4-Year-Old Becomes 25th Kill at Belmont This Year

And NYRA – “demonstrably safer racing” NYRA – kills another: Saturday morning while training at Belmont, says the Gaming Commission, Mo Moxie “sustained a fracture and was euthanized on track.” Mo Moxie was four and had been put to the whip eight times, most recently at Saratoga August 21. This makes 25 dead horses at Belmont Park this year – 25 dead sentient beings for $2 bets and idle entertainment.

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  1. So, they’ve reached 25 deaths at Belmont this season.
    I guess the question now becomes: Where’s all the national (and international) media coverage that rightfully plagued Santa Anita, et al. this year? Aren’t people as horrified by the constant breakdowns on the east coast as we are out west? The new normal has finally become print and broadcast reporters covering each and every horse death as front-page news, seeking answers, and publicizing the well-earned fall-out. It’s time for all media outlets to catch up and stick cameras in the faces of every abuser in this disgusting anti-sport.

  2. The racing industry has learned to hide behind smoke screens – the Horseracing Integrity Act, their so-called investigative committees spouting the same “we are committed to making things safer” rhetoric, and the occasional black balling of a random trainer to pacify the current media scrutiny. They know damn well that the animal protection agencies are more concerned with whining for donations and wouldn’t dare take on the billions of dollars that the racing industry has behind it. I would hold PETA and HSUS and the rest of them doubly responsible for these horses’ suffering, because they have taken on the title and responsibility of protectors and defenders yet they not only ignore the blatant torture, abuse and death, but even endorse it.

  3. She was my horse & it was a freak accident. NYRA did nothing wrong. Check your facts next time. She also was fine after her race on 8/21. These horse are lightly whipped for urging & guidance. Never have any markings on their body afterward. She was a happy horse that got spooked & reared up. Don’t drag her into any of your misdirected negativity .

    • Bringing a whip down from above your head is not lightly urging or guiding. I dare you to let one of those slap happy jockeys to hit you as hard as they do their mounts. So your horse was happy being locked in a stall 23 hours a day? Being deprived of socializing with other horses? Forced to run before her bones and joints were developed? Given drugs to mask her pain? You horse racing mongers are all the same – full of bullshit but not giving a shit about the horses you destroy.
      I wouldn’t have the balls to come on to an anti horseracing blog and not only admit to owning one of the horses killed, but then actually claiming the horse was happy. You guys really do believe your own f***ked up propaganda, don’t you?

    • Ali, she was ANOTHER death on the track at Belmont! And it shows how sick the mentality is with racing – you’re ok with someone beating your horse for “guidance”?! Can we hit you that hard and see if it hurts? We just want to guide you, of course. And please check YOUR facts – you’re wrong about NEVER leaving a mark – I can indeed prove that it leaves marks on horses! Hopefully someday you wake up to the atrocities of this “sport” like i did.

    • Don’t drag your dead filly into [our] “misdirected negativity”? – you “dragged” Mo Moxie into racing – an unnecessary and high-risk activity she never consented to. You risked her life. And now she’s dead.

      And FYI? – whipping horses and leaving welts, which I’ve seen – is the least of these exploited horses’ concerns. Yet, you condone it.

      • Joy this guy is clueless. Typical small percentage partner who brags about “his” horse and goes broke. Keep up your great work.

    • Hey,you wealthy scumbag,like the rest of the owners and even more evil trainers…GET A REAL JOB and quit using innocent animals for something to do because your so bored from not having to work. GET A LIFE

      • See my comment about Victory Racing Partners, Bonnie – you don’t have to be “wealthy” to OWN a PART of a racehorse. You merely have to view the horses as tools of the gambling trade – a means to an end.

    • Mo Moxie was owned by Victory Racing Partners – the following, from their site…

      “You do not have to be a multi-millionaire to become a racehorse partner. You don’t even need to have full ownership of your racehorse. Whether you buy 5% or 50% of the horse, once you make your investment, the horse will be yours and you will be treated like a partner. You do not even have to put all of your investment into one horse. Rather, you can distribute your money and own as many horses as you want. In doing so, you can maximize your chance of winning. One thing is for certain: by investing your share in Victory Racing, you take very little risk in exchange for a lifetime of reward.”

      “Investment” – not a cherished pet.

      “Ownership – 5% or 50%” – not a beloved child.

      “You risk very little…” – but the horse will risk her life and not of her own choosing.

      Mo Moxie – you mattered to us and not as an investment for our own reward.

      • “A lifetime of reward”, huh? Definitely not for the horses forced into this death machine. It’s positively disgusting how this industry puts the horses it claims to love like family up as cheap incentive to pull ignorant people into its ranks to bolster the illusion of a thriving industry.

      • Perfectly stated, Rebecca – I’ve met a few of those ignorant folks who purchased a piece of a racehorse – they thought they were pretty special being a racehorse owner. Then their horse gets put into a claiming race and is found standing in a kill pen a couple years later – none of the partners want to buy even 5% of their former horse then.

    • Lol. Happy until she ends up in a kill pen in a couple of years. Unless you’re the benevolent one who’s going to pay board for the next 30 years on a horse that earns no money. Yeah, thought not.

    • Your horse? Your a small time “investor” who apparently is clueless. I’m sure you and your “partners” had plenty to talk about today.

  4. What the hell is someone going to do about this. Its so wrong and heartbreaking to hear this. The owners need to stop and new laws made

  5. I have a friend who worked at a NY track over 30 years ago..she told me the abuse was horrid..just like the government, nothing ever changes

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