Some of Los Alamitos’ Previously Unidentified – Identified

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have been able to confirm the names of these heretofore unidentified (left so by the stewards) dead horses at Los Alamitos this year:

Gribbles, Jan 5, training – “euthanized”

Toby Time, Feb 19, training – “euthanized”

Yes I’m Ready, Mar 17, racing – “injured shortly after the start…euthanized”

Thorny, Apr 6, racing – “injured just before finish line…euthanized”

Bos Dream, Apr 26, racing – “euthanized”

Hailey Rachele, May 17, training – “pulled up while training…euthanized”

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  1. End horse racing NOW! Have we not evolved enough to realize this is animal abuse! and not acceptable!?

    For betters, let them lose their money on sports where the participants choose to play, are not forced to be exposed to all the drugs and inherent dangers!

  2. Thank-you Patrick for providing the names of their voiceless victims who would otherwise die in anonymity.
    Furthermore, every single racehorse on California tracks who die should be identified with their name.
    The fact that the CHRB has a history of not disclosing racehorse’s names who die is mind boggling.
    They are a TAXPAYER funded organization that is supposed to be neutral (laughable) and transparent.
    Their primary purpose is to provide an honest product to the wagering public and to take care of their product, the racehorses, both of which they don’t do.
    They are so incredibly distant from this mandate that it’s beyond parameters as to why they have been getting away with this for so long.
    They are running their own private multi-billion dollar profit machine while answering to NOBODY and it’s certainly clear that they kill racehorses with zippo accountability.
    Moreover, their business practices are abusive and can’t be stopped because they require them in order to keep suffering, sore, crippled racehorses filling races and their wagering coffers.
    This should have ended a long time ago and everybody must pull together to stop this carnage by shutting it down and where’s Bill 469?
    Buried in all the CHRB pockets with their racehorse investments.
    What a nasty business and it’s the poor racehorses who pay the price every step of the way.

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