7 (For Now) Confirmed Raceday Kills Last Week

Last week in U.S. Thoroughbred and Quarterhorse races

Carol Marie “took a bad step…unfortunately perished on the track” at Belterra
Tricky Rose “went wrong…had to be euthanized” at Delaware
Gimme Goosebumps “appeared in distress, DNF” at Finger Lakes
Verrazano Vittoria “injured herself in the stating gate” at Parx
Credo “went bad, vanned off” at Parx
Dazzle Em Hickory “vanned off” at Prairie
Little Bean “vanned off” at Retama
Blues Story “vanned off” at Thistledown – subsequently confirmed dead
Nantan Lupan “bled, vanned off” at Albuquerque
Blame It On Mom “vanned off” at Belmont
Imaginethejoy “got unsaddled bleeding from the nostrils” at Delaware
Dispel “went wrong…had to be euthanized” at Delaware
She’s Flat Out “pulled up injured, vanned off” at Thistledown
Beltway “suffered an injury…euthanized” at Thistledown
Deft “fell…suffering a fatal injury” at Belmont
Blarp “went wrong, vanned off” at Delaware
Tastemaker “went wrong, vanned off” at Golden Gate
Perfect State “vanned off” at Gulfstream
Nyx Warrior “pulled up lame, vanned off” at Penn
Imperioso “hit gate, vanned off” at Belmont
Fashion Shot “went wrong, vanned off” at Belterra – subsequently confirmed dead
Cut Like Delaney “vanned off” at Charles Town
I Am Furh Real “vanned off” at Charles Town
Colonelsdarktemper “bled” at Churchill
Maru “vanned off” at Belmont
Rhode Island “vanned off” at Belmont
Lutsky “vanned off” at Belmont
Sweeping Edge “vanned off” at Canterbury
Tapalot “vanned off” at Emerald
Alteration “fell, vanned off” at Fairmount
Bash “went wrong, vanned off” at Parx
Thisbetterwork “vanned off” at Prairie
Whiskey Doctor “in distress, vanned off” at Remington
El Corazon “vanned off” at Gulfstream
Mexican Girl “vanned off” at Mountaineer
Burnout B “injured, hauled off” (yes, “hauled off”) at Will Rogers

“Vanned Off”: unable to walk off course under own power; many of these horses will resurface on my FOIA kill-reports

“Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils”: usually indicates pulmonary hemorrhage

(source: Equibase)

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  1. “Hauled off” – well I guess we have to give them credit for honesty, since the racing industry treats their horses like pieces of dead meat. “Unfortunately perished” – only unfortunate in that she couldn’t be forced to run another day for more of their blood money. Why doesn’t the racing industry just dispense with the polite colloquialisms and say it like it really is? Abused. Tortured. Bullied. Beaten. Exploited. Discarded. Killed.

  2. How do you get these reports. I see some of these breakdowns when I watch the races. But there are so many more here. I never watch places like Belterra Park because the horses are so.poor that it is cheaper for the connections to run the horse until it self destructs and euthanize than to fix it up and rest it. These people should not be allowed to own racehorses.

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