Prominent Trainer on Killing: “It’s Worldwide…It’s Bad”

H. James Bond, $43 million, multiple-graded-stakes-winning trainer, says in a recent Spectrum interview (in which I also appeared) that racehorses die everywhere – i.e., it’s not, as the reformers would have us believe, an “American problem”:

“It’s worldwide…it’s bad. Period.”

Then this: In the 8th at Laurel Saturday, the Equibase writer says Belle Saison “sat down in the gate pre-race, raced in range for about three furlongs, dropped back, was pulled up mid turn and vanned off.”

“Sat down” before eventually being “vanned off” for an undisclosed injury. Perhaps the 3-year-old Belle was trying to tell her exploiters something? But there’s more. Her three most recent times under the whip, all at Laurel:

Jul 13, last of 10
Jun 23, 9th of 10
Jun 2, last of 8

Finally, those same exploiters – trainer Carlos Mancilla, owner Michael Scheffres – had her “For Sale” at $5,000 prior to Saturday’s race. But Racing is loaded with “good people” who care, right? Vile.

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  1. Thank you Patrick for shining a light on the unbearable callousness of the human spirit in the horseracing industry. I would like to help more than just reading your posts and spreading the word. Discovering your work has been such an eye–opener for me I can hardly think of anything else. And my heart fills with a thousand tears every time I think of creatures like Belle Saison trying to tell her humans something and they just didn’t listen. So she died. They didn’t. And she suffered lord knows what pain and for how long?

    • Thank you, Lisa – just please keep spreading the word, and perhaps a letter to the editor, calls and emails to politicians, etc. Just to be clear, I do not know the exact condition of Belle, but I will of course pursue.

  2. Again the opening comment is of course about money in relationship to the number of deaths by cruelty on these race tracks. OMG how much this poor little filly would have suffered and she was telling you f*ckers that there was a problem but no one cared – not a single bit – just let her die like the rest of them – well it is too bad it wasn’t all of you instead of her. ” Race horses die everywhere” – well that is going to make us all feel so much better – NOT – they are dying because of idiots like you H. James Bond – because people like you don’t care about the horses only amount the money because you are a greedy bastard and could care less about one single animal. It doesn’t matter about any more of the excuses what matters is that this racing needs to stop because you are killing horses every single day and they are dying horrible deaths in much pain and the owners, trainer and jockeys are all the same – don’t care about the animal – not a single bit – only the “glory” of the win at any cost. You should all be ashamed of yourselves – you are all killers!!!

  3. Breaks my heart that she was trying to tell theses dumb ignorant bastards that she was not well. SHUT DOWN HORSE RACING all over the world immediately!!

  4. 3rd at delaware thurs graphic runs every week penn now del 4th last week today got bad start last got eased how does delaware let this crippled horse run i hope he dont run agin next week at penn or delaware he needs time off

  5. “It’s worldwide…….it’s bad.”
    Well, no shit, Sherlock. Not that this epiphany will stop you guys from the wholesale destruction and slaughter of more horses. And even the horses who are literally screaming that they can’t run are still forced into this death show. Honestly, you callous smug scum in the racing industry make me sick, that you can put these horses through such agony even as babies and then dump them in the slaughterhouses and have the unmitigated savagery to laugh about it.

  6. Too many horses dying, something has to be done to stop this abuse! “Horseracing Wrongs” on Facebook can help.

  7. Prominent members of the horse racing business are still claiming that the deaths at Santa Anita can be attributed to the track surface while the media tends to focus on the “sudden rash of deaths.”
    It’s not the track surface according to pro-horse racing guru Petersen that tested the Santa Anita track with all his fancy instruments so why in the hell is Rick Arthur, Equine Director of the CHRB, still fixating on this during a radio interview?
    Only a delusional apologist could continue to focus on this and Rick Arthur takes the cake.
    If we were to follow his logic than I suppose every single track in the world has a bad surface that contributes to racehorses dying right?

    We know, based on the Death Facts, that racehorses dying is not “sudden” event and it’s certainly not just Santa Anita. In fact, it’s not just in America – horse racing kills horses wherever you find a country that has horse racing.
    They have been killing lots of them, for years, and have been masking the truth under the banner of “entertainment” and “sport.”
    America is not the only country where this is going on:

    Then there’s the dope.
    Dope, therapeutic or otherwise, is most likely a major contributing factor to their demise.
    The doping regulations seems to be more stringent in Australia and the UK, but are they?
    I think that dope in the other countries is plentiful they just hide it better.
    Just because they’ve banned Lasix it doesn’t mean that they don’t have another drug under a different name that has the same deleterious effects on the racehorses that Lasix does (dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, compromising the musco-skeletal system etc.).

    Pushing this all aside, I think it’s really simple.
    Horses were not meant to be imprisoned, subjugated, exploited, beaten/whipped to run, doped up to the rafters, treated like machines with little rest, and isolated from their herd.
    They were not meant to be disposable gambling chips.
    Everything natural to them is taken away by these greedy, human parasites and those who support this.
    Racehorses are crying out through their broken bodies and spirits.
    The only appropriate response is to end this carnage once and for all.

  8. The more I learn about this horrific industry, the worse it gets — I strongly believe HorseRacing MUST be SHUT DOWN permanently — most in this industry are sadistic, unconscionable, depraved, ignorant NUTS — they do NOT know — they do NOT WANT to know — they do NOT CARE — they prefer being deaf & blind to the torment of Horses — SHUT DOWN this Industry — FOREVER.

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