“Bad Step” Kill at Finger Lakes; “Found Deceased in Stall” at Saratoga Harness

From the NYS Gaming Commission:

Chazy “took a bad step” in the 6th at Finger Lakes yesterday – “catastrophic injury to limb, euthanized.” Chazy was two years old; this was her very first time under the whip. But worry not, for the Commission assures “more to follow” – implying, of course, that this will be fully investigated, lessons will be learned. Please.

Queen Elsa was “found deceased in stall” at Saratoga Harness. Queen Elsa was but five years old – “found deceased in stall” – and had just been raced at that same track four days prior. How long did she suffer – alone, terrified – in her little 12×12 cubicle? When I take a moment to contemplate some of these deaths (which isn’t easy given the frequency with which they arrive), I’m left with a peculiar mix of profound sadness and fierce anger. How many more? How many more?

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  1. I follow standardbred racing here in Saratoga, checked and found that her trainer was Eve Bergeron in her last race she finished next to last and was set to race again on 9/26. Her record for this year is 3 wins, 2 seconds and 6 thirds with a winning of $28,938 with 21 starts. Sad way to end her short life.

  2. I keep wondering the same thing, “how many more?” Every day, b/c I “Liked” Horseracing Wrongs, the news of yet another death/kill pops into my feed – sometimes more than once. I’m only getting part of the reality by way of this notification. I can’t imagine what everyone who works behind the scenes here must go through.

    And, I keep hoping it will end. One day.

  3. Rest In Peace ‘QUEEN ELSA’, the Heaven’s welcomed you with trumpets and huge hugs of eternal love and peace!!! You will know nothing but LOVE and more LOVE. To all Queens and Kings racehorses out there going thru the evil of horseracing, it will all end one day, have faith and believe, LOVE always wins, AMEN!! Marjorie Lynn

    • I love what you wrote Marjorie.Yes,it will end,and the Gravy train of some sort of paycheck for these Losers in this business ie :Mike Joyce,Matt Carothers,Get A Real job,you spoiled girly men.Mike and Matt come from parents who had money,so they’re just lazy sacks of shit ,who got a “job” at tvg

      • Bless you Bonnie, for believing and commenting on my post. Yes, one day these scumbags will be sitting down, maybe falling down too, to the realization that their ‘gravy train’ ride is over. Then to get a real job in this world where the people who care and love horses will be enjoying having them in their lives as the majestic and beautiful animals God wanted them to be! Then all of us horse lovers can sigh a big relief to know the horseracing evil is gone for good and pat all of our backs through the tears, blood shed and losses of life and prayers, will be put to rest for good, AMEN!!

  4. I have just read a piece that you have written. My conclusion is you are nothing more than a zealot. If you truly cared about the horses you’d be interested in reform, not simply ending horse racing. You also showed your obvious lack of horses, in general. You have included horses casting themselves in a stall, laminitis & colic as being a result of horse racing. You couldn’t be more wrong. I have had many horses for years, but never race horses. Most of my horses are trail riding horses. Horses, as a species, love to run. I have had a few horses die of colic or laminitis & have had horses cast themselves in a stall. I have also had a few horses seriously injure themselves with catastrophic injuries while racing around in a pasture or a paddock. To add those horses that colic, get laminitis or cast themselves in a stall or get seriously injured in a pasture / paddock is a tack you are using to “improve” your numbers. That & your call for ending horse racing altogether is where you lose me. Like the uninformed who ranted & raved about ending horse carriage rides in NYC without giving a single thought to what would happen to the horses if their jobs would suddenly be gone is sickening. Not once have I read that you give a single thought to what would happen to the horses in the racing industry should horse racing end. Your one sided mission would be a very ugly death sentence to tens of thousand of horses. Without a “job”, these horses lives are @ extreme risk. I contribute to helping finding homes for retiring or unsuccessful racehorses. These horses are called OTTBs (Off Track Thoroughbreds). You have absolutely no idea how difficult it is to find them good safe homes. It is extremely difficult. Imagine for a moment, if the tens of thousands of horses in the various aspects of horse racing suddenly did not have a job. All you would need to do is go to a livestock auction or two. They are not hard to find. Look into what happens to horses that end up at these auctions. Follow the path for a “jobless” horse that ends up at a livestock auction. Almost all of the horses at these auctions are completely healthy & under 5 yrs of age. A few will be lucky & legitimately be bought & get good homes. However, for 99% of them, they will not be so lucky. Their path from there is nothing short of horrific. Suffice it to said that their path from there to the Canadian or Mexican slaughterhouses is full of extreme abuse & terror.
    You would gain far more respect if you made yourself knowledgable in what would happen to the horses if horse racing were to end. If you have the guts, watch a video of horses arriving @ a slaughter horses or even before that as they are herded into what is called “feedlots” as they wait for the slaughterhouse trucks to come & pick them up for their final journey. Watch as they wait in a feedlot, without any shelter from the elements, without food or water. Then watch as those horses are packed into the slaughterhouse trucks, like sardines, where they will stay, without food or water, sometimes for several days before they reach their destination. These videos are something you will never forget. Watch these videos & then come back & tell me you still want to end horse racing, rather than reform. Stop looking at this with blinders on & only focused on your cause. Truly care about the horses. Go to the backstretch of a racetrack. I think you would be surprised how extremely well cared for racehorses are. Yes, there are some “bad apples”, in terms of people, involved in horse racing. But, they are in the minority & should be weeded out. It absolutely breaks my heart to think of a horse, whose life has been being pampered, brushed, bathed every day & fed 3 times a day, with their stall being cleaned several times a day to suddenly find themselves at a livestock auction, a feedlot & then herded into a slaughter house truck for their final trip. The horrors of that final trip is more likely to happen than not should horse racing end. That will be the end result, for most of the horses in the horse racing industry, should you have your way. Think about that & see if you can live with yourself if you had a hand in causing the demise of tens of thousands of racehorses.

      • What would happen to all of the thoroughbreds (foals through 8 year olds-80,000+ horses) if racing were shut down?

        • Horseracing will not suddenly come to a close overnight. It will contract – or to be more precise, continue to contract: I have documented a net loss of 34 racetracks in the U.S. just since 2000. The Jockey Club’s annual “foal crop” – the number of baby Thoroughbreds being registered each year – is roughly half what it was in 1990. All other relevant metrics are also down – racedays, races, “field sizes,” etc. Contraction. Now, as to your question of where those horses who are left will go, a better question is where do they go now? The vast majority – multiple thousands annually – of “retired” racehorses are brutally and violently slaughtered at the end of their productivity. Yes, that’s right, this multi-billion dollar industry, littered with loads of obscenely wealthy people, is sending most of its erstwhile “family members” to the abattoirs to be shackled, slashed, bled-out, and butchered. So you see, they’re the ones who must be made to answer.

      • Yes Amanda, a minimum of 12K TB’s are sent to slaughter every year now (that number offered up by Dr. Patricia Hogan, a racing supporter so surely 12K is a conservative number). One can never look at social media and not see another racehorse at a KB-attended auction or already in a KB’s hands. 5-year-old American Thunder was just noticed at such an auction – he last raced at Remington Park on September 18 for owner La Clika Racing Team. And as always, the public was begged for the several hundred dollars needed to get him safe. A multi-BILLION dollar industry and we have to beg for $10 and $20 donations to save racing’s slaves. I’m damn sick of it…but racehorses are being butchered and we can’t turn our backs on them like the industry is.

      • Amanda, the question…”What would happen to all of the TBs” if racing shut down is asked, ad nauseum, by those who support this vile industry, but sometimes a person, such as yourself, asks the question because they sincerely want to know. I hope you are that person. Approximately 10,000 TBs are sent to slaughter annually. Some estimates are a bit higher….12,000 to 15,000….but let’s go with 10,000. Therefore, about half the foal crop will EVENTUALLY end up on the slaughter house floor. If racing closes down, there are horses that will face the long truck ride to Canada or Mexico but that is what is happening NOW.

        However, here is where the story changes in a positive way. If racing shuts down, fewer TBs will be bred because the DEMAND for the breed will diminish. Not be eliminated, but diminish. Within a few years, fewer horses will suffer unimaginable cruelty. Why? Because the SUPPLY will be less. This concept is Business 101….Supply and Demand…and it is included in the FIRST class I took in graduate school.

        I think we can all agree that tracks are closing one by one. Racing will never just entirely shut down in a week or two. The racing apologists will have plenty of time to find good homes for many horses…not all, but many. I have heard the babbling for years that there are MANY good people so, if the apologists are telling the truth, the majority of horses needing a soft place to land will be minimal. Now, I really don’t believe that the racing folks will step up for their discarded “product” but there are some that will and there are others, outside of racing that will, as well.

        I live in the great state of Ohio. The puppy mill industry is huge here and mainly run by the Amish. I have picketed outside of Petland which is a company that sells puppy mill dogs to the public. Most compassionate people would be delighted if puppy mills went down the tubes and I have NEVER heard someone ask “What will happen to all those sweet dogs If the puppy mills go away?” Hopefully, many would find homes. Some won’t but the positive is that the cruelty suffered by these dogs will be greatly reduced down the road, perhaps even eliminated.

    • Collete – you totally contradicted yourself with your post. And, Apparently, you have not followed this site for very long, otherwise you would realize that many of the misguided arguments and points you have attempted to argue have been addressed on this site numerous times. And as far as the backside of a track – there are numerous people on this site- myself included – who worked in many facets of the backsides of tracks. Just because outward appreances make it look like the horses are well cared for, doesn’t mean crap. They are still disposed of NOW by the thousands, injured, crippled, or “too slow” to make money- and guess where they end up NOW? Yep- slaughthouses. One of the trainers that I used to look up to, for having beautiful, shiny, well fed horses with matchy matchy blankets and halters, and “loved” them, still had 3 of their horses die on the track last year due to snapped legs. So what good did it do that they were “pampered”? They are dead, and died horrifically. And this is ONE trainer. 3 horses, in one year! I’m pretty sure if I had 3 die horrifically in my backyard – and it was found out – I’m sure the humane society would be knocking on my door. So why aren’t they knocking on this trainer’s door?
      And yes – many of us on this site have rescued, rehabbed, and rehomed OTTBs. We’ve spent thousands of our own dollars to treat their racing injuries, and I certainly know of some that were euthanized mercifully because they were too maimed. How can you support the further suffering and damage caused to these innocent animals? How can you rationalize they “need a job” where they are crippled by 2 or 3?Or are fatally injured at 10 or 11 after they have given their whole lives only to snap a leg off? You are one warped individual.

    • The sad and horrific truth is that horses are sent to slaughter when they are not profitable as racehorses. That has been, is now, and will continue to be the sad and horrific truth whether or not horseracing ends. It is not only Thoroughbred racehorses that are “retired” to the slaughterhouse. It is all breeds of horses some of which have never been used for racing that can be sold at an auction yard where livestock are sold. There are some kill buyers that put classified ads in a paper and usually states something to the effect of “horses bought and sold” or “will buy any horse, any age, any breed” so livestock auctions are not the only way that horses can enter the slaughter pipeline.

    • So what is it, Colette? – out of one side of your mouth, the “bad apples” are only a minority – out of the other side, a “very ugly death sentence for tens of thousands of horses [if racing were to end]”. Surely all of those in the majority – those “good folks” in racing – would provide their “beloved” horses that they “love like their own children” with forever homes! – isn’t that right?

      And before you tell me to visit the backside to see racehorse “pampering” of which you claim, check – nearly ten years of it.

      Before you tell me to visit a kill buyer-attended auction and see racehorses there awaiting transport to slaughter, check – we left Shipsy one particular day with trailers full of rescued horses (of all breeds) – one little mare with a broken knee, I had to negotiate with the kill buyer personally to get her…Jaron Gold is his name…was known for being one of the largest suppliers of horses to a Canadian slaughterhouse. Do you know what else about Jaron Gold? – he is a licensed racing owner. Kill buyer. Horse dealer. TB racing owner. All in one. How convenient for the racing owners and trainers who want their crippled and used-up racehorses gone NOW with racing folks like Gold around.

    • Wow. You know nothing about racing. Exactly what do you think the end is for a racehorse? It is being wedged into a stock truck and hauled to slaughter. Every year, thousands of unwanted racehorses are slaughtered because they couldn’t cut it at the track or have outlived their usefulness. They are bred to be slaughtered. There are a lot of people on this website, including myself, with extensive experience in racing. You are making completely uninformed comments to people who actually know the fate of a horse bred to race. It’s gruesome.

    • I couldn’t agree more, I wonder how many of these anti racing activists are going to offer a home to the tens of thousands racehorses should racing be banned? Yes, horses can colic, get laminitis and get cast in a stall, that is NOT an occurrence that just happens in racing!!! Has no one questioned the track surfaces could be a big part of the problem?

      • Janette, 10,000-15,000 “retired” Thoroughbreds will be brutally and violently slaughtered this year (and every year). What is your beloved (multi-billion-dollar) “sport” doing about that? You argue nonsense and offer ridiculous distractions (“track surface”) because that’s all you have.

      • Here we go again. I don’t know if you believe what you say, Janette, or you think everyone else is stupid. Yes, anyone can get lung cancer, therefore we should all smoke three packs per day. Horses do colic but the incidence of colic is significantly higher in race horses, some studies find the incidence five times normal. High grain diets, lack of exercise, and undetected ulcers (95% of racehorses have ulcers from stress and over medication) are primary contributors. Laminitis is a secondary disease, often caused by shifting weight to escape discomfort and, again, exacerbated by diet. Horses get cast in a stall because, well, they spend 23 hours a day in a stall. The incidence of disease and injury is significantly higher in race horses. To claim “all horses get sick or injured” is either ignorant or a flat out lie. Given all of the supposed advances in track surfaces one might think injuries would be reduced. Why is that not the case? Because horses are pushed beyond their limits while injured or too young to withstand the stress. Any horse, given the choice, will slow or stop if the conditions don’t permit the speed.

        As for homes, there are a lot of people who spend significant time and money to rescue these animals because racing exists. Thousands of discarded race horses are slaughtered annually, some estimates are as many as 10,000. That’s well over half of the number bred annually. They are bred to be abused for a short while then slaughtered. You make a non-sensical argument.

      • Janette you need a check on reality so here it is:
        “A much-used estimate is 10,000 ex-racehorses. According to the Equine Welfare Alliance, data from 2006 suggests that as many as 17% of horses that go to slaughter each year are ex-racehorses (close to 19,000 at that time).May 17, 2018”
        There are many more articles about this that all agree on this number and readily admit that it’s MINIMAL at best and here’s some of the reasons why your beloved racehorse supporters do their racehorses when they have no limbs to carry them across the finish line:
        !. The “connections” of the racehorse will physically mutilate the tattoo. I have pics.
        2. Papers are forged and they go without their foal papers. We have evidence of this time and time again.
        3. Killing racehorses after they are done maiming them has gone underground due to the potential repercussions on the business NOT on the racehorse. Much more on this yet to come.
        For a more direct example from the “extreme animal rights activists” (their words) who pick-up the broken bodies and spirits of racehorses from the multi-BILLION dollar horse racing industry that you obviously support:
        The list goes on and on and has been going on for years only before your industry could hide it, mask it like you do with all the dope you plunge into their veins to keep them flipping a buck and satisfying your demented egos.
        So my questions are now to you Janette:
        1. Why don’t you go to Keeneland, Fasig-Tipton, Ocala Breeders Sales who have just boasted about “record-breaking” profits in the BILLIONS and ask them why they don’t donate a MINIMUM of 1% of their sales? As it stands now everything is on a voluntary contribution basis NOT mandatory.
        2. Why don’t you go to the wagering firms like TVG or the HBPA who make BILLIONS in wagering profits and give little to nothing to their disposable gambling chips.
        You really have your nerve demanding that people like us, who have nothing to do with this FREAK SHOW and all the abuse involved with it and demand what we are going to do with your disposal gambling chips?
        There has never and will never be enough homes to support the astounding number of racehorses required to fill races all over this country.
        You know it, the horse racing industry knows it and by now everybody should know it.
        It’s tough to find a home for a “normal” horse who has no physical issues, thousands of dollars in vets bills and usually has psychological problems rending them very dangerous to ride even for the most experienced horse person including myself, which describes most racehorses.
        It takes an incredible amount of time, money, patience, and dangerous risks to turn around a racehorses and re-purpose or re-home them and YOUR industry does little to nothing about it because they know damn well what’s going on and the only solution to get rid of all of this crap is to shut it down.

    • Oh wow Collette where do I start?
      How do I maintain my civility in the face of such obvious deliberate delusional nonsense?
      I was born into this industry, grew up on a thoroughbred farm north of Toronto.
      I was indoctrinated since as long as I can remember.
      As a 5 year old I was used to “belly-up” young racehorses in our barn on the farm even before the “breaking” process begun and I have pictures to prove this.
      I’ve worked in almost every single capacity in the family stable area.
      Later in life, I returned to horse racing a 100% apologist/supporter as an owner/trainer.
      My late husband and I invested lots of money, bought a beautiful farm in Lexington KY and I’ve spent most of my life catering to the most beautiful animal in the world: a thoroughbred.
      I spent countless hours on my knees rubbing their legs and doing proper bandaging because most help don’t even know how to properly bandage resulting in bow tendons and all sorts of other issues.
      All of this was my choice the racehorses don’t have a choice.
      I love them and it’s because I love them that I left this vile business.
      Over the years, I spewed the usual lines and believed them.
      I rationalized day after day the horror show going on all around me all ugly suffering in one form or another and all for an unnecessary gambling venue.
      One of my favorite rationalizations was that I took good care of my racehorses, I was a “good apple,” but then I saw one of my horses get claimed.
      It was my first claim and he spiraled down into an abusive abyss, ended up on a farm while waiting for the kill truck to arrive and I found out where he was.
      I went there and he had beating marks all over his face and I’m not exaggerating.
      I was told that he was hungry and they beat him with a pitchfork the marks confirming this.
      I have many more examples, but his one alone made me realize that it doesn’t matter how good you are to your own racehorses because sooner or later the dumping will begin – that’s a fact.
      Whether the dumping is into the “prestigious” sales auction places like Keeneland, the claiming ranks, on a farm where most are neglected such as Dr Drip or being re-purposed with no clue as to any pre-existing injuries where they continue to suffer while filling the bill for people who are completely ignorant of their past.
      I could go on and on even write a book about it, but my focus now is to shut this vile business down so that racehorses no longer suffer.
      It doesn’t matter what you think or what the horse racing industry professes racehorses are born into this business to be used, abused, exploited and there are too many examples of this and we see the facts play out every single day.
      Collette, facts are stubborn things, but you still have a chance to change your stance because if you truly loved thoroughbreds then you would leave and advocate for the shut down of this public butcher show.

    • I’m trying to imagine how you face yourself in the mirror every morning knowing you support an industry based on misery, suffering, cruelty and death. Don’t come here whining about the demise of race horses if racing were to end when your industry breaks and butchers them by the THOUSANDS every year for no other reason than blood money. It’s okay for you to cripple and maim these horses but by God, someone had better step up and pick up the pieces for you by giving these horses a life after you’ve ground them into the dirt and destroyed them emotionally and physically. Get your head out of your ass, lady. The air is cleaner out here.

  5. How do I find out what happened to the fine older gelding To the Victor that broke down in tbe first race at Parx yesterday. He was 7 years old and his current trainer was Donald R White and owner Jane White. He had been claimed 11 times in his life and made over $300K. I think he is dead now but I want to know how to find out. I’ve tried calling racetracks before and they won’t tell you anything at the stablegate or whatever lackey answers the phone. Somebody is going to regret this if he had to be euthanized. Their name will be everywhere and on a billboard if I can manage it.

    • You God damn Idiot !!!!!don’t you get it you Scumbag They die Because of racing! To victor DIED because of racing you idiot.

      • Bonnie…I hope you’re not replying to marymbaggaley – she’s concerned about To the Victor and I’m quite certain she’ll be devastated if he is indeed dead. And I’m also quite certain she recognizes his injury is because of racing – and that the blame for that includes his racing owner/trainer.

  6. What’s the use of comments since you don’t allow those that aren’t positive toward you?

    • You fucking idiot….the majority of them are dying because of retards like You. They are bred to be gambling chips, You fucking idiot.Go away you scumbags.

      • I’m not trying to offend ANYONE!!!!!!!I’m SICK of these INNOCENT souls being brutally killed. I almost had a breakdown,Joy, when A Fleet Attitude fell crossing the finish line with his God Damn right leg dangling off!!!!!!So don’t you dare say Anything to me. i’ve Been to Fucking hell and back. Horse racing is pure fucking evil .the end

  7. Janette, I don’t know why I don’t see a reply option on your last comment, maybe Patrick can help.

    The USDA keeps the statistics on horse slaughter, look it up. 100-150,000 US horses are sent to slaughter annually. About 70% are quarter horses and 20% thoroughbred. This is not a secret. While numbers are declining, there are still about 20,000 thoroughbreds registered annually in the US which implies the number slaughtered annually is approximately equal to the number of new foal registrations (source: Jockey Club). The USDA also estimates that over 90% of horses sent to slaughter are in good condition and could lead healthy lives.

    As for re-homing, I believe you are actually talking to the people who are involved with CANTER. They can provide figures. As for New Vocations, I am quite familiar. They placed two of my horses into great homes, Dot is the sister-in-law of friends of mine. They place a horse approximately every 3 days. They have placed about 6,000 horses in almost 30 years, the majority being Standardbreds. You do the math. Of all the excuses I’ve heard, simply denying the existence of slaughter is the most absurd. I’m not sure if you actually believe your comments or you’re just another lying apologist for the horror these animals await.

    • Alan and Gina V = Total Rock ⭐️‘s God Bless you Both for speaking truth to power.This evil nightmare for Innocents who are helpless must stop.

    • Actually for your information the HBPA donates a ton of money to New Vocations!! They do a fantastic job re training these horses for another career, check out the entries for the RRP, you might be surprised to know how many ex racehorses go onto other careers such as jumping, dressage, etc. Why don’t you idiots just shut down the slaughter pipeline then NO horse would ever have to suffer!!!! Go after the kill buyers, that would make a lot more sense!! Have you ever seen the care these racehorses get?? Unless you have been on the backside of a racetrack and seen the love and dedication that is given to these beautiful animals then you have no right to comment. You all think horse racing is cruel, have you ever seen how a saddle bred or Tennessee walking horse is treated? Why not go after them?? What about Morgans? Where they are forced to trot with chains around their ankles, saddlebreds are left with harnesses on 24hrs a day so their tail is forced to stay up high over their back, Tennessee Walking horses have had their feet sored so they can do the Big Lick, this is cruelty!! Thoroughbreds are born to run, they don’t wear chains around their ankles and have their feet sored!! There are 4 natural gaits for a horse, walk, trot, canter and gallop and the thoroughbred loves to gallop😀

      • Janette- do you even read the comments here or do you just feel the need to have diarrhea of your mistaken brain? You aren’t telling us anything that most of us here don’t know, haven’t dealt with, or haven’t experienced first hand. And no – TBs don’t HAVE to, nor feel the need to run balls to the wall most of the time. My OTTBs meander. One runs a few steps when she’s spooked. They’ve only been off the track a year. Pretty sure they could run still if they want to. But they know now they don’t HAVE to, and if they do, it’s short bursts. But they also all have some lingering injuries and aches and pains from the track, including a fractured coffin bone, 2 bows, and severe gastric ulcers that were treated. All from track life.

      • Janette, there seems to be a piece of your brain missing which is typical of racehorse apologists and supporters.
        Many opponents of horse racing have an extensive background and direct experience with thoroughbreds in some capacity including myself.
        That said, it isn’t a mandatory requirement for somebody to have experience when they can draw their own conclusions as to how vile this business is.
        For example, you don’t need to be involved with Pit Bull fighting rings to know that it’s wrong.
        So yes, people have a right to comment and take a stance on this business without having direct experience with it especially when they are being funded by taxpayers or various other handouts including casino profits that are being diverted from our communities.
        Of course many people, who have nothing to do with the exploitation of racehorses, have lots of experience rescuing the broken bodies and spirits of racehorses who are dumped at kill auctions after you apologists are done maiming them.
        I don’t see you or the others who rant and rave down at the kill auctions or even donating one dime to these individuals to take care of them.
        For example, for MONTHS racehorses were dying in their stalls in Puerto Rico after the hurricane.
        There was one lady, who has nothing to do with this business, BEGGING the horse racing industry for donations and she said very little help came and it quickly dwindled.
        So where in the hell were you or the billion dollar sales auctions or the billion dollar TVG and/or HBPA?
        Just where were they?
        This is one example of many because Dr Drip a multiple stake racehorse who was dumped by the owners that made all the money off of him was found starving, a walking skeleton, full of maggots eating him alive and the lady who rescued him got little to no donations from the multi-billion dollar horse racing industry.
        Of course this is only 2 examples, but there are thousands of more examples.
        You claim that the HBPA donates money.
        Prove it.
        Show us the financial records of the HBPA showing their wagering profits and then showing exactly how much money they donate so that you can show facts instead of spewing at the mouth.
        I can guarantee you that the amount of money they donate is peanuts compared to the amount of money they make off the bones, backs, and lives of racehorses whom they are directly responsible for maiming.
        Most all industry supported aftercare programs stipulate very specific caveats in their contracts one of which is to support this industry.
        Yet, “extreme animal rights activists” those who oppose this vile business don’t make any stipulations at all.
        In fact, they dig deep into their pockets to rescue your disposable gambling chips and you should be grateful for that since they are saving one of your “family members” right?
        Then again, if they were treated like “royalty” then they wouldn’t ending up dying on the slaughterhouse floor now would they?

      • I guess you don’t read. 15 years on the backstretch here. Maybe you should go spew your talking points to people who don’t know about racing.

      • Better yet Janette, instead of the “tons of money” the HBPA supposedly gives to NV, how about racing owners provide every single one of their used-up and crippled racehorses with their forever home? – how about those racing owners support their racing slaves for life? – take them home, attend to their injuries, feed and care for EACH AND EVERY ONE for the next 20-25 years? – I mean, they love them like their own children, right?

        The minute that was required, this unnecessary gambling industry would come to a screeching halt – racing doesn’t take care of its own…no, they expect the public to do that.

        Bred for racing. Used in racing. But never provided a forever home nor supported for life by racing. “Love them like children”? – get real.

      • You realize you’re just making a fool of yourself Janette? You really should stop digging, nobody here really cares.

        • You keep acting as if nobody knows what they’re talking about. I spent 15 years in the racing business, I know the people who run New Vocations. I worked relentlessly to find homes for my horses when I got out of the bloodbath. Many, many people you’re responding to are in similar situations, I’m surprised you can’t figure that out. You aren’t going to convince anyone who’s been in the business that it’s not what it is. Go somewhere else. I actually suspect you’re not really a woman named Janette, I think you’re Frank Stonach.

      • Alan, but you said you were in the business for 15 years? Kind of a long time to be in a business witnessing all of the so called abuse!! Is that because you are an abuser???

      • Alan, twisting your story now? So let me get this right, you bred horses for 15 years, were they thoroughbreds?? Did you actually spend time at the racetrack? Did you witness any abuse? I am pretty confident you didn’t!! Now who is making a fool of themselves?

  8. No one gives a fuck about how much money these horses 🐎 make for these greedy shit 💩 for brains assholes! What we care about is ending the abuse of animals worldwide, animals aren’t here to be abused sexually, physically or emotionally for the entertainment of IDIOTS. You humans have two legs, get out there and run your own damn races and bet money! You want to hunt, go out there with other hunters and shoot each other in the face!

    • Oh SNAP!!!!!!! I love it Ranny. You told them (the idiots) Kudos to you Ranny. No one could have said it better…and with humor too!! I’m so glad Ranny’s on our side 👍

  9. Jannette, you are in a state of denial.

    Many people here have tried to help injured racehorses dumped by the industry you are making a pathetic attempt to defend. The number of horses abandoned by racing with nowhere to go is overwhelming.

    There is no excuse for what happens to the horse in this gambling business. What these horses are subjected to from standing in a stalls for 23 hours a day to the drugs, “treatments”, whipping, broken necks, broken spines, broken legs, pulmonary hemorrhages and overworking to brutal deaths in slaughterhouses is disgraceful.

    But if you are knowledgeable about racing you know all this and more because there IS a lot more….

    What you say about racing is FICTION, the FACTS tell a much different story.

  10. First off, lets not mix the 2 breeds of horses, Standardbred or Harness and Thoroughbreds. The death rate, and I mean the rate which the death as attributed directly to racing, at the Standardbred/Harness track at Saratoga is minuscule compared the thoroughbred. Because a horse dies in its stall, well after racing or training, and is more of a normal type of death, not directly attributed to racing or training is not indicative to a race related death. It would be like claiming a human death as work related after a human and dies after coming home from work, and then attributing that death to a “work” related death. I believe for Saratoga harness, the death rate is about 2 average per year based on the last 10 years, probably more like 1 1/2 though. 15 thoroughbreds die, on average at the thoroughbred Saratoga track, and that is just for the few months that they are there. So, all you “know it alls” get your facts right. Instead of spouting off about the cruelty to the horses, go put up your money and time and go get a truly abused horse who is not cared for and fed on a regular basis, like what you see on the news every so often. Are there people who should not have horses or be in racing, absolutely yes. But there are many people who should not be priests, police officers, military, managers, or even parents.

      • Yep Steve – we know that. And speaking of starved and abused wasn’t it just this week that a beautiful grey thoroughbred was found on some piece of shit owner and trainer’s front lawn starved and emaciated? And what is the racing world doing about that? Oh big deal they took his stalls away. I’m sure he’ll just move on to another racetrack and race there instead. What a joke. And many of us have rescued horses in precarious situations, from the tracks, and from kill pens. So whatever junk you just spouted here, you know nothing.

      • Peggy, like you said, they took his stalls away – but didn’t revoke his license. He can still ship in and as you mentioned, race elsewhere. They need his horses to fill races…they don’t WANT to ban him.

        You know how the racing folks always deflect from the deaths and turn it back on us? – such as, why don’t WE “work with the industry to make changes?” – THEY can’t get the worst of the abusers out! – how are we supposed to be able to? (and it’s not like we haven’t tried…)

    • While ill give you standardbreds dont breakdown nowhere near as much as thoroughbreds, for many reasons, tell me where are those standardbreds going when they cant cut it on the track? Thats right the amish, knowing full well how they use their horses and dump them at auction when done with them, its acceptable just as in racing. Now heres the difference in the racing world these people get a free pass time and time again, look around, in the real world the priests, police, military, managers when they are caught, they lose their job and go to jail. very little accountability in racing because again its acceptable. And lets be real a five yr old horse that dies in the stall 4 days after racing, gee what do you think the reason was steve?

    • So SteveS, “go put up your money and time and go get a truly abused horse who is not cared for and fed on a regular basis, like what you see on the news every so often”, you say? – We don’t see them every so often, we see them all the time – and they are RACEHORSES. RACEHORSES not being cared for, not being fed, not having injuries treated. RACEHORSES starved to death. RACEHORSES standing at low-end auctions with slaughterhouses being the next stop. RACEHORSES in the hands of kill buyers – after having been purchased by the kill buyer at some point while making the “auction rounds” or being a most unfortunate direct-to-kill. And WHO “puts up the money and time” to help them? – WE do. For YEARS we have been rescuing the MULTI-BILLION dollar racing industry’s horses. And we still cannot get them all, help them all…by a racing owner’s/equine veterinarian’s own admission, 10K to 12K TB’s go to slaughter every year. EVERY YEAR.

      Bred for racing. Used in racing. But not provided a forever home nor supported for life by racing. Racehorses are not pets and they are not beloved family members…the industry makes that clear every damn day.

    • It truly shows how ignorant pro-horse racing people are as Steve clearly showed.
      You should be thanking those of us who rescue, and pay for your industries disposable gambling chips.
      We open our hearts, wallets and/or attempt to get them out of harms way.
      During this entire process your industry is boasting about their multi-billion dollar sales and wagering profits.
      In fact, the thoroughbred sales auctions such as Keeneland, Fasig-Tipton, and Ocala Breeders Sales has made, collectively, 50 million on their last sale this year alone!
      They refuse to give a mandatory 1% of these profits to OTTB aftercare.
      They don’t try to assist these racehorses because their contributions are optional.
      What a disgrace!
      Then there’s the wagering outlets such as foreign-owned TVG then XpressBet, Bet America and this doesn’t include the offshore wagering accounts all of which pay little to no taxes, while making their billions of the racehorse’s bones, backs, and lives.
      Not one off them gives any sort of 1% mandatory contribution and TVG located their headquarters intentionally in Washington state so they don’t have to pay corporate taxes.
      In the meantime, every single thing they do is nothing less than life sucking human parasites because it’s taxpayers like us that provide the roads, the infrastructure, the buildings and everything else that they require in order to operate their multi-billion dollar wagering profits.
      Hell, we even give them our casino profits to the tune of billions while state coffers are starving for money.
      Foreign-owned TVG doesn’t take care of American racehorses once they are done maiming or dying for their $2 bets – blood-sucking parasites who use, abuse, exploit everything from racehorses to people while giving little to nothing in return.
      I suggest you use your time, energy, and vocal pipes to go ask them WHY they are not taking care of racehorses instead of attacking people like us who dig deep into our working class pockets to take care of their disposable commodities.
      Furthermore, all of the pro-horse racing billion dollar profit entities know damn well that there will never be enough homes to take care of their racehorses once they are done filling races for them so they chose to ignore it because they don’t want to financially contribute to a racehorse who will, on average, live until 20 years old.
      In fact, most become disposable or financial burdens after 3 years old so you have an entire industry breeding about 12,000 racehorses per year knowing that their fate will most likely be the slaughterhouse floor.
      What a bunch of demented, deliberately delusional blood sucking human leeches.
      You all make me sick.

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