3-Year-Old “Suffers Cardiovascular Collapse” at Belmont – 32nd Kill There This Year

And yet another: The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the death of Mo Fun while training at Belmont Monday – officially, “suffered a cardiovascular collapse.” Mo Fun was three – yes, three – years old, an age a prominent vet recently likened to a 9-year-old child. “Cardiovascular collapse.” Imagine that.

Meanwhile, the carnage – 32 dead racehorses on the year – continues at another of America’s premier tracks. CNN? FOX? ESPN? NY Times? C’mon, do your job.

Doyouknowsomething, Jan 8, stall – “sustained left elbow injury in stall”
Speke, Jan 19, training – “suffered a fracture to his right shoulder”
Catpsalm, Jan 29, stall – “protozoal myeloencephalitis”
Miss Marion, Feb 3, training – “fractured cannon bone…euthanized on track”
Chronos, Feb 3, training (euthanized Feb 4) – “fractured right front leg”
For Pops, Feb 26, training – “collapsed and died” (four years old)
Queen Bode, Mar 3, training – “euthanized at hospital”
Mighty Zealous, Mar 10, stall – “severe respiratory distress…euthanized”
Miss Marilyn, Mar 23, training – “leg injury…euthanasia on the track”
Miss Mimosa, Mar 28, training – “cardiovascular collapse” (three years old)
Pretty Enuff, Apr 1, training – “suffered a leg fracture…euthanized”
Luz Mimi, Apr 4, training – “suffered a leg fracture…euthanized”
La Manche, Apr 11, training – “suffered a fracture…and was euthanized”
Noble Cause, May 11, racing – “injuries necessitating euthanasia”
Anne’s Song, May 24, racing – “ambulanced off, euthanized due to poor prognosis”
Successful Mission, Jun 9, training – “sustained fractures while breezing”
Inflection, Jun 9, racing – “euthanized due to poor prognosis”
Ro Bear, Jun 16, stall – “died in the barn from an apparent impaction colic”
With Caution, Jun 28, training – “P1 fracture…died complications from anesthesia”
Fancy Persuasion, Jun 30, racing – “cardiovascular collapse” (two years old)
yet-to-be-named, Jul 11, training – “fractured sesamoids…euthanized”
La Fuerza, Jul 27, training – “fractured humeral, ambulanced to barn, euthanized”
Royal Inheritance, Sep 6, training – “collapsed and died” (five years old)
Passporttovictory, Sep 6, racing – “bad steps”
Mo Moxie, Sep 7, training – “sustained a fracture and was euthanized on track”
Deft, Sep 12, racing – “broke front leg and was euthanized on the track”
Rhode Island, Sep 14, racing – “was vanned off…subsequently euthanized”
Coffee Crush, Sep 19, training – “cardiovascular collapse”
Have Another, Sep 20, stall – “severe laminitis”
Meet Me in L A, Sep 21, racing – “went wrong…euthanized”
E Z for You to Say, Oct 10, stall – “severe laminitis [both front] feet” (two years old)
Mo Fun, Oct 14, training – “suffered a cardiovascular collapse” (three years old)

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  1. MO FUN has made my suspicious death list.
    Mike Maker has been killing racehorses for years many under suspicious circumstances.
    This death ticks-off all the metrics: 1. Purchased for 6 figures $279,000 2. Cardiovascular collapse common cause of death seems to indicate that something might have been given to die? 3. Happens during training when scrutiny is much less than on race day including scrutiny in the stall before they are sent out. Nobody knows what’s going on in those corner cobwebs. 4. Racehorse, in this case MO FUN, didn’t show anything in 3 starts, which is around the time an equine insurance policy, most likely in place, is usually downgraded after purchase.
    They knew, for whatever reason (injury, lack of talent?) that MO FUN would never live up to his price tag because when an owner is spending this kind of money they expect something in return usually their goal are the stake races including the Derby and Breeders Cup.
    The circumstances were ripe for MO FUN to die and/or be killed and he’s dead.
    Okay I’m a “whack job” and the usual name that many male trainers called me when I trained – “whore.”
    When I won a race I was called a “cheating whore” and when I lost a race I was told that “you can’t train your way out of a paper bag.”
    This mentality prevailed with most of the male stewards because when I complained I was called a “whack job,” especially when I complained about racehorse abuse.
    So it didn’t surprise me, when the other day, Mr. Jones called me a “whack job” and then failed to respond to my request as to how he was involved with horse racing – suddenly disappears.
    Can you imagine any other workplace setting in America where calling a successful woman a “whore” is not only common, but acceptable?
    In in any other workplace in America the person calling a woman a “whore” would have been sanctioned and/or fired and if they didn’t do anything at all a huge lawsuit coming their way.
    That’s this business and that’s what goes on in stable areas all over this country.
    Then the tracks will claim that, as a trainer, your an independent entity from the track, the buck is always passed because this is horse racing, and it has no place in the 21st century.

    • Gina, if I hear one more IDIOT say…but they treat them like family. Well, I’d hate to be their family member. Bottom line animals should not be used as props.

  2. And these racing apologists actually defend this? In what realm of morals, ethics, or compassion is this acceptable?

  3. Someone called authorities and said horse with racing socks found in landfill. Peta and police are on this story. Of course no one knows anything. She passed on sep 25 at mountaineer. Found her yesterday. First story on PR.

      • It goes with moral and ethics and mentality. Plus the comments posted on PR re this…disgusting

      • I read the story, saw the photos, and literally vomited on my couch. If the public needs any more evidence on the true feelings these racing assholes have toward their horses, here it is. I want the balls of her owner, her trainer, and whoever actually dumped her out there as a necklace.

      • I keep saying that the vile horse racing business is a bottomless pit, that nothing they do surprises me and this story that comes out.
        This is unfuckingbeleivably vile beyond words.
        PETA has posted the pics and they are horrific.
        They have requested a full investigation into it and a Mountaineer employee who knows all the information about this horse has refused to disclose just who this racehorse is.
        I say yank his pathetic ass into the police station and interrogate him to get the answer.
        If that doesn’t work haul his ass into a court of law and charge him with contempt if he doesn’t tell who this racehorse is and the circumstances surrounding it.
        The police and the ensuing investigation should get to the bottom of this.
        PETA is claiming that it’s Bridget Maloney a multiple stakes horse whose won over $400,000.
        I’m trying to remain civil, but it’s so difficult in light of such egregious acts of inhumane treatment on these poor racehorses.
        Please shut this public butcher show down.
        I can’t stand this anymore.
        I despise anybody who supports, participates, and defends this horrific business that needs to be banished from our civilized society.

      • This might be completely off the mark, but could it be possible that someone purposely dumped that racehorse there so there WOULD be an investigation – like a whistleblower. I mean, the racing industry thrives on secrecy, on hiding what really goes on behind closed stall doors; they would have had to know that the horse could be identified by the lip tattoo and the backlash it would cause. Or a possible second scenario : this isn’t really a racehorse. I’m sure the leg wraps can be easily obtained, so someone could have just dumped a horse out there and put wraps on the legs to get the investigation off on the wrong track. Just some thoughts.

    • The W.V. commission desires that all dead horses be treated humanely. Do they not have any idea how idiotic they sound?

    • BTW, I’ve had to bury horses. Pay the neighbor $100 to bring his backhoe over. Apparently the cost was prohibitive for these assholes. I think she made almost $400K.

      • Alan i meant to include you in this breaking story also. It is really making waves. They seem to be afraid of what people will think and. Statements are being issued to ease the pain so to speak. On PR commentators sound like so what???

    • Nancy, two horses died at Mountaineer on September 25th….Bridget Moloney and Rockaroo. Patrick wrote about both horses here on the blog. Of course, the photos of the dead horse, which is believed to be Bridget Moloney, are extremely upsetting. However, Rockaroo laid on the backside of the track with a broken leg/legs for about two hours until the track vet showed up to euthanize her. I heard it was a gruesome scene and there was blood everywhere. That, at least to me, is more outrageous than the dead horse on top of garbage at the landfill. Of course, we can “see” the dead horse and only imagine the chaotic scene when it came to the death of Rockaroo.

      When a horse is euthanized, the body will be disposed of in one of three ways….it will be rendered, buried or dumped in a landfill. Horses euthanized at the track are usually placed into a landfill and the tracks have an agreement/contract with a company to handle that.

      The dead horse in question is a public nightmare for the racing industry. There is no doubt that the horse should have been buried instead of being so callously dumped on top of garbage bags but please realize that this is what happens to horses regularly. The analogy is that horses in the industry are oftentimes treated like trash when their racing days are over.

  4. Has anyone learned anything more about the horses who were slashed and attacked at Remington Park,by the stablehand? They said earlier 5 horses were attacked.

  5. Just the fact that this multi-billion dollar business can’t even provide burial sites for their dead is beyond words.
    Instead, once again, they leave their mess up to everybody else to clean up including trash sites probably ones that are government controlled and supported by taxpayers.
    Trash – disposable gambling chips tossed in the trash, not even covered, not even taking the time out to remove the bandages and give this racehorse dignity in their death.
    How much this racehorse made doesn’t matter, they all count, every single one of them.
    However, if this is Bridget Moloney who made over $400,000 for these despicable life sucking human parasites then this does make it much worse.
    Money doesn’t matter to these monsters as they are impervious to the ongoing cruelty, abuse, and inhumane treatment of racehorses.
    I hope the police get to the bottom of this, and although I’ve been upset with PETA lately, I do commend them for reporting this to the authorities and ensuring that an investigation will ensure as they did out in California.
    To you apologists: you would have to be mentally ill, in some capacity, to continue participating and supporting this horror show. How dare you defend this vile business that doesn’t belong in a civilized society?

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