3-Year-Old Killed at Thistledown

Colonel Lewis in the 4th at Thistledown yesterday (Equibase): “pressed the pace two wide into the turn, suffered a catastrophic injury past the three furlong marker, fell and was euthanized.” Colonel Lewis was three; ’twas his 3rd time under the whip.

This is horseracing.


  1. Yet another one of their gambling chips killed in action.
    All racehorses who die, wherever, are all victims of this vile business.
    This blog and the supporters advocate for the shut down of horse racing because there are no changes that will prevent the massive suffering, maiming, dumping of racehorses.
    First of all, the horse racing business REQUIRES the slaughterhouse.
    After all, they’ve got to put their disposal gambling chips somewhere and this multi-billion dollar industry (made off the bones, backs, and lives of racehorses) gives little to nothing for their proper aftercare.
    From the get-go people who go into this business, who exploit, maim and kill have no regard for racehorses to begin with – you couldn’t possibly.
    Second, they call them “trainers” who are supported and continually defended by what seems to be, on all accounts, a criminal enterprise called the HBPA or “horseman’s group.”
    For example, multiple violator with a pattern of criminality which directly involves abusing and killing racehorses, Marcus Vitali, has been banned by several east coat race tracks this week.
    Without skipping a beat THE STRONACH GROUP has accepted him with open arms giving him lots of stalls, access to all racehorses in the stable area and facilitates this nefarious person to carry on business as usual.
    So it just goes to show that The Stronach Group doesn’t care and the ONLY reason why they brought in changes to Santa Anita is in response to public outcry and the possibility of losing billions.
    Their changes certainly don’t appear to be altruistic by any measure and this recent decision shows just how The Stronach Group operates and this isn’t the first time they have done this.
    To permit such an individual who hides needles and dope, for easy access, in their tack room and permit him unfettered access to hundreds of racehorses, some of whom are dying under suspicious circumstances, is opening the bank vault to a bank robber.
    It’s the racehorses who suffer because they are locked-in/confined in a small space completely vulnerable to any type of horrific abuse bestowed upon them.
    Most all racetracks, in the light of super cheap technology, have NO closed camera circuits in their stable area, which shows that they don’t care what goes on as long as racehorses are filling races and generating billions in profit.

    • You are correct Gina, this is an illegal enterprise. The law makes it clear that animals cannot be killed for entertainment, otherwise dog fighting would be legal. Gambling is entertainment. We have to keep up the fight.

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