“Went Wrong,” Dead at Delaware Park

In the 5th at Delaware Monday, according to Equibase, Glencairn “went wrong” and was subsequently “vanned off.” Turns out, he is dead – euthanized, says the Racing Commission, for a sesamoid fracture. This, of course, should come as no surprise, as “went wrong” is one of this vile industry’s go-to euphemisms for was killed. To add insult to catastrophic injury, the 5-year-old Glencairn had been put up “For Sale” by his we-love-them-like-our-children “connections” immediately prior to dying.

This is horseracing.


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  1. The poor baby finished 12th his last time out at that kill factory Aqueduct in April.He was trying to tell these insensitive,asshole humans I’m injured, or don’t want to do this! I lost one of my favorite son’s of Afleet Alex in 2018,in the frozen graveyard of “the big a” 8yr.old gelding Afleet Attitude,winner of over 600,000,the hard way, claiming races. Horses should NOT be running on the frozen surfaces of Stupid ny.No,I’m not a owner or trainer, just a fan of Afleet Alex. Animals are telling us,but humans (most) aren’t sensitive enough to listen.

  2. We cry for you GLENCAIRN, for the lack of respect for all you gave, to have been ‘put up for sale’..no excuse for this!! Rest in Peace beautiful boy, heaven gained another angel to love..

  3. Oh for God sakes save your ignorant bullshit about “we love them like our children” – you don’t give a damn about these poor horses if you did you would have taken him off the race a long time ago and given him a chance to live elsewhere where people may have had the chance to love him and care for him. But no – you just kept dumping him in the “claiming races” until he died – you bastards killed him of your own doing because no one listened to this poor horse who would have been already telling you that he was hurting and he wanted no more sights of any race track. I wish to hell we got to read a story one day about you bastards being dead instead of the horses. This is abuse in one of the worst ways – get rid of these race tracks and stop the horse slaughter.

    • God bless you Cathy,nobody can say it as well as you! So many things going on in this country right now are frankly overwhelming despair,too much to process. I am convinced at this point,the majority of people in this gambling scam,masquerading as a “sport” are just unfeeling greedy monsters. They don’t truly care,and they know it.

  4. Thank you both Cathy and Bonnie for saying it like it is. Horse racing is nothing but a “gambling scam, masquerading as a sport..” The deaths at Santa Anita were said to be from the “milkshakes” given to horses on race day; when it properly got into their stomachs, bettors put their dollars on those horses. The fact remains that these innocent horses are running their hearts out for people who care nothing about them. Horse racing needs to be banned.

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