2-Year-Old Killed at Los Alamitos

According to Equibase, Always Checking was “injured, vanned off” in the 7th at Los Alamitos yesterday. In fact, I have confirmed (CHRB), he is dead – euthanized for his injuries. Always Checking was two; ’twas his 6th time under the whip.

HW protesters at Los Alamitos yesterday. Yes, horses are killed there – and at racetracks everywhere…

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  1. This makes me PHYSICALLY SICK. I have just contacted the media. We need to get press on every single fatality, just like at Santa Anita. This poor animal may have been killed WHILE we were there protesting.

  2. Some people will do anything for money including slavery, drugs, people smuggling and killing to order. These people provide, train and ride horses to make theirs and it kills repeatedly. If these beautiful horses were humans some of them would complain, tell others, refuse to participate, even run away.
    But these pitiful victims can’t do any of the aforementioned. Even if they were to perform badly the result would be the same, death.in the United Kingdom horse owners and trainers are accepted in the circles of the super rich and Royalty. They are part of the establishment, earring huge sums of money and Knighthoods.
    They are however as guilty of murder as much as if they picked up a knife, gun or pick axe and brutally killed someone for not performing well or falling over at work.
    Just like the beasts who hunt and kill rare and endangered animals these people are evil so WHY ARE THE RACEGOERS STILL GOING?

  3. Disgusting. Always believed 2 yr olds are too young to race
    Their bones are not fully formed or strong enough
    This racing has to stop . Horses have souls feel pain .Total abuse !!!

  4. Lost and gone is compassion and responsibility towards living breathing beings, both animals and humans. Once upon a time, the statement, “inhumane treatment” meant something– something bad and graphic. The new meaning now is “humane treatment” because it is what humans do best — destroy, compromise, kill, torture, punish, slaughter, deprive and highly disrespect the animal species — especially those that love to live quietly with their supposedly human companions. But the “humane” do not feel any shame, as long as they roll in the dough, wear their derby’s, drive their cars for the rich and famous, and can go home and have a quiet dinner with wine, without nary shedding a tear or feel any remorse.. They are terrorists in the horse world and yet are constantly glorified and rewarded. It is the way of the nature of the human beast.
    Rest well, my beautiful Divine Equine/s, for you have found your peace, where others have not.

  5. As a police officer of 26 years who focused primarily on animal cruelty, I consider horseracing to be as illegal as dog fighting. The only difference is, the people who make the laws and those who enforce them turn their backs on it.

    CRUELTY as defined in nearly every state law is:
    EVERY ACT omission or neglect, whereby any UNJUSTIFIABLE physical pain suffering or death is CAUSED OR PERMITTED!

  6. Thank-you Susan McDonough – what you said is 100% true.
    Los Al’s owner, Ed Allred breeds, races and kills so many racehorses that he qualifies as a serial racehorse killer and should be in jail on Felony Animal Cruelty charges.
    He’s been getting away with total lack of transparency for years.
    Obviously, a cruel and sadistic slave master who facilitates a public butcher show.
    Horse racing REQUIRES the cruel, abusive and inhumane treatment of racehorses as part of their DAILY business practices and then either masks the truth (secret doping/vet records etc.) or sends out a deliberate, delusional message that horse racing is just groovy when it’s not.
    It’s no different than any animal exploitation business only the victim is different.
    Like the other antiquated business models such as the circus, SeaWorld, and dog fighting it needs to shut down because no changes, not anything, will alter the fundamental business model of exploiting voiceless, defenseless beings for their demented greedy morally bankrupt pockets/egos.
    If we can shut down or, in the least, stop the multi-billion dollar corporation SeaWorld to STOP imprisoning marine mammals for profit then we can stop this business.
    Never, ever think that the horse racing business will win because it won’t.
    We’ve got the truth on our side, we have transparency now thanks to Patrick and this site, and we finally have the general public exposed to the horrors of this vile business.
    Of course our younger generation (our up and coming politicians) get it and this will end.
    Natalie Voss, apologist and writer for The Paulick Report, recently claimed this:
    “The Santa Anita crisis (and I think we can all agree that it’s a crisis) from this spring has added a sense of urgency to racing’s to-do list.”
    NO NO NO Ms. Voss – racehorses dying in the dirt at Santa Anita is not a crisis suggesting that it’s an anomaly.
    It’s NOT, this is BUSINESS AS USUAL – always has been, but this vile business and their million dollar public relations firms have done a very good job at hiding their dead including the commissions who are nothing more than a death tool for these vile people – public wallpaper just like this article.
    Nothing will get done, nothing will change, racehorses will die and that’s why it needs to shut down.

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