3-Year-Old Killed at Finger Lakes

According to the official chart (Equibase), B B Molly was a mere “eased over the wire” in the 5th at Finger Lakes Thursday. “Eased” – positively innocuous, huh? Turns out, the filly was actually “vanned off” for a slab fracture and, says the Gaming Commission, euthanized. Dead at three. Finger Lakes now sits at 16 killed on the year.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Another disgusting day of horse racing. And there are still people who defend this industry, who can’t come up with any logical, rational, MORAL reason why it’s acceptable for a living sentient being should be killed for money and entertainment, so instead they continue to spout off the same irrelevant rhetoric that’s been parroted for years. People like Elijah and Brandon (from a previous post), who are incapable of and disinterested in seeing past their own entertainment to the horror and corruption of the racing industry. It’s been truly said that you can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals, and I’m sure that extends to people knowing about or watching an animal’s suffering and being indifferent to it.
    We aren’t going to end horse racing. Horse racing is going to end itself.

    As an aside, Animal Kingdom was just sent to Japan for stud. We all know the horror stories about the treatment of Thoroughbreds in Japan – any thoughts on how long he’ll last before facing Japan’s retirement plan?

    • They usually say the horse had a heart attack when no one can get info anymore about a particular horse. Its sickening. Rebecca..I must have been composing my other statement the same time you were doing yours. Please know that you also were in my thoughts with what i said there.

    • Animal Kingdom earner of $8,387,500 “sold down the river”!!! How much is enough for these greedy people? Obviously, over 8 million was not enough so off to Japan for more $$,
      He was not doing well at stud here – was not “producing much”so they got “rid” of him !!! Shameful.

      South Korea, Philippines , Turkey and Brazil are some of the places stallions are sold to when they are not profitable enough at stud here.
      Remember Ferdinand ? Derby winner and horse of the year sold to Japan and later slaughtered there. I guess these horses are not “loved” anymore once they are not making enough MONEY.
      RIP BB Molly – no more abuse.

  2. The dumps as well as the rich and famous killing fields. Same result. She made it over the finish line though for the connections. Also with all the rhetoric the past few days…Gina and Joy are amazing women and all the rest of our HRW who come out for a worthy cause. We shall prevail and the reward will be massive gratitude.

  3. Go Oshie Go died befire reaching the turn at Hawthorne in the 6th race today. He deserves at least some recognition for giving his life for that dirtbag trainer Steve Manley. And the announcer had to alert employees there by saying “there is a horse down on track. He is lying there by himself”. This place should be condemned.

    • I can’t even imagine the fear and pain that poor horse experienced lying out there alone in the dirt until he was finally swarmed by a bunch of people who couldn’t care less about him as they held him down for the needle that would end his life. Well, apologists, anything you would like to add?

  4. Too many horses dying at race tracks. What is going on at these tracks. I have never heard of so many horses dying like this. I think an investigation needs to be done at all these tracks. I am a love book of horses and cannot stand reading about them dying like by this.

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