“For Sale” 50 Times, Killed in 51st Race

In the 3rd at Thistledown yesterday, Quinnehtukqut “suffered a catastrophic injury near the seven sixteenths pole” and, says Equibase, “was euthanized.” Quinnehtukqut was seven, and this was his 51st time under the whip. But that’s not all: In all but one of those 51 races, this long-abused animal was “For Sale” prior to – that’s “For Sale” 50 times over. Imagine that.

Quinnehtukqut’s “catastrophic injury” (around 2:00 mark, jockey in yellow cap)

Tidy Stripe, who was a “bad step, vanned off” in the 2nd at Delaware Thursday, is in fact dead – euthanized, says the Racing Commission, for a sesamoid fracture. Tidy Stripe was four; ’twas her 19th time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Not only is Quinnehktuqut “out of the race”, as the announcer said, he’s lost his life. Such concern In that announcement.

  2. The grade 2 Adirondack stakes 10th race on Aug 4
    Just fly horse number 7 ridden by the same jockey in the derby that could have had a catastrophic ending as well. One of the other horses stumbled out of the gate in the beginning. The jockey has a penalty for this.poorly attempted run to win and is the same jockey that was on maximum security
    Please view the replay and see the near disaster

  3. Quinnehtukqut – RIP dear horse – an owner too god damn stupid to understand that obviously this poor horse – hated race tracks and was probably sore as well and probably also hated you. You had this poor animal for sale for 50 times at each god damn race and on the 51st the poor animal dies – you rotten bastard – may you rot in hell and the sooner the better. You are no horse person what-so-ever – you are the reason this poor horse is dead – you are not worthy to have even owned this poor soul!! What a sad life this horse had and what a horrible ending. A horse owner so out of tune with the animal not to even start to understand him and not care at all either.

    Then we have Tidy Stripe a 4 year old under the whip for the 19th time – Jesus H Christ – she should not even have seen a track until late in her 3rd year and the start of her 4th. What in the hell is the matter with you people.
    All of these race tracks need to be closed forever and the sooner the better – they are nothing but daily kill zones.
    No animal in the world deserves these types of daily abuse. OMG please just shut them all down. Stop the greed stop the slaughter because that is all this is about.

  4. This poor horse was started 17 times in the last 6 months of his life of abuse.
    What a sorry sick “business” racing is, where animal cruelty reigns with impunity and the only merciful escape is to “breakdown” or “collapse” and die.

  5. I send another letter and the 2019 death list to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, since they are trying to move animals out of the property status and make it possible for lawsuits to be brought against owners on behalf of abused animals. If anyone would like to write to them, here is their address:

    Animal Legal Defense Fund
    PO Box 96041
    Washington, DC. 20077-7136

    If we can get organizations like this involved, we might be able to bring racing to a quicker end.

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