2-Year-Old Collapses and Dies at Los Alamitos

I have confirmed (CHRB) that Shes a Famous Royal is dead after collapsing in the 5th at Los Alamitos yesterday. She was two years old; ’twas her third time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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  1. It makes logical and common sense to make the racing of two-year-old Thoroughbreds, and/or any other breed of horse used for racing, to be against the law and to be recognized by law to be abuse and inhumane treatment of young horses. It is common knowledge that horses are not fully developed or finished growing at the age of two years old.
    I believe this could be accomplished if enough people were organized to fight such a fight. It would definitely be a legal battle!

    • Even if you could stop the training and racing of two year olds, you still have to contend with the drugging and doping, the isolation and confinement, the constant trading of horses in the lower level claiming races, the freeze therapy and other inhumane treatments used to keep lame horses running, the shocking and other cruel treatment at the starting gate, the whipping proven to leave welts, and finally the slaughter of thousands of horses used up and discarded by the racing industry. There is NO way to reform racing – it cannot function any other way.

    • Wanda the entire thoroughbred horse racing circuit evolves around an owner/trainer’s racehorse making it to The Kentucky Derby, The Breeders Cup and this is accomplished by their 2 year old gaining a certain amount of points/earnings in order to qualify for these races.
      This is precisely why these babies are pounded on at around 18 months going forward in order to gain these points/earnings to qualify.
      This will NEVER change, it’s deeply embedded into this system and it further fuels the insane profits at the sales auctions such as Keeneland, Fasig-Tipton, and/or Ocala Breeders Sales.
      Again, the entire financial structure of the horse racing business evolves around the massive suffering and carnage of 2 years old’s and the rest of them as well.
      When one dies they are replaced and this fuels the business.
      People don’t go into this business to fight for the obvious, they go into it to participate and uphold this system that is currently in place.
      It’s a system for disaster, on all all accounts, for the racehorses and that’s why I refer to racehorses dying as being killed.
      We already know that the system, all of the abusive business practices (doping, whipping/beating, confinement) etc. etc. contribute to their demise – fact – and that’s never changed nor will it.
      So horse racing is killing,
      They send them out to die, more or less, they can argue that they don’t do it intentionally, but I would even argue that in some cases they send them out to die because they don’t want the financial liability of taking care of a racehorse whose maimed or who they have determined can’t make the big races as aforementioned.
      This is no different than handing a drunk driver the keys – it kills people only in this case they keep handing them the keys knowing that there will be casualties and that’s killing them.

      • Yes, it does seem that they are glad to “get rid” of some horses via death on the track.

    • I ABSOLUTELY AGREE… A horse is far too young at 2 years of age to race with the older horses… STOP THIS, NOW… ANIMAL ABUSE just for trying to win some money WRONG, WRONG, WRONG… STOP IT NOW.

  2. This is a CRIME!!! People don’t seem to realize what they are doing to these beautiful animals when they place their 2.00 dollar bets!
    You are allowing the MURDER of the young undeveloped equines! Not to mention the greedy bastards that race them!!! Egomaniacs! Blood thirsty for money 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  3. Well, at least they have a relationship with their horses they can be proud of, and even if this filly was only two years old, they spent their time and money and love getting her to this race. I mean, all we’re seeing is the negative publicity, right? Pass me a taco, someone, and turn up the music.

    • I’ll provide the.margaritas and we can toast to Grady, 8 Belles , Barbaro and all the others who broke our hearts

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