A Fractured-Skull Kill at Finger Lakes

According to Equibase, Fabulous Prince “flipped backwards in the gate” in the 4th at Finger Lakes yesterday – officially a “DNF” (did not finish). In fact, he suffered a fractured skull and, reports the Gaming Commission, is dead. Fabulous Prince was four years old. He is the fourth dead horse at Finger Lakes in the past six days.

This is horseracing.

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  1. To see the way so many of these poor young horses fight to keep from going in those gates- no wonder with the shock devices, the whipping, and those asshole gate attendants punching them in the head and kicking them in the stomach. It is beyond belief that people still support this cesspool of torture and abuse.

    RIP sweet love. You deserved a life free from cruelty, free of pain. On behalf of the human race, I am so sorry.

  2. Why do people find the egregious abuse and killing of young horses amusing and “fashionable?” It’s a Mob-owned business. All the horses wind up in Canadian or Mexican slaughterhouses. Hell on earth. THINK what you are supporting!!!

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