Vile: 9-Year-Old Killed in 106th Race

The 5th at Timonium, as relayed by Equibase: “To the Stars pulled up after sustaining a catastrophic injury entering the first turn, was euthanized.”

And so is ended yet another life by this vile industry. But this kill is particularly vile, for you see this horse was nine years old and – get this – under the whip for the 106th time. 106th time. His final (of many) set of exploiters/abusers, Jose Rodriguez and Caper Racing, had him racing at racino tracks – which, because they are flush with slots cash, typically pay first through last – giving them every incentive to keep throwing this poor, beaten-down animal out onto the track. For shame. For shame.

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  1. I despise anybody who participates and supports this vile business in any way, shape or form.
    I try to be civil and I don’t like to wish bad on people, but this business is so vile it deserves to be shut down.
    My only hope is that the racehorse’s spirits, the ones who have died for these morally bankrupt and corrupt people, wreck havoc on their lives in some way because they deserve it.
    FYI, the HBPA AKA “horseman’s groups” were INSTRUMENTAL in putting through the rule to pay-out up to last place to encourage these parasites to fill races for them subsequently filling their wagering coffers.
    The corrupt HBPA doesn’t give a damn about these racehorses, they move them around like chattels and they have trainers training for them, and assisting with allegedly baking their books.
    I know all about them.
    They will go to no lengths to ensure that their wagering coffers are filled via the Interstate Wagering Act (which is illegal and supposed to be temporary) and if it means racehorses dropping dead – so be it.
    TO THE STARS – so sorry for you.
    You were mercifully and heartlessly used, abused, beaten and run into the ground until you could give no more.
    All of this while you were generating stupid bets for these parasitic leeches.

  2. I hope this gentle soul finally is “to the stars” because like every racehorse, he deserved so much more than a life of misery, pain, and exploitation, and I hope that the next life is every bit as kind to these heartless soulless bloodsucking monsters as they were to the defenseless horses they claimed to care so much about.
    Ten years old and 106 races? Ten years of isolation, drugging, doping, and whipping? Defend that, apologists. Defend it to hell.

    • I can’t even cope with this PURE EVIL anymore. Karma will be a BITCH to these money hungry Satans.

  3. These stories of abuse just break my heart. What is being done to stop this industry? Does this blog have any clout? The deaths are being painstakingly recorded so it is no secret about the deaths. Each one is painfully read. Please let us know what more we can do. Thanks with sadness.

    • That’s what I wanna know, what can we do to change this. The people say, if racing gets banned there will be more horses going to slaughter because they are not needed. So it’s wrong and cruel either way.

  4. It’s barbaric in every language. So many list their lives this last week for human ignorance and greed.

  5. These people are disgusting beyond all measure. And not one rule in place to protect the horse from this horrible abuse and exploitation – just one more broken down carcass for the rendering plant.
    Oh yes, these people really do love their horses !!!!!!!

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