Last Week’s Injured

Last week in U.S. Thoroughbred and Quarterhorse races (Equibase)

“Vanned Off” – required horse ambulance to get off the track
Swell, Parx
Yeah Rocky, Parx
Carolina Reaper, Mountaineer
Bea’s Bench, Albuquerque
Gregelle, Delaware
Kiss Me Im Flash, Fair Meadows
Track Buzz, Fair Meadows
Linon Me, Fair Meadows
Powerful Thirst, Prairie
Little Mark, Prairie
Springtime Wind, Presque Isle
Show Court, Saratoga
Brother Cesare, Arlington
Desert Expanse, Canterbury
Mixed Emotions, Del Mar
Gypsy Chick, Emerald
Pender Island, Emerald
Yansa, Gulfstream
Now I’m Ready, Laurel
Second Amendment, Retama
Da Berg, Saratoga
Fusaichi Samurai, Arizona
Neuqua, Arlington
Gorgeous George, Arlington
Smokin Wild, Emerald
Tuesday’s Rose, Gulfstream
Gilnockie Strong, Gulfstream
Belle Saison, Laurel
Livertadora, Louisiana
Spiral Bound, Monmouth
Irish Jonah, Parx
No Hiding Place, Parx
Done Wondering, Prairie
Squeeze My Corona, Retama
M G M’s Victoria, Ruidoso
Cash Preview, Albuquerque
Cash Me Ousside, Arlington
He’s Not Grey, Emerald
Diamonds R Wild, Fair Meadows
Lagartijo Explosivo, Los Alamitos
Summer’s Indy, Prairie
Shoulda Known It, Ruidoso
Fast Gator, Ruidoso
Stink Man, Saratoga
Strike Silver, Saratoga

“Bled” or “Returned Bleeding From the Nostrils” – usually pulmonary hemorrhage

Mann Child, Ruidoso (after being “fractious”)
It Was Considered, Saratoga
Fastanista, Prairie (also “vanned off”)

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  1. This is disgusting. The horses’ welfare/well-being is NOT a priority for this industry. Either this changes or it must come to an end. However, since it’s all about the “almighty dollar”, it’s going to be a tough endeavor to stop it. Bless those precious, majestic animals. Again, it’s always people/humans that mess things up for themselves and other non-human species. Positively Shameful!

  2. Another Death List for this antiquated, unnecessary gambling venue that doesn’t belong in the 21st century.
    All racehorses count and there are so many dying that I can only focus on a few.
    The following 3 racehorses exemplifies just how these heartless, blood and life sucking human parasites are:
    SHOW COURT. 10 years old – a senior in human years. Made over $337,000, but this STILL isn’t enough to give him a safe retirement because these parasites only know how to suck the very last drop of life out of them. His ongoing abuse is so clear. Even before he got to American soil he was a walking abused victim of these parasites over in England. GET THIS – back on July 8, 2017 He finished first but was DISQUALIFIED DUE TO A POSITIVE DOPING TEST. Yes, that’s right. He was full of dope to mask chronic issues and/or to make him win.
    September 20, 2018 – Belmont Park. DNF – wasn’t even sound enough to finish the race.
    April 20, 2019 – only 4 races later with little rest and the continual pounding. DNF AGAIN!! He didn’t make the jump, was pulled up and walked off.
    He was crying out to anybody to take care of him, retire him, and give him what he so deserved, but to expect that from parasites and leeches is way too much to ask.
    They FINALLY did him in again.
    July 25, 2019 Saratoga after being shipped half-way around the world, continually trained, raced with no rest and 2 DNF’s that STILL wasn’t enough. They had to finish him-off to get that last red cent out of him.”Failed to pick it up,” while being beaten to go over the hurdle, just one last hurdle. “Vanned-off.” Fate unknown.
    Jail is not good enough for these human monsters and anybody who supports this needs their head examined.
    STRIKE SILVER. Purchased by ultra-rich John Oxley for $275,000 equine insurance policy most likely in place.
    PP’s show a horse that clearly went wrong after his 3rd race, wasn’t living up to his price tag anymore, and ends up being “vanned-off” – fate unknown. Trained by Mark Casse who has a long list of dead racehorses under his belt and they call him a “trainer.” I call him a racehorse killer like all of them.
    CHEDDAR CHUB – not on this list, but deserves special mention because Python Patricia Farro is at it again. She has a clear pattern of claiming horses who have run their ass-off, made lots of money, and is nearing the end of their abuse, but has some life left in them to suck out just like the vampire/ and squeeze every last breath out of them must like Python Pat is so good at doing. These horses she claims either drops dead in the dirt or disappears off the radar. Her owners, many of them, have direct links to organized crime including the HBPA.
    Cheddar Chub is 9 years old, has made over $387,000 has changed hands so many times that it beggars belief and made money for almost everybody who exploited him. What does he get? Well, this STILL isn’t enough to get him a good home and a retirement because decency in this business doesn’t exist especially when you are dealing with morally bankrupt human parasitic leeches like Python Pat. I’m sure she’ll squeeze some more money out of him.
    These people sicken me and they should sicken you and we all need to pull together to shut this down and put these parasites out of business.

    • I don’t think it’s quite fair to call these racing industry scum “parasites”. Real parasites might suck the life from something but at least it is done from a standpoint of self preservation. These owners and trainers are more like viruses, maiming and killing as they go.

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