Two More Racing Kills at Saratoga; 12 Deaths on the Summer

In the 8th at Saratoga yesterday, Go Big Or Go Home, says Equibase, “went wrong”; “went wrong,” as regular readers know, is one of this industry’s go-to euphemisms for dead and that, in fact, is the case here, as the Gaming Commission subsequently confirmed. Go Big Or Go Home was five, and this was his 22nd time under the whip.

Also: Divine Miss Grey, whom you may remember was “vanned off” after “taking bad steps” in a race at Saratoga earlier this month, has been euthanized – “complications from fetlock surgery.” Two things. One, her suffering was almost surely unnecessarily extended: A fetlock injury serious enough to necessitate surgery would have almost without fail, and rightly so, led to immediate euthanasia for the vast majority of horses. But Divine Miss Grey was an expensive horse – this was her 13th “stakes” race in a row – with a valuable future in the breeding shed; hence, the attempt to save. Two, the Gaming Commission is trying to file this under “non-racing,” which would be risible if not for the deadly gravity of it all. Of course, this is a racing kill.

Saratoga ’19:

Golden Julia, May 30, stall, “found distressed in stall…died from acute blood loss”
Golden Julia was two years old and coming off a training session just five days prior.

Investment Analyst, Jun 7, training, “sustained leg injury necessitating euthanasia”
Investment Analyst was two years old; he was being prepped for his first race.

Gattino Marrone, Jul 3, training, “fractured sesamoids, euthanized”
Gattino Marrone was three years old and had been put to the whip 6 times.

Fight Night, Jul 12, racing, “fell heavily after the wire, euthanized on track”
Fight Night was three years old, and this was her 5th time under the whip.

Total Fidelity, Jul 14, training, “suffered fracture to LF sesamoids, euthanized”
Total Fidelity was two years old; she was being prepped for her first race.

Overlord, Jul 15, stall, “colonic rupture, euthanized”
Overlord was three years old and coming off a training session just one week prior.

Verravanni, Jul 25, stall, “pleuropneumonia”
Verravanni was two years old and coming off a training session just eight days prior.

Misspent Youth, Jul 27, training, “cardiovascular collapse”
Misspent Youth was five years old and had been put to the whip 13 times.

Umetuka, Jul 31, training, “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Umetuka was four years old and had been put to the whip 9 times.

Divine Miss Grey, Aug 3, racing (euth Aug 26) – “complications [after] surgery”
Divine Miss Grey was five years old, and this was her 26th time under the whip.

Sundae On Sunday, Aug 4, racing, “collapsed, euthanized”
Sundae On Sunday was ten years old, and this was his 61st time under the whip.

Go Big Or Go Home, Aug 28, racing, “went wrong, euthanized”
Go Big Or Go Home was five, and this was his 22nd time under the whip.

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  1. Are you serious? – the Gaming Commission claims Divine Miss Grey was NOT ultimately euthanized because of racing? – not a racing-related death? What was her injured limb surgically addressed for if NOT for a fractured sesamoid in her left foreleg suffered during her August 3 race?!?

    You SEE, folks? – this is evidence of just ONE way the industry hides their racing dead.

  2. Shame on the vet who actually went ahead with the fetlock surgery- just proves these “veterinarians” on the track are every bit the butchers and abusers as the rest of them. They should all have their licenses (if they even have one) taken away and be charged with counts of animal cruelty.

  3. THANK YOU for shining a Bright Spot Light into the Dark Corners of Animal Cruelty. Exposure is the Only way people will learn what an UN-Glamourous, so called “Sport” this
    Greedy exercise in animal breeding really is.

  4. Can someone tell us if vets take an oath at graduation like regular doctors do to take quality care and compassion for their patients. It is just mind blowing the way we hear procedures are done and medication given that is questionable. Is there accountability to anyone for diagnoses?????

    • They do. My wife is a vet, most won’t go near a racetrack but there’s a lot of money to be made for those who do.

  5. The off-site vet hospital is merely another public relations scheme it seems.
    Van-off the racehorses to the clinic, make it look like we actually care knowing full well that the horse should have been euthanized on the spot due to their severe injuries.
    Loading and unloading a racehorse with broken bones only deepens the suffering.
    This seems to be the new ruse, the new scenario.
    Then they can claim that it wasn’t a racing injury as we see here.
    Lying bastards.
    I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: these human parasitic leeches and sadistic abusers will go to no lengths to continue their domination over a weaker species that are completely voiceless and defenseless.
    Furthermore, the gaming commissions are there to protect the wagering income over the health and welfare of the racehorses in most all cases as repeatedly seen in measly fines to horse beating jockeys and multiple doping violators.
    Even killing a racehorse doesn’t lead to anything as we see time and time again.
    There are no neutral entities protecting these racehorses
    DIVINE MISS GREY made over $900,000 for these parasites.
    The secret doping/vet records would reveal just how callous these slave masters were, most likely, and would probably show injection after injection just to squeeze another buck out of her knowing full well that she was on the verge of collapsing.
    To the parasites who exploited DIVINE MISS GREY – prove me wrong by disclosing the doping/vet records.
    Of course you won’t like all the others because it will clearly show people who don’t give a damn.
    Not even $900,000 was enough to give her a decent retirement and a grassy paddock that she so deserved.
    This is the vile business called horse racing and these are the vile people who kill their racehorses.

  6. Absolutely correct, Joy.
    Divine Miss Grey died as a result of an injury she suffered in a race.
    That is an undeniable fact.
    Most sesamoid surgeries are unsuccessful.
    With the 5 year study I did with Sydney University on racehorse deaths in my home state in Australia, the sesamoid injury was by far the most prominent cause of catastrophic limb injuries.
    I’ve assisted in a dissection of a former racehorse’s forelimb specifically to have a look at the sesamoids and they’re not unlike a walnut. The structure of the fetlock mechanism just blows my mind, these huge and heavy magnificent animals, are relying upon a healthy fetlock to gallop at fast speed. The stress placed on the fetlock for the racehorse is seriously massive and it goes without saying that the wear and tear takes its toll on this amazing fetlock.
    So it’s no surprise that these magnificent equines are breaking down with catastrophic limb injuries.

    So for the Saratoga Racing Commission to declare that the death of DMG is a “non-racing” death is not only reprehensible but misleading the public.

  7. Just a note. Fetlock injuries are not a death sentence but there is no surgery that will allow the horse to race. A friend had a two year old that stepped in a hole and shattered his fetlock. The x-ray looked like birdshot, it was crunchy. Wrapped the leg heavily, then casted to the knee. Bent a piece of rebar, placed it along the cast, and applied a second cast to hold it in place so the horse could stand and the weight was redistributed up to the cannon. Had to change it weekly to check for tissue necrosis but the horse healed and lived a long happy life as pasture decor.

    • Freak accidents are one thing – the constant abuse these horses suffer until their limbs literally shatter is another. And if the owners do attempt surgery it isn’t because they care about the horse, it’s because they might be able to squeeze a bit more money out of the horse on a stud farm.

  8. This makes every horse and animal lover sick. I will rejoice when this nasty, killing pastime for the dumb, is no longer.

  9. This makes every horse and animal lover sick. I will rejoice when this nasty, killing pastime for the dumb, is no longer. Post this comment.

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