Dead of Laminitis in Both Front Feet – at Two

This, today at Belmont, courtesy of the NYS Gaming Commission: “E Z for You to Say was euthanized in stable at Belmont Racetrack for severe laminitis [both front] feet.”

First, let’s disabuse the notion of a “non-racing” death: E Z for You to Say was put to the whip just last month at Belmont (and Saratoga before that). But get this: She was only two years old – “severe laminitis,” both front feet. Please take a moment to contemplate this poor animal’s short, mean existence on this planet. Sad beyond words. For Belmont, this makes 31 dead horses on the year. Belmont, Santa Anita, Keeneland, Gulfstream – it matters not a whit. Horseracing kills horses. Period.

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  1. Thankyou for this. What I want to know is how to access any lists of horse deaths breakdowns or other racetrack incidents at Laurel and also New Jersey. I can find articles about breakdowns at Laurel but I want the lists. I do check these every week. This column is good for updates but I like to see the entire lists. Because i keep a total in my mind what trainer is ahead on the breakdown lists in each state. This is where it has to be attacked I believe. These trainers should be 2 strikes and you are out. I do send email to the racetrack when I see a horse breakdown. The tracks will change eventually. It can’t stay like this.

    • Mary,I commend you for what your doing,and I do think it’s a good tactic,and I agree with you. Constant,maximum pressure is the best tool in the 🧰. And of course, exposing the facts. None of these people in this Dirty business care about the innocent animals.

  2. Oh dear God not another. Lamitis something unheard of in decently treated privately owned horses. Stop the killing and abuse.

  3. My God, when is this travesty going to end? Damn those heartless bastards straight to hell, all involved.

  4. And Newmarket has a facility in the works to “help mend broken jockeys” that will cost £6 million. Broken racehorses? The horrors of a slaughterhouse, if they aren’t taped together long enough to make it through one more race before they shatter. I’m just sick.
    A two year old with severe laminitis? How many training laps did this poor horse run in sheer agony? A condition caused entirely by the inhumane treatment received from low life dregs who didn’t give a shit about her beyond what she could sweat out for them. And this disgusting industry still has supporters and defenders, while PETA and HSUS slink behind in their ranks.

  5. The horse had to have lamatitis when raced two weeks before this happened! What is wrong with owners and trainers of these young horses, money over compassion! SAD!

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