“Went Wrong,” “Vanned Off in Distress,” Dead

I have confirmed that Purple Flowers is dead after “[going] wrong” and being “vanned off in distress” in the 7th at Belterra Thursday. She was six years old; ’twas her 49th time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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  1. FYI – Kentucky is now posting records of racehorses who die on their tracks.
    It’s not going to change anything including the dying, but at least it makes it more transparent.
    Here’s one of the notes on CATHEDRAL READER.

    She received lots of joint injections indicating that her joints/synovial joint fluid was diseased and/or she was given the injections to increase her competitive edge.
    These racehorses are being turned into pin cushions in the corner cobwebs of their stalls with nobody – not anybody – legally protecting them.


    “no published works.” – un fucking beleivable!!
    Then the trainer claims that he did work her but never reported it???
    “Comments: While there were no published works in Equibase for this
    filly after her transfer to trainer B. Santangelo, the trainer reported to the
    Stewards that she had worked 4 f at TP on 2/15/19. This notification was made
    to the public. The Stewards determined that it was through no fault of the
    trainer that the work was not published.”

    This is all going on while the ignorant unsuspecting $2 bets are placed with no transparency affecting the bets.
    Now, I don’t support people who bet in any way, but if it means expediting the shut down of this vile business then let the lawsuits ensue.

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