Yesterday: 22nd Horse Killed at Belmont; 7th Killed at Saratoga

From the NYS Gaming Commission, yesterday:

At Belmont, La Fuerza “fractured humeral galloping on main track, ambulanced to barn – euthanized.” La Fuerza was three years old.

At Saratoga, Misspent Youth “cardiovascular collapse breezing on turf course” – dead. Misspent Youth was five, still growing – “cardiovascular collapse.”

For Belmont and Saratoga, two of the nation’s elite tracks, this makes 22 and 7 dead racehorses this year, respectively (and remember, Belmont resumes racing in September; Saratoga has just begun).

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  1. Shameless, merciless killers of these horses. Those who race them. Only 3 years on this earth for La Fuerza before a miserable end. And surely a miserable life before being killed by these cretins. “Misspent Youth”, what an apt name for a horse abused by monsters who call themselves “owners” and “trainers”. It always breaks my heart. 22 dead at Belmont and there is still the fall season. Thank you, horseracingwrongs, for doing what you can to shut this murderous industry down.

  2. So sad and vile.
    Most all racehorses, specifically bred for this vile business, are either maimed, dumped, die in the dirt on a track/turf, or get bled out on the slaughterhouse floor.
    This is the fate of almost all racehorses.
    This industry, on average, only keeps them for 3 years while the average lifespan of a racehorse is 25 years.
    Then they expect anybody else to take financial and full responsibility for a living being that they used, abused, exploited and dumped.
    This is the truth behind horse racing and they’ve been getting away with this for years.
    How much longer are we going to permit them to get away with this until we shut them down?
    So sorry for all racehorses who died this past week for this killing business.

  3. Who is in charge of preventing all of these deaths and not doing a single thing about it. Take responsibility.

  4. This is bulls****! Owners and racetrack couldn’t care less. Its all about the money! There’s plenty horses where they came from. Need to shutdown horseracing. Horses lives matter! If owner gets a horse and they train, train, and train and the horse doesn’t make the cut. That horse is insured! That poor horse ends up out in some field with busted up legs, from baseball bats, (more than 1) OR, in his stall electrocuted in his rectum… I’m sure these geedy, cruel owners are still continuing this practice…

  5. I just left my two cents on a Paulick Report story and I noticed a poll asking if racing should be worried about local governments trying to ban the sport. As if the owners and trainers are just victims of some dirty conspiracy to take away their innocent weekend entertainment.. What the hell is wrong with you people? You are KILLING horses! You are ABUSING horses! Damn right you should be worried.
    There are more and more articles popping up about the possible end of horse racing, and of course the reasons have nothing to do with the ugly reality of broken bones and horses dropping dead and overdosing drugs. But the fact that there might actually be an end in sight gives me so much hope.
    To the horses that have died in this vile machine: We know who you are. We won’t forget you. We are so sorry we couldn’t save you, but we will not stop fighting.

  6. Entertainment at the expense of another living being is not a sport. It is the sick desire to watch an animal (or person) suffer. Cruel & inhumane. What does that say about our society? Nothing good, you can be sure. It makes me sick. There are so many examples of cruel treatment of animals that is allowed. Will it ever change? I doubt it. So sad.

  7. I’m a Imspector for the gov and I think we need put stop to these if I ever catch this or someone hiring horse over a race I will step in and smack the fuck out them and take that horse from them this is wrong trump needs to band this and make it a law this is human acted. Period

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