Filly Becomes Keeneland’s 4th Kill in 9 Days

The 2-year-old filly Integral “sustained a catastrophic injury to [her] left front limb” in the 6th at Keeneland today, according to an “incident report” on the track’s website. She is the fourth horse killed in nine days of racing at this much-celebrated track’s Fall Meet. Four, in nine days – the lie of Keeneland’s “commitment to safety and integrity” on full display, yet again. (Note: The four kills are racing only; with training to racing kills almost 1:1, it’s highly likely that Keeneland’s actual toll is higher still.)

Stella d’Oro, killed October 4
Fast Dreamer, killed October 4
Triggerman, killed October 9
Integral, killed October 16

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    • Heartbroken, Priscilla? – don’t bet on it. In a discussion on Twitter about this 2-year-old filly’s death due to racing, a racehorse breeder/owner stated this; “Keeneland is always going to have a problem with acclimation to the surface over such a short meet. Horses are at a significantly higher risk of breakdown when they first change surfaces that decreases over the weeks to the normal risk.”

      Now who in their right mind would put their “child” at a HIGHER RISK of injury and death? – or even chance losing them to the “normal” risk?

      We do everything humanly possible to minimize our horses’ risk of injury – racing them does just the opposite.

    • You feel sorry for her and her connections? Why the Hell would you feel sorry for them? What about the horses she attacked?
      I wish you racing apologists would stop coming on this site and posting ignorant drivel that the rest of us have to wade through to find common sense and compassion for the horses who are victims of cruelty and exploitation.

  1. Four dead horses in nine days of racing. But to read their Twitter feed, you’d think Keeneland is the absolute safest and most conscientious paradise for equine well-being in the universe.
    Tweet after tweet about the “beautiful,” “phenomenal,” “exciting” days of racing they’re having. Video after video of their races, except…oops! Better not post THAT one. Nor that one, nor those two, nor…
    They’re finally caught up in the Santa Anita Effect; the public is horrified, and traditional damage control just won’t cut it. Unfortunately for them, neither will their obfuscation and denial.
    Congrats, Keeneland. You’ve reached Ground Zero for your anti-sport.

  2. Why do we continue with blood sports for entertainment that teaches no moral virtues for mankind?

  3. What people won’t do for sports, and what people seem acceptable to show in public for sports, oh it’s history, oh our ansesters did it! We are saposed to be at a point we know right from wrong, so how does this still happen? Do people really make enough money off this that it can be ignored no matter how wrong it is?

    • Dija, with respect, horse racing is NOT, I repeat, is NOT a “sport.”
      It doesn’t qualify as a sport.
      There are no common metrics with any human sport anywhere except the gambling aspect.
      Horse racing is a bonafide public butcher show, widespread suffering, carnage and dying all of which doesn’t happen in human sports.
      Horse racing happens because of a bunch of deliberately delusional, pathetic people who need to get a life instead of preying off of a voiceless, defenseless racehorse.

  4. You missed one. Daring fell in the 2nd race yesterday at Keeneland and the track has made no mention of it and the chart tried to cover it up by calling it “faltered”. What is wrong with these people. The horse deserves some mention at least for possibly giving up its life out there.

    • So since they can’t hide the fatalities they’re just going to pretend they never happened? Burying your head in the sand won’t stop someone from shooting you in the ass.

    • Thanks, Mary. Apparently, Daring fell after the wire. Somebody who saw it live commented on Keeneland’s Twitter page for that race, calling them out on it. God, I hope they’re not prolonging this poor filly’s torture in the hopes of keeping their “safe streak” going for a whopping two days.

  5. It’s so, so, so heartbreaking and tragic, it’s beyond … — esp. since all this brutality be PREVENTED, which is the real kicker here — yet, the MONSTERS continue to abuse & abuse — what’s left for us to do to MAKE the KILLERS STOP! — WHAT?!

    • Start a ballot initiative in your state to make it illegal. Florida voters passed a proposal to make dog racing illegal by a 70-30 margin. I think the same would happen to horse racing in a lot of places.

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