Another Kill at Los Alamitos – 13th on the Year

In the 8th at Los Alamitos Sunday, Da One Two Special was said (Equibase) to have been “injured [and] vanned off.” In fact, I have confirmed, he is dead – euthanized, says the California Horse Racing Board, after falling. Da One Two Special was six years old. He becomes the 13th dead horse at Los Alamitos on the year.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Horses continue to die and heartless bastards continue to defend, while the racing industry continues to hide behind its blood soaked banner of “We love our horses”. What depths does this disgusting death machine have to sink to before our society finally puts a stop to the torture, abuse, and death?

    • And these phony assholes will continue to defend even though they KNOW the Majority of these Innocent animals go to SLAUGHTER. They are bred to be Used as betting chips,then Discarded like TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You scumbags who defend this are lazy.

  2. No matter what I post, a notice comes up that I’ve
    said this before, and it isn’t posted. Has this site been invaded by NYRA?

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