Just Another Blip, Gone and Forgotten

Avon Gold is dead after “suffer[ing] a fx to the pastern while training” at Finger Lakes yesterday. She was two and being prepped for her first race. In its “report,” the Gaming Commission assured that there will be “more to follow.” Having been at this for six years, I can assure that nothing more will follow – this babe is probably already on her way to being “processed,” an already-forgotten blip in the industry machine.

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  1. AVON GOLD, you will never be forgotten, you were so loved by us, we are so sorry the horseracing industry have failed and abused you. But to all ‘Avon Gold’s you will be lifted up by the holy spirit in nothing but grace and light. This disgusting ‘processing’ treatment and evil must stop, it’s 2019, not acceptable anymore, an eye for an eye!!

    • Avon Gold – your story will be told over and over again as we demand justice in the horse racing industry. You will not be forgotten. RIP gentle one.

  2. Even though we never met this equine angel, we mourn her loss. This is why we will never stop fighting to put an end to this vile industry – because EVERY one of these horses was a sentient being, a gentle soul destroyed by human greed. The racing industry may have already forgotten her, but we never will.

  3. Avon Gold rest in peace. You couldn’t say “no I don’t want to run this race”. You are one of the voiceless who suffer in such a horrendous way. We are working to stop this senseless killing and pain and we won’t stop until there are no more victims of this cruelty. I’m so sorry…I never met you but I know how beautiful you were. And I know what a pure heart you had. I am so sorry they failed you, so very sorry.

  4. Clearly, when the Gaming Commissioners wrote, “More to follow,” they were referring to MORE HORSE DEATHS, and not more information on this latest death.

  5. I hope I live long enough to see the racing industry “Just another Blip, Gone and Forgotten.”
    All of the sentient beings who lost their lives will never be forgotten…

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