Whipped, Collapsed, Dead

6-year-old Hey Willie in the 6th at Charles Town last night, as relayed by Equibase: “Hey Willie…was headed nearing the three eighths pole, showed no response to steady urging from that point [did not run faster after being whipped], faded readily on the far turn, eased in the stretch, collapsed post race and was euthanized.”

Freespin N in the 10th at Monticello Thursday: “broke down in stretch – euthanized.” Freespin N was 11 (on average, harness horses are abused for longer periods of time). He is the 8th dead horse at Monticello this year, one off the high (since Gaming Commission introduced database in 2009) set in 2010; in the past three years combined, Monticello has recorded 9 deaths. Now, 8 – with several months to go. Progress, as measured by NYS Racing.

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  1. Stuff like this just break my heart! Those horses are just babies and never get a chance to grow up and live a good life! I pray that some day people will realize what magnificent animals they are and start treating them better, not just for the money they bring in for their owners!

  2. HEY WILLIE – made over $200,000, but this wasn’t enough to give him a soft landing and deserved retirement.
    These apologists are blood sucking human parasites that suck every ounce of life out of them.
    HEY WILLIE made this money the HARD WAY.
    He was no stake horse (where they accumulate more money with less races) he was a claiming horse that spent his blood, sweat, and life for these low life scum bags.
    I bet they doped him up, shocked wave his sore legs, and just kept running him knowing that he was at high risk of dying.
    There are no words in the English dictionary that can accurately describe these parasites – none.
    Sorry for you pal.

  3. “Steady urging” – beaten is more like it. If these jockeys had any kind of brain – or conscience for that matter – they would realize that if a horse isn’t responding to having the shit slapped out of him, he just isn’t going to respond at all. Unless it’s just immature frustration on the jockey’s part that he can’t get his “loser” mount to cooperate.
    The racing industry had better start coming up with better explanations than just “collapsed and died” – what other equine “sport” has horses dropping dead so suspiciously and in such numbers? They need to start taking serious responsibility for their wholesale misery and cruelty.

  4. Just read this about Hey Willlie in a comment on the Paulick Report. More history of this poor soul.

    “Don Martello • 2 days ago
    Was anybody at Charlestown Friday night when Hey Willie collapsed and was euthanized? I have been following his career for two years it absolutely broke my heart. As a six year old he won over $200,000 for his connections and had to be claimed at least seven times since I noticed him. The trainer before his last Earnest (I can’t think of his last name) in my opinion ruined him by racing him three times in three weeks including winning a minor stake race for $50,000 then back two more times after. He is claimed in his last race by Narciso A. Cruz and given time off, obviously something happen to him before the claim or after. The weather had to be in the nineties Friday night and obviously played a factor in Hey Willie breaking down or he just wasn’t sound enough to race. This was a hard knocking claimer who represented so many who just are raced too often and paid the ultimately price. Earnest, I hope you were there Friday night to witness his final race and remember how you pushed him under as owner /trainer. Hey Willie you will always be remembered, RIP from your biggest fan.

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    Marilyn Shively Don Martello • a day ago
    How very sad–i sometimes wonder why I continue to be a horse racing fan– Hey Willie deserved so much better–let us face it, horses can’t talk so they are at the mercy of humans and too often that does not bode well for the horse”

    • All of you who support horse racing and “follow” a horses career are to blame for this. No fans, no crowds and this would go by the wayside. No money to be made. Their deaths are on you all! Just look at the comments. You know you are to blame but don’t stop supporting this cruel industry. Shame on all of you.

      • Slyvia, not sure if you are referring to me but I was sharing what the opposition stated about this horse on a pro-racing blog from which we glean so much information on their crass thinking and many times can use their quotes against them. This pro-racing commented in detail how the horse was in serious distress and at risk but never made a call to the racing vets, stewards, racing secretary or the various owners with offers to buy the poor horse. Just a tsk-tsk. For shame and worse! I agree!!

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