The “Van” Was Carrying But a Lifeless Mass

As I wrote last night, the official Equibase chart had Emtech being “vanned off” after a “bad step, [fall], catastrophic injury.” By now, most know that the young colt was euthanized where he lay – and he was because he had two broken legs. So the only thing the “van” was hauling was a 1,000-lb lifeless mass. Vile, indeed.

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  1. Yes, and let’s not forget the ever-popular “bad step” that poor Emtech took right before he was “vanned off” from the “Santa Anita Death Track” under the “watchful eyes” of the totally non-corrupt “regulatory body” known as the CHRB.
    Stay classy, horse racing folks.

  2. PLEASE for the love f God, this mistreatment HAS TO END..All about greed and show..If these were human athletes, the sport would be banned!!.

  3. EMTECH – so sorry for you.
    Of course you were euthanized on the spot because it’s kind of hard to walk with both your legs snapped-off.
    Knee stubbles just don’t do it.
    Nevertheless, 7 vets were hired by Ms. Belinda Stronach, CEO of The Stronach Group (TSG) to flag horses with indicators that something could be amiss.
    Just this one example alone shows a bunch of vets either asleep at the wheel or deliberately ignoring facts to fill races and the wagering coffers for TSG?
    In other words, are they just another ruse, public wallpaper so that they get their coveted Breeders Cup that will surely net them billions in wagering profits?
    Here’s the red flag indicator to me:
    10/06/2018 First start as a 2 y.o (before fully developed) finished 1st.
    9 MONTH LAY-UP which clearly indicates that something serious happened in this race (bucked shins?) that warranted this much time off.
    Right then and there it’s clear to me that EMTECH had a pre-existing injury that was rested, treated and continued to rear its ugly head in his next starts.
    09/14/2019 He vindicated himself when he won and is this the only race they considered?
    It seems to me that the doping/vet/medical records should have been demanded and provided going back to 10/06/2018 which, I’m sure, would have indicated exactly what was wrong and the fact that he won on 09/14/2019 would confirm that regular doping was going on to mask the injury and to keep him going.
    So why wasn’t this viewed and I’m demanding an investigation into this situation and these records should be made public so that the public can FINALLY see just how morally bankrupt these people are.
    They care nothing, but to keep them going and to flip a buck while the vets are making money legitimizing this.
    I demand that these vets and TSG, Ms. Stronach, and the entire apologist CHRB answer to the PUBLIC – release these records and I’m sure the pattern will reveal exactly what was behind the “bad step” explanation that is a complete LIE.

    • Thank you, Gina. Once again, I appreciate you SO MUCH for your experience, knowledge, and dedication. Just want you to know that your posts — even though they don’t all get direct replies — are profoundly appreciated.

      • Thank-you Kelly.
        We got this.
        Together we can be a voice for the racehorses and shut this horror show down.

    • Or when horses are put on the vets list in cal, they are shipped to another track, with another trainer, to where the horse isnt known, or can pass a less stringent exam. Case in point today parx racing race 10, ciao luna after running 3rd at del mar on 8/18/19 she was a voided claim and put on the vet list for being unsound. Raced today for a lesser tag after posting 2 workouts. Same owner just a different trainer. This isnt sport and athletics, its not about the horses racing “career” just about making money on a buissness investment

      • Also, horses can be sent to another venue and raced with ONE DAY OF “REST” of !!

        The “loopholes”, if you could even dignify what goes on by using the word, are all geared to allowing the worst of abuse.

        And these people have the nerve to call it a “sport”!!!!
        Here’s a question for these “sportsmen”:
        what other professional sport does not have a national governing body ?!

        These are some of reasons there is no national commission with uniform rules.The bottom line being it may have the effect of curtailing some of the awful abuse, and thus the money!!

      • Also, horses can be raced at one track and then raced again at another venue the very next day!

        These are some of reasons there is no national commission with uniform rules, and why racing totally resists having one.
        With uniform rules a horse on a vet list in one state could not be shipped to another state to race and a horse raced at one track could not be raced at another venue the next day!

        Racing will not risk the possibility of any control over horse abuse!!!!

  4. Why do they even bother with the screens and ambulances? Are they worried about offending people’s delicate sensibilities, or do they honestly believe that people don’t know what actually goes on back there? Two broken legs for f**k’s sake, and is the track shut down? Of course not. Are there public outcries, investigations, charges for running a horse with an obvious history of injury? Of course not! Just some green screens, a needle, and yet another sentient being destroyed by an industry that can’t even support itself on the blood of its racehorses.

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