9-Year-Old Killed at Finger Lakes in His 61st Race

In the 1st at Finger Lakes yesterday afternoon, Grady, says the Equibase chartwriter, “appeared in distress and was pulled up.” In fact, Grady is dead, reports the Gaming Commission, euthanized where he lay – in the dirt, that is. Grady was nine years old; ’twas his 61st time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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    • It’s so damn heartbreaking,Nancy. You see pictures of these ADORABLE babies with their Mama’s ,and you KNOW they will live a short life of abuse,torture, and they will come to a HORRIFIC end.This needs to end right now!!!!,you Scumbag assholes who are still trying to rationalize this fucking BULLSHIT. Otherwise,I hope their death happens laying in the slop,waiting for The Needle.

    • They’re dying in the slop,
      ‘Cause we race ’em til they drop,
      Then they hit the butcher shop,
      And you’ll never make us stop

      (Horse racing’s new anthem)

  1. The egregious abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment of hard knocking, hard running racehorse GRADY.
    Begins with Trainer John Rigatierri for 8 starts.
    05/28/2014 Claimed by Jay Bernadini.
    11/05/2014 Claimed by Hugh McMahon.
    12/17/2014 Claimed by Jay Bernadini.
    2/14/2016 Claimed by Thomas Iannotti IV.
    A private sale 1 race later to flip a buck.
    Ends up with Trainer Dylan Clarke who abuses him right up until the end.
    From track to track, from doper to doper, continuous beatings/whippings, and who knows what else?
    This gelding made over $409,000 for these low life blood sucking human leeches.
    They just would cling onto him, suck him dry while making money, dump him or continue abusing him.
    All this time, his doping/vet/medical treatments KEPT SECRET so that the abuse can take place in the corner cobwebs of his stall with nobody knowing what the hell they were doing to him.
    $409,000 and this STILL wasn’t enough for Dylan Clarke or any of the other trainers to give him a dignified soft landing because this is horse racing, excuse me, horse KILLING.
    Their entire goal was to use, abuse, exploit, and squeeze him until he had no more to give.
    I’m heartbroken over this one and every single one of them and I can’t take this anymore so I can only imagine how the racehorses feel.
    This is a killing show plain and simple and it has got to end.
    GRADY in memory of you, I’m so sorry for you as I can’t imagine the number of times they stuck needles into your jugular, joints, and whatever else.
    These horse racing apologists are the amoebas on the shit that came out of your asshole pal.
    May your spirit rain down a living hell on each and every one of them.

    • Gina,I absolutely love reading you. How is it that these ASSHOLES in racing get away with not keeping and passing on the horses vet.,medical records,why is it not Mandatory? I don’t get it. Thank you again Gina,for all you do, God Bless.

      • Thanks for all you do too Bonnie.
        I merely see myself as a voice for the voiceless racehorses and every single death affects me and gives me strength to continue at my own personal peril.
        Sometimes you just got to stand up in the face of massive injustice to living beings.
        I admire and respect racehorses too much to see this happen to them.

  2. What ever happened to the media coverage? Horses keep dying but I don’t see anything beyond the bullshit on the Paulick Report. I knew the racing industry wasn’t going to change but I was hopeful that with the increased media attention there might be a REAL investigation into the abuse and cruelty that goes on.

    • Absolutely Rebecca, and what ever happened to the investigations that the California D.A’s office are supposed to release to the public?
      So far all of my emails to politely request their release have gone unanswered and it’s beyond at least 1 week.
      In the least provide an update or estimate of their release.
      Most governmental agencies acknowledge the request, in the least, and respond within 48 hours.
      What ever happened to, what I view, the massive fraud perpetrated on the public with respect to Bob Baffert trainee Justify?
      It seems to me that charges should be laid, somebody finally should be held accountable for what would otherwise happen in any other business in this country.
      What the hell is going on and why should racehorses continue to suffer?
      It seems to me that they are delaying the release of the results to not affect the coveted Breeders Cup, which will net them billions in wagering profits.

      • The breeder cup is the main focus daily. NBCSN has had coverage every weekend with the experts commentary on the qualifiers and of course. The handicapping. What would horseracing do without the handicapping????

      • Gina. You know the old expression ” money talks”. Silence is golden in more ways than one.

  3. For those of who missed it Patrick wrote an article published in The Washington Post.

    All I can say is amazing that the mainstream media is finally giving a voice to the racehorses instead of those who exploit them.
    Pro-horse racing entities are calling out The Washington Post for posting “extremist” views of Patrick and supporters of HRW.
    These comments coming from a business who exploits, dopes, beats/whips, maims, dumps and kills racehorses.
    Who are the “extremists” here?
    It’s about time that another point of view is presented to the public and not the greed-driven profit entities that kill racehorses for $2 bets and then claims to love them like “family members,” – laughable isn’t it?
    They count on their voiceless victims, but they don’t count on people like us to be their voices.
    On another note, Python Pat (who regularly maims and kills racehorses) is at it again.
    This time her victim is TIZPROCESS who broke down in the 1st Race at Parx yesterday – “vanned-off” fate unknown, but will look into it.
    This killer Python Pat has been killing racehorses for years with zippo repercussions.
    She too claims to treat her racehorses “royally.”
    Welcome to the demented, delusional, and pathetic world of horse racing.

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