horses, so the cattlemen could fence and the oil companies could drill. Now they are selling off our public land in our National Parks to oil companies, miners and loggers. Oh, yes, and they are going to allow “hunting” in parks like Yellowstone. What is wrong with us???

  7. Shut this place down & end this so called sport once & for all.So sad that a 3 yr. old horse had to die because of human greed.

  8. Tragic and shameful. These magnificent creatures are too young to have endured this miserable existence and died so painfully.

  9. It was obvious to long time supporters of HRW that reforms will not stop the maiming and killing.
    It’s finally starting to resonate with every day people just how vile this business is.
    Unfortunately, it’s taken a lot of dead racehorses to put this horrific business model on full display.
    The truth is the killings have always occurred it’s just that this industry, with all their high paid public relations machinery and public wallpaper, can’t hide their dead anymore.
    It’s the dissemination of information, via social media, that’s enabled grassroots groups like HRW to get the truth out to the public.
    There are just no more excuses, none, for this antiquated killing business model to exist.
    There are no more excuses for the pro-racing apologists on the CHRB Board to not enact Bill 469.
    This is outrageous.
    This bill has empowered the CHRB to protect their industry more instead of the racehorses for whom it was intended to protect.
    If it was supposed to protect racehorses then it should have been enacted after the first death.
    I encourage everybody, every single one of you, and especially California residents to call Gov. Newson’s office and to politely request that horse racing be shut down under this bill.
    We must hold our politicians accountable and they must do the will of the people.
    They must shut this down.

  10. KTLA is running a story right now on the 34 horses killed at Santa Anita since December – their numbers are probably lower than Patrick’s because training fatalities aren’t necessarily reported or even counted. It looks like Santa Anita can’t deflect the negative attention with the same same impassive rhetoric anymore as the public is becoming more and more of aware of just how many horses are dying. Aside from the completely ignorant and soulless Paulick Report, there is an increasing number of online articles questioning both the future of horse racing, and in some cases, even the morality of a “sport” where so many horses are dying.
    I hope and pray I see the end of horse racing in my lifetime.

    • You will, Rebecca. I really believe California will ban it in all its disgusting forms, and then the rest of the nation will start to fall like dominoes. The shit-show at SA is just making it child’s play, at this point. By the way, I love reading all your posts, and I’ll check out KTLA’s story.

      *Oops, just saw a post about another breakdown at Golden Gate fields. I’m sure Patrick is on it.

  11. Another day – another kill – of course what else would we ever expect to read about coming out of these useless kill zones. People need to wake up and understand that by attending these events and placing your $2.00 wager you have just added another horse to the kill list. These owners, trainers, jockeys and best of all “racing commission” – don’t give a good god damn about the horses – it is always about human greed and that will never change because the majority of people involved in this horrendous so called sport are all horse abusers and killers. The racing needs to be banned immediately – Trump needs to get off his ass and do something about these horrible race track situations. The money is always what this whole matter is about – it is never about the horses and never will be. Such a sad state of affairs and such a sad world we live in with so much animal abuse.

    • Why didn’t Obama get off his ass and do something? Not to get strictly political but you can’t blame President Trump (I notice most people simply call him by his last name instead of his elected title) for the continuation of horse racing. This is something that needs to be addressed at the individual state level, holding elected officials accountable for allowing this exploitation and abuse to not only continue but in many cases to be supported by the state. I hope the governor of California is brave enough to take the first step toward banning this outdated death machine.

      • And has anyone actually written to President Trump letting him know the true horrors of horse racing? I know he’s very active on Twitter – there’s no harm in contacting him, right?

  12. Satchel Paige suffered an OPEN fracture of his left front – in open fractures, also called compound fractures, the bone breaks through the skin.

    That is a catastrophic injury and one that necessitates euthanasia (they will not try anything heroic with a winless gelding) – BUT, with a front limb injury – bone protruding through the skin – they MADE HIM WALK ONTO THE VAN.

    The protocol (Thoroughbred Race Day Injury Management Guidelines, developed by the AAEP Racing Committee) demands they make EVERY effort to get the injured horse into the van – they want the entire scene out of sight of the public.

    “Family members”?

    • They’re so desperate to try to hide how many horses are actually dying – instead of euthanizing them right away which would be the most humane act they force them up and into vans for a torturous drive to the barns.

    • Exactly joy, seen a many of reports on horses and their injuries that should have been put down on the track, yet the tracks will van them off to simply save face and keep it out of the view of the public…..nothing but shameful practices, they will do anything to stay out of the publics eye. Find me another “sport” that treats their “athletes” this way. And they claim transparency and integrity, not sure how people fail for the facade protrayed.

  13. There is no doubt in my mind that collectively, all the required daily business practices (doping, intense confinement, beating/whipping, running them with pre-existing conditions and covering it up with secret doping/vet/treatment records, shock wave therapy, phosphates, doping of broodmares to manipulate reproductive cycles which is passed onto the foals in utero, etc) contribute to their demise.
    Add into the mix a discombobulated mess of an industry who, for years, has been protecting, covering-up these abusive business practices, the dying so that races and the wagering coffers can be filled.
    Sure you could argue that they don’t do it deliberately, but that’s a delusion because they are sent out to squeeze that last buck out of them like they did to Bridget Moloney, dumping and dying is part of this business.
    Also, repeating the same daily procedures and expecting a different outcome is insanity.
    Most all claiming racehorses, based on their PP’s, and the fact that their medical records don’t follow them, are one step away from dying, they know it and they still send them out.
    I want to make clear that they have been providing lip service and public wallpaper for years, but in the end nothing changes or changes so little because the abusive practices continue and they now have a bunch of racehorses who are walking time bombs due to years of liberal drug use and zippo repercussions for those who repeatedly dope and kill racehorses.
    They have their nerve coming on sites like this and blaming us for exposing the truth.
    They need to look no further than themselves – they are to blame and they are the ones perpetrating these abusive business practices on racehorses whom they claim to care for.
    This is a widespread industry issue, not just Santa Anita, and it’s maiming and carnage on a grand scale.
    If they make it out alive they usually end up in a neglectful situation, like Dr Drip, or on the slaughterhouse floor.
    This is the sad truth about horse racing and the only reason why this business has responded is due to public outrage and due to the fact that their billions in wagering profit is at risk.
    Their changes are not motivated by altruistic measures.
    That’s just an afterthought that they throw in there for some more public wallpaper and they actually convince themselves that they care – all rationalization because if they really cared for racehorses than they wouldn’t subject them to the things I listed above.
    You would load them on a trailer and take them out of their living hell – end of story.
    It’s important to note that the most recent kill CALL TO VICTORY was OWNED by Chairman of the CHRB – Nick Alexander.
    Now you tell me how in the hell is a board full of racehorse members, breeders, and investors going to make a neutral decision on shutting the very business down that makes them money????
    This is a total conflict of interest, they are supported by public money and that entire board needs to immediately be terminated and a more neutral, balanced board representing residents of California needs to occur ASAP.

    • Correction: SATCHEL PAIGE is owned by Chairman of the CHRB – Nick Alexander.
      Call To Victory is Brendan P. Walsh.
      There are so many racehorses dying that I often get confused – my apologies.
      Both racehorses are dead, but in California these pro-horse racing board members should have enacted Bill 469 after the first racehorse dropped dead.
      So obvious that every single one of them needs to be terminated and this Bill needs to be enacted.

      • Neither Satchel or Call to Victory are making them cash now. On to another bigger and better investment.

    • What is wrong with Social Media??? Why isn’t this carnage all over the world being reported! The horses are worth more DEAD, than alive…the insurance, the owners carry takes care of the accidental (?) deaths…especially a gelding! And why isn’t the news media doing their jobs??? ABC, CBS, Fox and especially NBC which is broadcasting the Breeders Cup? And CNN, FOX, MSNBC, SPNBC, why are they turning their heads? Are they going to loose face if they report these happenings to the public??? Money talks…someday they’ll realize how evil money can become…The Root of all Evil…It’s in the Bible folks…

  14. I used to love horse racing! Now, it sickens me!
    All racetracks must shut down. Stop attending, and wagering on this cruel, bloody sport. As long as these greedy bastards can make a buck, horses will suffer and die!

    • Glad you’ve joined us on the right side, Kate! Most of us who support Patrick and his considerable efforts have more than a passing history with this anti-sport. Many have worked within the industry. Many, like you, are now former fans — enlightened by the inevitable carnage and equine abuse that goes hand-in-hand with it. Many are horse owners and enthusiasts who are simply horrified by the VAST WASTE of thoroughbred lives that all tracks generate year after year. Many have brought OTTBs into our lives to try to make a tiny dent in the number that are sent to slaughter, and are still frustrated by the realization that we only account for a drop in the waterfall.

  15. this has got to stop. Its obvious that horse racing needs to stop. A horse dies almost every day . If people stopped going and betting the racing would stop. These are beautiful animals. The trainers, owners and participants are all to blame. Stop the killing.

  16. I used to love the kentucky derby until i grew up and found out what happens to unwanted race horses

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