2-Year-Old Suffers “Sudden Death” at Pleasanton; “Unidentified” Death at Los Alamitos

Sandra Smiles, a 2-year-old filly being prepped for her first race, was killed training at Pleasanton (Alameda County Fair) July 7 – “sudden death [at] 1/8th pole,” say the stewards. “Sudden death” at two, the rough equivalent of a grade-schooler.

In the minutes for the just-concluded Los Alamitos Thoroughbred meet, one “fatality” is listed for the week 7/8-7/14. I wrote to the California Horse Racing Board requesting the name; I was told that since it was non-racing/training, the identity of the dead horse was not available (at least to the person I made the request to).

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  1. When I worked as an Associate Steward for the CHRB back in 2005 the death lists were so extensive for Los Alamitos that they stopped providing them.
    The vet reports detailing the injuries were gruesome.
    The summer fairs like Pleasanton were equally egregious when it came to racehorses dying.
    Although I demanded them I was told to forget it by the higher ups including the owner Dr. Allred.
    Los Al has been running their own private killing ring for years with no accountability and with nobody holding them accountable including the CHRB.
    They have a standing policy to accommodate any “horseman” and that’s why it didn’t surprise me when they offered the trainers, who were banned by Santa Anita, a clean slate and a place to carry on their cruelty.
    This business is a fragmented discombobulated mess with no accountability to anyone or with “investigations” that lead to nowhere because it’s the hens guarding the hennouse’s and the recent push for the new Integrity Act is just some more public wallpaper that will amount to little.
    Plus it will be legally challenged by the HBPA and/or the states.
    The following link analyzes and explains why this is a total waste of time – racehorses will continue to die.

    • I always appreciate your posts, Gina. Thank you for providing details about these horse-killing creeps.

  2. How can racing supporters say that deaths on the track are no different than accidents with horses in the field? In what other equine “sport” are there fatalities of so many young horses, so many catastrophic break downs and unexplained – and suspicious – deaths? You would think that other horse owners would be outraged over this, demanding investigations and immediate suspension of horse racing. But there is an eerie silence.
    I hope a day of reckoning is coming for these monsters in the form of owners, these butchers in the guise of trainers. And for all those who could speak out but choose to remain silent – I’m talking to you, Humane Society of the United States and PETA – you are doubly responsible. You had the chance to make a difference, to be a voice for the suffering and dying you claim to protect. Yours is the worst betrayal.

  3. SERIOUSLY – a god damn 2 year old – what in the hell is the matter with everyone involved in this horrendous kill sport. Where is the racing commission – who are they getting paid from that no one is looking into these horrible acts of slaughter. They are obviously on the “take” because they seem to be turning a blind eye to everyone of these horrible daily “kills”. A 2 year old – OMG there is no way that that animal should have ever been anywhere near a race track. She was far too young to have even seen a saddle on her. Jesus H Christ you ignorant bastards – all you idiots think of is the next race and you don’t give a shit if it kills off the whole god damn barn – you are just out there abusing these animals daily. This is just so tragic and uncaring. There is a definite need to shut down all of these race tracks. Nothing good is ever going to come from letting them continue. Why is the need to destroy, abuse and slaughter these poor horses. Your common greed is so totally unimaginable and you proceed at it with no consideration of the lives of these poor horses. You are all going to pay for this abuse in the long run – in the mean time SHUT DOWN ALL RACE TRACKS – DO IT NOW before the next horse is killed off – I imagine in the time it took to write this comment we have already lost another couple today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What I find significantly telling is how the apologists/owners spend an incredible amount of energy and time defending this vile business.
    Yet, when their racehorses die they suddenly go silent or play it down by spewing the usual lines: “accidents happen.”
    This inaction and deliberate avoidance of their own racehorse dying clearly shows that they don’t care.
    Also, they keep their mouth shut and don’t demand investigations into the events leading up to their racehorse dying because they are well aware that their racehorse was probably given an abundance of drugs and shock wave therapy which would expose them for what they are.
    Just like the trainers – the owners have a “win at any cost” goal so they are all guilty.
    They are all killers.
    They all sicken me.

  5. How about this quote by Kathy Guillermo in a statement made by PETA following the announcement of the death of these horses: (compliments of Tuesday’s Horse)

    “Saying that deaths are inevitable in racing is like saying a swim team can’t compete without drowning.”

    It’s blatantly obvious to me that Kathy probably made an “arrangement” with Belinda Stronach, CEO of The Stronach Group or pro-horse racing entities to buffer the situation by receiving copious amounts of money donated to PETA.
    In other words, it seems obvious to me that PETA opted for money over racehorses.
    Now if I’m wrong, I invite Kathy to dispute this information and/or to release a statement confirming that they didn’t receive any money from any horse racing individual or entity.
    I won’t hold my breath because if PETA can be bought-off by this horse racing cruelty and abuse then they have no credibility at all.

    Furthermore. how can you possibly defend or not come right out and condemn this widespread, legitimized racehorse cruelty, maiming, and killing?
    Both PETA and the USHS are enablers of this horror show.
    It’s time that both these organizations crawl out of their caves and take a firm position because this statement clearly shows support for horse racing as I interpreted it.
    Why in the hell didn’t PETA garner their “army” and start the petition to shut this down in California?

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