Another Death at Del Mar; To Racing People, Horses Are Its, Not Hes and Shes

The Del Mar Stewards Minutes for the week Jul 31-Aug 4 list one “deceased” – no name or cause of death, of course. I did, however, reach out to the CHRB; I was told: “There were no racing or training fatalities at Del Mar between July 31 and August 4. If a horse died from illness, I would not have the details.” Whoever the horse, whatever the cause, he/she is unquestionably a casualty, just the same as the ones who suffer head-on collisions or other assorted broken body parts out on the track.

The Del Mar ’19 Death Toll stands at five:

Charge a Bunch, Jul 18 – “head-on collision”
Carson Valley, Jul 18 – “head-on collision” (see above)
Bowl of Soul, Jul 29 – “broke down”
unidentified, Jul 31-Aug 4 – stall death
Bri Bri, Aug 12 – “suffered a catastrophic injury”

In the most recent Stewards Minutes from Los Alamitos, these gems:

“There was a refund in the first race as #5 ‘Chocolate Mess’ became extremely fractious in the starting gate and injured itself, prompting Racing Veterinarian Becky Fitzgerald to recommend that the horse be declared [scratched]. Jockey Juan Sanchez, who was aboard ‘Chocolate Mess’ when it pitched a fit…”

“A claim deposited by trainer Kelly Castaneda in the first race for #6 ‘Nevada Wild Cat’ was voided as the horse was unsound during its time in the detention barn. It was returned to the barn of trainer Valentin Zamudio. #5 ‘Nova’ was a late declaration from the second race as it ‘flipped’ in the saddling paddock and was declared…”

“We were originally of the opinion that the horse [Hes Jess a Secret] may have suffered a back injury as it struggled to get to its feet. However, after a short time, it was up and walking into the equine ambulance.”

“A refund was ordered in the eighth race as #7 ‘Tequila Sangria’ injured itself in the starting gate and was declared.”

The racing people, we are told, see and treat their horses as and like “members of the family.” Hmm. When was the last time you heard parents refer to their child as an “it”?

Vile. Horseracing.


  1. When will Horse lovers, animal lovers in general, take over the law enforcement for anyone dealing with horses and or other animals.

  2. As long as we rely on abusers minding their manners or controlling themselves we will never see the animals treated with humane compassionate self-discipline. Apparently people like my grandfather who cried when he lost one of his babies or Cooed over them as he bandaged their legs or chuckled when they purposefully got his attention – those people apparently don’t exist anymore. We have stepped aside and given the care of these beautiful beings to Third World desperados and put the blinders on. The creepy owners and trainers who thought they were getting such a good deal have only revealed themselves as part of the criminal and medically abusive people they are

    Being politically correct has gotten our animals into horrible situations

  3. It’s so much easier to commit these atrocities on sentient beings when you have the mindset that they are just “things”. Like garbage cans. Maybe some people won’t like the comparison but the Germans referred to the Jews as sub-human, lower than animals to their way of thinking. The racing industry can make the claim “these horse are like family” but the truth is disgustingly obvious at every level that race horses are chattel, things to be discarded whenever these monsters under the title trainers feel like it. I really think that abusing these horses becomes an addiction, just like serial killers. When an animal the size of a horse cowers from you, it gives you a feeling of power, and the constant torment and abuse is like a sick joke to these sacks of shit.

  4. These (if you can call them that) humans are truly disgusting!! From the owners,trainers tenny tiny worthless jockeys to the spectator. They are useless being with to much money and time to be productive to society. They are criminals,they are serial killers and need to be held accountable. GOVERMENT STEP UP DO YOUR JOBS THAT” WE THE PEOPLE ” DEMAND. COWARDS!!@

  5. Industrial farms refer to livestock and poultry as its. Animals destined for slaughter are mere commodities, not living, breathing, feeling creatures. Dogs in puppy mills are mere commodities. Racehorses are also mere commodities to many people. If fact, to some people, all animals are commodities to be used and abused as they see fit. I have heard people claim that the Bible says that animals were put on this earth by God just to benefit us, so we can use them any way we want. This way they justify dog fighting, cock fighting, bull fighting, bear baiting, trophy hunting, fur farming, etc. There is an evil, cruel underbelly inherent in the human race, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    • While animals are to be used for our benefit, it is not with the intent that we mistreat or abuse them. Honestly, where would mankind be without the use of the horse for those early years? Humans are to be caretakers of the planet, not dictators. There is something alarmingly wrong with a person if they can look at a sentient being suffering and not only be completely unmoved, but actually make it a daily part of a gruesome nationwide “sport”. These owners, trainers, riders, and even spectators have been given a government funded license to torture and kill horses, and they are sick enough to enjoy it.

  6. Del Mar = DEATH MAR.
    Racehorses have been dying there for YEARS with no transparency whatsoever.
    The pro-horse racing people, all on the CHRB board, are the hens guarding the hen house.
    Unfortunately, it took many more racehorses to die for people to finally take notice.
    I will continue be a voice for these defenseless, voiceless racehorses as they lay writhing in the dirt from broken bones, bodies, and spirits.
    This is so disturbing, heartbreaking, and unacceptable.
    This WILL shut down and it can’t come soon enough for the racehorses.

    • Until using animals for entertainment is outlawed…can we get racing in the winter months on frozen dirt OUTLAWED ala Aqueduct and other cold weather tracks.Horses should not be running on ice,snow and slush. I’ll never give up fighting for the one’s who lost their lives (snapping off legs) because they are forced to run on frozen rock hard ground.oh yeah I F’n HATE New York my beloved Afleet Alex lost at Least,at Least,three of his offspring in NY.I still haven’t heard yet about his son Ro Bear,being found dead in his stall at Belmont, for God’s Sake. I don’t love New York…I HATE New York. No, I’m not a trainer or owner, I just love Afleet Alex. Let’s SAVE the innocents.🙏🙏

  7. So sad, this is absolutely insanity that this continues to go on over and over.This is animal abuse and the authorities should be passing out felonies and shutting the tracks down. They are not above the law! I pray for an end to this madness.

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