Kills in Back-To-Back Races at Arizona Downs

From the just-released Arizona Downs Stewards Report for August 10:

In the 5th race, “Jomelo pulled up in first turn, vanned off…fractured sesamoid bones – euthanized.” Jomelo was ten – yes, ten – years old and had been beaten and ground down for over eight years and 62 races before finally succumbing.

Prior to the next race, “Nana’s Rule [was] fractious in the gate, flipped and broke through gate, ran loose and bumped into rail, fractured canon bone – euthanized.” Nana’s Rule was four, and, like any “child,” was For Sale at $3,000 just before dying.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Seems there are a lot of issues at the gate and they appear to show that the horse is very fearful. There have been three of these gate breakouts at Del Mar this meet I believe. I imagine they know the whip is coming.

  2. Between the shock buzzers and other abuse that goes on while in the gate and the vicious whipping they get once on the track, no wonder these horses are literally flipping out. Of course, if there was a REAL investigation into what goes on, people who might actually care about horses would find this out and do something.

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